PSST! Two new Caffeine teasers want your attention


If you need more Caffeine in your veins (and I’m 95% sure I’m the only one in the world to make that joke about this game), then this the post for you! A quick reminder: you play as a young boy in an abandoned, futuristic, caffeine-mining facility. IN SPACE. Or at least on a celestial body where you can see SPACE through the windows.

The first trailer highlights the atmosphere, showing off the space station a bit. It’s here that I remembered you play as a child since you seem to be eye-level with all of the tables in the facility. The Unreal Engine 4 lighting and reflective surfaces look pretty great here! We are treated to some pleasing day-spa music and then the trailer suddenly ends. Overall, this short clip has more of a tech demo feel than a teaser.

The second video focuses on light puzzle-solving. While passing through a hall, the character suddenly falls through the floor. This is somewhat exciting to me because at least we know there are fail-states in the game. After the scenario reloads, the player looks at the sign in front of the hall stating “WARNING: TILE MAINTENANCE”, and shows a grid denoting which tiles are unsafe. So nothing too difficult to solve, but we now know that if we aren’t observant, we will be deadified. If any of this looks intriguing to you, check out Caffeine’s Indiegogo page and consider donating. It currently sits at $2,080 out of the $80,000 AUD that one -man developer Dylan Brown hopes to get. 38 days left to go!

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