Orphan’s Kickstarter showcases a beautiful ruin

RubbleEver since Limbo came along in 2010, tons of games have been falling over themselves in an attempt to recapture its brilliantly unique artstyle and lonely, foreboding atmosphere. However, the latest in the line of would-be successors to Limbo‘s crown, a title from Tennessee-based game devs Windy Hill Studios simply titled Orphan, looks as though it has a much better shot at rivaling or perhaps even surpassing the renowned monochrome title than others.

Featuring a simple premise (a young boy is the last survivor on Earth after an alien invasion ravages the planet overnight and must survive encounters with roaming extra-terrestrials while exploring the aftermath of a world gone to ruin), breathtaking animation and an interesting approach to stealth and combat, Orphan simply oozes minimalist style, with its main inspirations being cited as the classic action platformers Oddworld and Another World. Windy Hill has also stated their desire to distinguish themselves from Limbo with a heavier focus on combat and item management rather than puzzles.

Pledging as little as $15 will net you a free digital copy of the game once it hits PC early next year, but a $50 contribution offers the distinction of being able to design and personalize an in-game collectible, which take the form of geocaches that must be located via the use of an in-game GPS.

Orphan also features a novel spin on survival horror combat designed to promote a sense of progression and growth. The player character begins the game completely helpless and vulnerable, forcing them to hide or flee from alien encounters if they want any hope of surviving. As the game goes on, tools and weapons become salvageable from defeated enemies as well as geocaches, ranging from laser pistols to shield generators to technology-disabling chaff grenades, all of which have finite uses but can easily sway the tide of battle if used efficiently. Windy Hill is also quick to point out that tougher enemies will drop more advanced and powerful weapons, adding a risk/reward factor to engaging powerful foes.

At 22 days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Orphan is still almost $16, 000 short of their goal. If you want this gorgeous take on 2D survival horror to see the light of day on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4, you’d do well to head on over to its Kickstarter page and chip in some of your hard-earned dough to support it. After all, you wouldn’t say no to helping an orphan in need, would you?

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