Podcast: Whispers in The Dark Ep. 1 [Update: Now on iTunes]

Welcome to our first podcast! What is a podcast you ask? Well, it’s simply a few of us talking about the topic we love: horror games. We have covered the latest news, Resident Evil 6, Silent Hill: Downpour and a few other things in our very first show.

Listen to our ideas, comments, and stance on a variety of topics in a much more free-form style. Reading can get boring, so why not download us, and listen to us talk? Hopefully you will enjoy, and subscribe to the Whispers In The Dark podcast. Leave us feedback any way you can!

Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Jorge Bocanegra, and Zev Levit

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Intro and closing track “Altered States of Consciousness” by Cyanotic.

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  • “Holy Yngwie”?. Swedish trash guitarist Yngwie?

    I’m not gaga over hearing about Korn being included in a Silent Hill game. I disagree about Devin’s comment about what fits and not fits in the franchise. Akira Yamaoka was what fit. Hopefully, the new sound director will fit, too. Korn. Does. Not. Fit. That should spell out the whole direction these guys are taking the series into.
    And is Korn really a big enough name to draw in a new audience? Don’t get it twisted, I’m not hating. It just doesn’t make sense.

    But, I’m not curious about the game in the slightest. Probably won’t even try it out, so I don’t care if they throw in Celine Dion in the game for shits and giggles.

    That aside, glad to hear you guys again!

  • I don’t think Korn makes sense either, but thankfully it has an insignificant effect to the actual game package 🙂

    Thanks for enjoying! Stay tuned for episode #2 with an interview with Troy Baker, the new James Sunderland!

  • Joe

    For what it’s worth, there are a lot of elements of recent Korn albums (See You on the Other Side, Untitled) that incorporate very Silent Hill-ish style ambient and dissonant passages into the songs, and are a marked departure from their the nu-metal sound they’d been known for throughout their career. If they were to take a similar passage and extrapolate it out and make it the substance of an entire song, it would probably fit quite nicely. Whether they do that or not, remains to be seen, but the potential is there, contrary to knee-jerk reaction.

    As to your question about whether or not Korn is a big enough name to draw in a new audience, Matty … maybe, maybe not, i could see arguments either way. They certainly had a huge following at one point in their career, but the apex of their popularity is definitely in the rearview mirror … their prototypical nu-metal sound had played itself out by midway thru the 2000’s, and when they changed their style to be more industrial sounding and less overtly heavy, they probably lost a large segment of the more devoted following that was still remaining.

    But perhaps the question is beside the point. Whatever popularity Korn has or doesn’t have right now, from a marketing standpoint they have something valuable … name recognition. Korn gained mainstream success in the past, and when their name is attached to this project it stands to reason that people who may not have given the Silent Hill brand a chance previously out of ignorance will now at least take notice of the game because of its association with a name they recognize.

    That may seem silly, but marketing tenets rarely appeal to any kind of clear-headed rationality … that’s why companies such as Coke and Pepsi spend millions every year in advertising dollars despite the fact that practically everyone on earth over the age of 3 has tried their products before. Marketing is all about being noticed now, right at this instant, and if we’re looking for a band that would be capable of making perfect Silent Hill music, would be interested in creating a brand new song for the game, AND would have a built-in cache or name recognition that would help in the game’s promotion, we’d probably come up with a fat zero of artists who fit the bill, so it kind of is what it is. From Konami’s standpoint, you just have to do the best you can do in that regard without letting it effect the final product, and IMO, a song that doesn’t even make its way into the title screen much less the game proper yet can still be advertised as part of the experience is a pretty reasonable way to go.

  • relayonzorror

    Great podcast, hoping for more, but not news related, at least no always.

    • Don’t worry, we will discuss news and have unique topics when things come up that must be discussed!

  • StuntmanSnake

    Great podcast!

    Maybe you could throw some low volume music in it like the Kojima Productions Report. Maybe toss in a view transition horror effects too. Just my two cents. I loved it regardless. 😉

  • rem


    [Leon sparkles? Is this a movie thing? I should watch all
    the movies with friends later when I find the movies.]

    Alan Wake

    30:40 to 33:22

    [add hugging each other’s legs and agreeing that Alan Wake
    is a good game to the list of things to do in Whispers in the sheets]

    Quotes: Zev: more games need me on my ass

    Holy Yaio

    38:25 to 38:43

    [Did he just say holy Yaio?]

    Secret after show!

    48:57 to end

    Zev vs Morgan Webb and cross dressing

    49:55 to 52:00

    Did they dress up as silent hill nurses? If they did

    [sucker punch did suck but its concept was from a graphic
    novel and the guy who made it just used it as an example of the stuff he could do e.g. he could draw action scenes, “sexy scenes”, dramatic scenes the plot was just an excuse to get the character in all these situations quickly.]


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