Mega64 Gives us Something P.T. Related to Laugh About


For Silent Hill fans, these last few weeks have been rough.

With the departure of Kojima from Konami, P.T. was obviously in trouble. Del Toro confirmed our worst fear, and Norman Reedus expressed his disappointment as P.T. was declared dead. Our Silent Hills dream was a little too good to be true, and with that, Konami pulled the P.T. demo from the PlayStation Network.

The game has not only been removed from the shop, but from the network entirely. If you haven’t already downloaded the demo, then it seems you’ll never get another chance to. However, after all of this, we still have something to laugh about. Mega64 is here to ease the tension, and poke a little fun at the canned title.

If you have four minutes, check out the Mega64 crew’s struggle to sell a PlayStation 4 with P.T. installed on eBay. With the way Konami has acted, I won’t be surprised when they send Lisa to my house to wipe it from my system.

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  • Andy

    I know people are mad at Konami with canceling Silent Hills and taking the demo away.

    But even if they didn’t take the P.T demo away. How many times can people play it before it gets old? I mean the jump scares would not have the same affect.

    • Liam Mountain

      you could say that about any horror game or movie but people still play them over again , can’t count how many times I have played Silent hill 1 ,2,3 , Resident evil Remake , Resident evil 2,3,4. Parasite eve 1 & 2, Deadly Premonition , you might get used to jump scares but the atmosphere would always be there.

    • pk

      What about people who haven’t played it yet? The same can be said about, let’s say, Fatal Frame. Or even Silent Hill. The games already have been played by lots of people, why not take them away?

      Sure, the game gets old. But for it to become old, it must be for people that have already played it once, like you.


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