New Doom game is called Doom

No, that’s not a pre-emptive criticism – it’s the title of the new Doom game.

The next entry in the franchise will be neither a numbered entry, or an entry with a subtitle.  It will be Doom because Doom will be returning to its Doom roots and has simply been titled Doom.  Jokes aside, I think that I’ve heard the phrase “return to its roots” so many times that it’s starting to lose its meaning.  Executive producer Marty Stratton outlined all of the different things that made Doom the series that it is, and how the next title will incorporate elements from all of them.  Fast combat, over-the-top demonic enemies, huge and inventive weapons (that can be carried all at the same time – none of that realism bullshit) and non-regenerating health (some of that realism bullshit).

Doom will reportedly begin outside of a UAC research facility on Mars at the start of a demonic invasion.  Attendees of Quakecon were delighted by a live gameplay demonstration showing a player fighting their way through a torrent of guts, body parts being used to open doors and put the beatdown on enemies, demons that could be torn in half and chainsawed any which number of ways, and all sorts of other bloody treats.

Add to this all of the staples of a modern shooter (id Tech 6, 1080p 60fps), such as competitive multiplayer (to be revealed”later”), and a heavier emphasis on melee combat.  The art style has been described by some as something akin to what was found in Doom 3: “blood on the floors, particle effects everywhere.”  There are also reports of being able to do ‘fatality moves’ on bosses.

Doom will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.  No word on when the game will be released, and seeing as how the next entry was initially announced back in 2008, it might still be a while before we see any more on this.  But you can count on us to bring you more information as it becomes available.


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