Man at Arms forges replica Pyramid Head sword

Man at Arms, those chaps known for using their forging talents to create iconic weapons from popular media, have released a brand new entry in their series this week. Their latest project is Pyramid Head’s Great Knife, as seen in the Silent Hill movies and Silent Hill: Homecoming (the serrated version).

The sword isn’t a 1:1 scale recreation, as it’s not a sword any mere mortal can wield effectively, but it still looks damn heavy. The Man at Arms team forged the sword out of a railroad track and added some grimy details to it to make it look as gritty and rough as can be. Unfortunately they did not use human blood to cool the steel.

If you’re a bit saddened you don’t have the skills to make one of these hefty weapons, just walk into your kitchen and play with a kitchen knife. The series is filled with those! (Don’t do this,┬ádummy)

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  • Steven Bayne

    I want my own replica pyramid head sword. That thing is badass!

  • TH3J4CK4L

    Looks like the rubbish sword from Homecoming. It’s called A Great Knife ,not a sword for the fans sake. I always liked the title of it and the look since it reminded me of a very Carrol-esque Vorpal blade which fit nicely into the scheme of Sunderland delving into his own personal Rabbit hole of hell. This just looks bland like Homecoming was which was the first sign that something was wrong with the series.

    • It’s not your fault.

      • TH3J4CK4L


        • We don’t need to be angry anymore. It’s over.

          • TH3J4CK4L

            If by over ,we mean the silent hill franchise,then yeah I’ll agree. lol


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