Capcom confirms Resident Evil 2 Remake


It’s official: Capcom is remaking Resident Evil 2. The project is now in development. As if all the previous Facebook posts from the development team member going by the name of H weren’t enough. Now it’s finally happening!

H is actually Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, who will be producer of the upcoming project. He has released a special video message for fans confirming the news and stating that while we shouldn’t expect to see or hear anything about the remake soon, we will definitely be kept updated through similar posts on social media.

Rejoice! The day has finally come. We’re finally going to get a remake of Resident Evil 2! What a crazy year it’s been!

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  • Andrey Martim

    And now I’m happy…



  • Mike Pitcher

    WHAT?! YES!

  • Elcor

    I came

  • Carl Johnson

    WE DO IT

  • Liam Mountain

    AWESOME NEWS !! first RE0 Remake and now this ! just have to play the waiting game now.

    • EvilResident

      RE0 isn’t getting remade. It’s a remaster.

      • Xuchilpaba

        He meant RE0 Remaster.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis

      Liam Mountain
      Remake is Resident Evil (GameCube)
      Remaster is Last of us (PS4)
      HD Remaster is Resident Evil 0 (PS3 PS4)

      • Xuchilpaba

        He meant RE0 Remaster.

  • EvilResident

    I hope it’s not too much to ask that they get Alyson Court back. I’m not crossing my fingers though.

    • Dimitri Theodosakis


      • EvilResident

        Revelations 2 was still worth playing, and I’d maybe forgive them since it’s a remake… (How many remakes use the same actors for their original roles?)

        But it would still bum me out.

    • Xuchilpaba

      It’s maybe more complicated than you think. It’s not up to Capcom alone to bring a voice actor back they had employed 18 years ago. She might not be available, she might retired or she might simply refuse and Capcom can do nothing about it. So it can be too much to ask but who knows right? I’m also for one for A Court.

      • EvilResident

        She’s definitely not retired. She’s very active on Twitter and has discussed it a bunch of times with fans. She was interested in doing Revelations 2, but they never contacted her in the first place. There’s a lot of speculation about why, but she doesn’t even know herself. It’s odd because she’s done Claire’s voice in every incarnation except rev2.

    • Barry Johnson

      If they did it would be awesome, but if they didn’t it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

  • Andy

    I’ll wait to see game play and then get excited.

    • Xuchilpaba

      Yeah, that’s only fair. Personally I’ve got nothing but scorn and cynicism for this franchise and these are learned.

  • Jorge Robles

    DONT DARE TO MAKE IT LIKE 4/5 or 6 !!!

  • stuart


  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My Resident Evil 2 Remake Wishlist
    Gameplay: Resident Evil Remake and Maybe Noobs aka Resident Evil 5
    Co Op: None
    AI Teammate: None

    • Rodrigo Herold

      Dude are you serious?

    • Milan Mitic

      Add to that something for the purists: Legendary Ultra Mega Horror Nightmare Difficulty (pretty much Legendary Horror Gamer Difficulty, except you only have a knife & a handgun with 15 rounds & no rounds to pick up, there are 3x the enemies of the Legendary Horror Gamer Difficulty & you die if hit once since you’re infected, just as in real life zombie tv series) which is unlocked only if you beat Legendary Horror Gamer Difficulty using only the knife. The reward for those who beat it on this difficulty using only the knife should be the special RE knife sent to you by mail ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Christian Carbajosa

        nah, invisible leon/claire mode

      • Xuchilpaba

        For purists? But RE2, unlike Original RE, was never a Hard game by any means. It’s difficulty was never legendary ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andy


    • Barry Johnson

      My wish list would be this.

      Gameplay: Resident Evil 3.5 camera angles, so you can have the best of both worlds, or give us a choice between old school camera angles, and new school camera angles, and play style! It should be survival horror, but not from cheap tricks, jumping through the window will only work so many times before it becomes predictable. What made Resident Evil remake so creepy in my opinion, is dying and having to go back because of limited saves, limited ammo, and most importantly atmosphere,and mood, not bad controls.

      Difficulty, and unlockables: I think that should be challenging, even in easy mode, I think of you beat the game on harder difficulties you should unlock weapons for example if you beat Clare, and Leon’s campaign A & B on Medium Mode with an S ranking you should unlock the Hydra, or if you get an S ranking on eazy, you should get the Samurai Edge, there should be rewards for other difficulties also.

      Campaigns: Leon and Claire A&B , but I think they should throw in an Ada campaign and a Barry campaign to show what he’s been doing during the Resident Evil 2 & 3 timeline.

      Modes: there should be invisible mode, and extra difficulties, and they should put in a mercenaries mode (like 3 not 4,5 & 6) and a hunk virus collection mode like the leech hunter mode from Resident Evil 0, and other modes.

      Anyways that’s my wish list.

  • reptar

    Hope to God that the budget is high and it’s only on PS4/XB1.

    • Milan Mitic

      Why this? Why not only on Wiiu?

      • reptar

        Because I want it developed for PS4/X1 hardware. I own a WiiU and love it, but it would just be a watered down version.

        Let’s be real, Capcom isn’t releasing this on Wiiu. They didn’t do it for Revelations 2, RE Remaster and Revelations went multi platform after originally being 3DS exclusive.

    • Barry Johnson

      Me 2! No more cheap last gen games.

  • Bulbatron

    I just want them to keep it simple. They should do something similar with this as they did for REmake. Improve the graphics and sound, add a few new areas and add the option to choose between ‘tank’ controls or ‘modern’ controls. It would be interesting to see current generation, super-detailed pre-rendered backgrounds.

    If the game is done in 3-D, then maybe a camera-system such as the one used in CODE: Veronica would be good. Then we would still get the ‘fixed’ camera feel whike still allowing a bit more flexability.

    • Andy

      ^THIS!! hell yeah!!

    • Xuchilpaba

      REmake DID more than just adding few ares and improving graphics. It was not that simple.

      • Bulbatron

        Yes, I know the REmake wasn’t that simple. The point I was trying to make is that what they did for REmake is what I’d like to see them do something like for REmake 2, rather than being tempted to add or change too much, risking defeating the object of remaking the game in the process.

  • Henrikm

    Would not mind too see Crimson heads in this version ethier..

    Remake was cool the area was pretty cramped and isolated.

    Seeing them in a open street in RE2 would be even more scarier.

    On the other hand I guess the risk is that it becomes too action focused if faster enemies is in the game.

    But Iam not talking about the Ganados here I really want Crimson Head a ordinary Zombie but with more speed and ferocity.

    But yeah I do hope its more like Remake then RE4 and foward.

    But I did as other did posted my ideas and opinions on their offical site once the news first arrived so hopefully they picked up some ;D

    • Xuchilpaba

      You know what made me not appreciate cramped beautiful dark areas and kills feel of isolation? fucking co-op system. Looking at you Zero… This remake better not to be co-op.

      Crimson heads was scary in REmake because Jill never cartwheel kick anyone or Chris didn’t boulder punch them to death. I think slow zombies alone would not cut it this time. The game need some fast enemy that chases you at some point. and that wouldn’t be necessarily action focused if your character don’t try to go final fight on their asses. In survival Horror the games helps you to choose when it’s better to avoid or fight. But the choice is yours alone.

    • Barry Johnson

      How about this? If you don’t decapitated, or burn a zombie they become crimson heads, and if you don’t decapitated, or burn crimson heads they become lickers.

      • Henrikm

        That would be interesting, I dont remember how the lore of the evolution was but if I correct it was something about Zombie off shots where one became Crimson Heads and other lickers.

        Your way of methods would be interesting.

        Another thing I would love too see RE2 had those plant foes(remake Orginal had Plant 42) I would love too incooperate them somehow to the flower of RE5 that was part of making the Progenatior virus.

        I always hoped that flower would be used more in RE5 then it was something like an ancient Plant 42 or think the movie The Ruins somewhat intellegent flesh eating plants.

        It had potencial then just only be part of the progenator virus.

  • Milan Mitic

    I’d like it to be similar to REmake in gameplay, refined on course and no RE4-6 style gameplay whatsoever, please! The graphics should completely be in 3d, modern machines are more than capable to pull it off! It would be good to expand on the story on RE2, to incorporate RE3 story into the game & to add the extra scenario (Ada’s). Keep Hunk, but make a separate scenario for him, something down the lines of the cinematic from the original. Bring back gunpowders from RE3 & expand on the idea, it was cool! Also, make weapons customizable by adding new parts that would be found later in the game, and not by using ingame currency to make them more powerful, it breaks gameplay, although it could be interesting for the player as in TLOU but it also have its downsides, simply put it wasn’t meant to be present in pure survival horror games such as this & with this kind of gameplay mechanics. On a sidenote: I think the current Capcom leadership understands and respects Resident Evil legacy and wants to pay homage to the classic games by remaking them in their classic gameplay style. That would attract some new players to the franchise as well, and, after RE3 remake, they will have had enough time to think about the story & setting of RE7, which should logically be in REV2 gameplay style with a bit more action (which doesn’t meant less horror, mind me), since that’s the future of gaming. REV2 is a step in good direction, but the gameplay felt to me a bit ‘rigid’, as if the stage was set for the player to do exactly one set of actions. More freedom of action/gameplay choices is what makes a good gameplay (I love Manhunt in that respect!).

  • Carl Johnson

    I want to preface this question by saying that I completely agree, and would love, to have RE3 completely remade and incorporated into this story. I actually kind of like RE3 more than 2 by a slight margin, to be honest, and I love the fact that the two games are connected so closely.

    My question is, how would you like that incorporation to work? Classically, you would pick scenarios and play through as a character, like in RE2 where you’d play once as Leon and once as Claire. We all know, however, that RE2 occurs during the day that Jill is indisposed in the clock tower chapel. So, to have the scenarios chronologically ordered, you’d play Jill part 1, switch to LeonA/ClaireA, then ClaireB/LeonB and finish with Jill. I personally don’t think that would feel great, switching games mid-scenario, but at the same time, I’d like to see the campaigns handled chronologically.

    Can anybody here come up with a viable solution that would allow the story to be told in order, without completely switching games midway through the others? I think you might just have to choose Jill, LeonA or ClaireA at the start and play through as each person.

  • ZenTzen

    They just need to do this:
    – Make it in the style of REmake, fixed camera angles, tank controls
    – Expand a bit more of the city and RPD, as well as the other areas
    – Make the scenarios A/B more distinct from each other, and how they affect each other as well
    – New and older enemies, bring back crimson heads and regular hunters
    – New bosses
    – Make Mr.X more like nemesis where he can follow you between rooms
    – New story elements
    – Bring some of the unused ideas from 1.5 to RE2make

    thats basically it

    – Get rid of the huge tarantulas, they always seemed more of a retarded, joke enemy, if you want spiders turn them into oversized spiders, but smaller than the tarantulas but in greater numbers all around the ceilling crawling around and shooting stuff at you
    – Put crows in greater numbers like dozens of them in specific areas, make them a legitimate threat
    – More different looking zombies, with different body types, like fat ones like in 1.5

    And i seriously hope they keep the blowing zombies into pieces with the shotgun or grenade launcher

  • kue101

    What if Capcom used the RE1.5 concept for the RE2 remake? I think that would be kinda cool.

  • Christian Carbajosa

    next up RE3 and Capcom will be forgiven. ReCV was great but doesnt deserve a full remake as the much older, classi ones… perhaps in the future. Just hope this one stays true to its roots. For the love of god dont try to make it ‘modern’. fixed camera angles, pre rendered backgrounds, terrific atmosphere, dreadfully slow pacing, no precision aiming, karate kicks or sumersaults, no autosaves and no QTEs.

    Bonus points for:
    Original Voice Actors for Claire and Ada, and Leon even.
    keep the REmake/RE0 vibe.

    And of course some form of reference to RE1.5 .

    Thanks Capcom

  • Nico Varela

    that moment when you hear silent hills has been cancelled D:
    but comes up with REmake2 announcement ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Xuchilpaba

      You can always get a First Person Haunted House horror game, Now that Kojima hyped people for that kind of game, expect developers to produce games of this type soon. And I hear some already tried. Plus you’re gonna have RE2 Remake now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • reptar

    I wonder if Capcom will be using a new game engine for this remake or use the same one they’ve used since RE5

  • Xuchilpaba

    Anything slightly like 4/5/6/REV1/REV2/UC/DC/ORC and WE DO YOU!

  • ddwdd

    They need to make this as genuine as possible and NOT include co op or that shoulder cam garbage.

  • Yudha

    I can’t see how people dislike the over-shoulder camera system….. What’s with it?

    I mean, if you’re talking about RE 4-6 style, for me, personally, the things that wrong with them is the lack of horror and over-the-top action sequences….

    Revelations 2 and The Evil Within use Over-shoulder and still plays pretty well in the terms of horror.

    I think they should really give RE2 a try with over-shoulder.

    Well don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the classic RE camera angle as well but I think they’re just too oudated… Besides, it’s a remake right? There’s should be something new….

    Just my opinion… No offense for the classic fans.

    • Barry Johnson

      I agree! But this is resident evil 2. I think you should go with the Resident Evil 3.5 camera angles, or give us a choice between old school fixed camera angles, or behind the shoulder camera angles, and play style.

      • Yudha

        3.5 is great! Something that could make this game modern & classic at the same time….

        • Barry Johnson


          • Yudha

            a choice between old camera and over-shoulder is great too… But I guess it would take a considerably longer time and a bigger budget right?

            I do really hope they didn’t ruin the atmosphere.

          • Barry Johnson

            Dude this is resident evil 2! They need to have a kind of a big budget for this game, or do the Resident Evil 3.5 camera angles.

          • Carl Johnson

            It would also be almost impossible to balance. One of the two would be far better. Either the enemies are too tough for fixed angles or too easy with over the shoulder.

  • Barry Johnson

    Great news! As far as camera angles go, I think they should go with resident evil 3.5 camera angles. Just my opinion.

  • Barry Johnson

    One thing I want them to do with the resident evil 2 remake, is put in alot of gore! When you when you blow a zombies head off that shit should be everywhere! Same thing when you shoot them with a grenade launcher, they should explode, and make a mess, and when Leon, and Clare die, it should be gruesome!

  • Can’t wait for Leon to be plastered everywhere and for Claire to be on as little promotional material as possible, even though she is half the game.

    I don’t like Leon, can’t you tell.

  • disqus_rLlNKemqRB

    Capcom if you are out there, here is why this person hopes you will redo RE 2 in the old classic style…Over the shoulder ruins the view for me. It’s like going to a movie and having someone’s big head forever obstructing your view of part the screen.
    As for 1st person. I don’t know about other players, but for me it is at the cost of one of the characters. Somehow, he (or she) loses their identity. Okay, it is a role playing game, but I like seeing the person. Easier to feel he’s an actual person you are playing when you see his facial expressions and his body language in reaction to things. Anyway, that is all I have to say about the subject. I guess we will all have to wait and see what Capcom does.

  • Josรฉ Antonio Montoya

    great! let’s hope it’s like RE6 with lots of guns and ammo to blow shit up, checkpoints, multiplayer main story only and some piercing bullets golden guns if preorder. just kidding that game sucks.


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