Jeremy Blaustein localizing Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Konami passed us along an announcement regarding Silent Hill: Book of Memories: the next portable Silent Hill game. Jeremy Blaustein, one of the original members of “Team Silent” will be returning to the Silent Hill series very soon.

Jeremy worked on localizing Silent Hill 2-4 for English speaking countries. He will be jumping back into the foggy town of Silent Hill with the release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Jeremy and his company Zpang will be localizing the game into seven different languages. The game is being developed in English, so he will be adapting it for several other languages. I’ll be sure to update you guys when the language list is released.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories may be a radical departure in terms of gameplay for the series, but I look forward to trying it out.

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    Indeed. We’ve seen what a traditional style Silent Hill game can look on the PSP. I’m very interested to see how Book of Memories works on the Vita. They already have our heads turning at the idea of multiple players working together in the town. What else can they surprise us with?

    Congrats to Jeremy though.


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