Perturbia – It’s an indie horror game

Perturbia, an indie horror game revealed about a year ago now has had its first gameplay trailer released. There’s not much to really go on aside from a few panning shots of the game’s environments and a look at how a few puzzles will play out. Perturbia looks to be going the old-school route with its puzzle solving and item fetching, and even features a CG puzzle scene straight out of the PS2 days (you’ll know when you see it). There’s also some pretty questionable voice action.

Perturbia is described as a “multimedia-sensory concept where the more entrenched between the lines converge mind, rediscovered or rewrote history”. The team’s native language does not appear to be English, and promotional text for the game is a bit hard to understand. But it’s a scary game – that’s all you need to know.

According to the game’s IndieDB page, the release date is TBD.

Also… um… at the end of the gameplay trailer, Josh from Silent Hill: Homecoming walks across the screen wearing an Oculus Rift. I’m completely serious. It’s his character model, down to the sneaker design. So, yeah, Perturbia has Oculus Rift support. And the devsĀ seem to like Silent Hill. Yep.

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