Resident Evil 7 Demo – Where Art Thou?

It has been 53 days. Approximately 53 days / 1272 hours / 7 weeks and 4 days / 76,320 minutes / 4.5M seconds since the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo released on PS4 for PS+ members.

I sit here, staring at the screen, listening to the light jingle of the PlayStation store that ever so subtly taunts me. “PlayStation Plus Exclusive” – the words are seared into the back of my eyelids, silently echoing in my head. I sulk. I then go back to the game’s website, hoping to see something to ease my woes.

“If you’re a PlayStation®Plus subscriber, you can get exclusive access to a demo of Resident Evil 7 right now! (Additional platforms to follow at a later date.)” Those additional platforms? Xbox, PC and PlayStation 4 non-Plus members…

53 days, with no sign in sight. A reveal in September, you hint? But what about the mystery? What about the puzzles? What about us? What will we uncover over 53 days later? The mystery will have been solved. Xbox, PC, non-PS+ members like me – how much longer will we suffer? TGS? GamesCom? Halloween?

Resident Evil 7 may very well be the revival this series needs. But most of us can’t determine that, can we? Without a demo. Without a cause for hope, we sit. Waiting. Waiting until you show us why we should buy your game.

Capcom. Pls.

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  • Shane

    I can understand the desire to try this teaser on other platforms, but if other “Tapes” are coming I think the wait for the full story that Kitchen wants to tell will be worth it. By the way, I’m sure you guys will cover this but Healing Items!

    • Yudha

      Where did you find that man?

      • Rourke Keegan
      • John Ruth

        From the Ambassador Website. They send out Mails to Subscribers. Received mine this morning. Pretty neat looking!

        • Yudha

          Darn, keep forgetting that I’m one of the ambassadors and haven’t check my E-Mails yet (The ones from Capcom is on the Promotion Tabs) haha thanks. Now I feel like a complete idiot xD

          • John Ruth

            Yes I handle it the same way with the E-Mail Adress : D
            But this time I paid more attention because I receive them now via my Smartphone instead of checking them manually. Missed the Mail where they cleared the Dummy-Finger Mystery.

  • Rourke Keegan

    It’s just 10$ for a month, CJ. You’ve been talking about shelling out for some new PC thing, I’m sure you can find the courage to spend ten dollars.!/en-us/reward_game/ps-plus-1-month-membership/cid=IP9101-NPIA90005_01-PLUS1MONTHPACKAG

    • John Ruth

      I’m also against PlayStation Plus for paid Multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and the increased prices. About a month ago, my girfriend gifted me with a subscription and I don’t regret it. I saved a lot of money for a few digital only Titles and can now play Yakuza 5 for free. I absolutely agree with you, he is a little to melodramatic dedicate a whole Article to this issues. While I don’t want to defend Sonys policy with PlayStation Plus, it do have a lot of other benefits and is absolutely not out of this world if you own a PlayStation 4. It’s worse if you don’t own the Console and actually have to wait when the Resident Evil 7 Teaser will be announced for other Systems.

      • It’s intentionally melodramatic 😉 This is also written with consideration of those that don’t have a PS4 at all, that’s two large platforms going still ignored.

        As for purchasing PS+ – sure, it has great value – IF you’re regularly reaping its benefits. My PS4 is not my primary platform. What I’d get out of PS+ won’t last past a month, so I’d essentially be paying $10 for a demo. Not going to do that.

        • Brodequin

          Well said, CJ 🙂

    • i’ve no other use for a month of PS+. Nothing will last once it’s over, so I’m not paying $10 for a demo.

      • Rourke Keegan

        But you’d also be getting… uhmm…. Tricky Towers?

        • KePaZzzi

          Hey. Tricky Towers can be fun, too.. a little. xD
          But I agree with CJ, though.
          I’m a PS+ subscriber, but I can see why a sub can be a waste for most people.
          My subscription is nearly up, and I’m not sure if I’m still going to renew it.
          I barely use its services, and recently, I mostly play the OL games which don’t even require a sub, like Smite and Neverwinter..
          I don’t regret it, cause it’s just free when I got my PS4 last year..
          What’s annoying is that, every time I look at the info on the PS+ games I got on PS4, I can see the timer telling me how long I still own the games..
          It would be nice if we get the games permanently, buuut..
          Yeah.. Nothing lasts..

  • Brodequin

    I’m with you here, CJ.


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