Nab both PSP Corpse Party games on PSN’s 2-for-1 sale

PlayStation Network is currently holding a bundle sale where users can nab two games for the price of one. Among the games are both Corpse Party: Blood Covered and its sequel/side-story visual-novel sibling Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. The two games are usually sold for $19.99 a piece and can be grabbed together for the price of just one up until Monday, July 21. Both games areĀ also Vita compatible.

I can’t recommend these games enough. If you’re looking for a spooky ghost story involving cute anime children facing brutal, soul-crushing scenarios, amazing sound design, and the most descriptive scenes of gore around, then you’re in luck. The Corpse Party series is pretty intense.

Pick these two games up for just $19.99; you won’t regret your purchase. Hell, maybe if enough sales are made we’ll get word from XSEED to expect Corpse Party: Blood Drive on our Vitas sometime soon.



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