Indie Developer Suggested to be Behind Vulgar Attacks Against Let’s Players (Update 4: Kumi Apologizes for Rude Comments)

YouTubers Shesellssheshells, VoidBurger, and Damehasclass were recently attacked on Youtube over their opinions on Kumi Games’ [REC] Shutter. A recorded version of their [REC] stream was uploaded to YouTube last week and this morning the video acquired quite the vulgar comments from users “noonelie” and “Ggolana”. This kind of shitty behavior happens on a regular basis on the video site, but Shesellssheshells noticed that something was off about these accounts.

Both noonelie and Ggolana were empty accounts with one sole subscription: Kumi Games, the developer behind the title that the LPers had negative opinions against in their stream. Upon further investigation, the account had many subscribers that matched a similar pattern of being created on the same date and subscribing just to the developer’s channel.

The comments against Shesellssheshells’s video were not only incredibly vulgar and misogynist towards the two women LPers (VoidBurger and Damehasclass), but also had much in common stylistically with how the Kumi Games channel wrote itself – a mix of capitalizations and shorthanded words.

Now, all of this can easily be chalked up to coincidence, but after directly confronting the developer with his findings, a comment on the noonelie channel which refers to it by “Kumi”, has mysteriously disappeared.

You can check out this comprehensive infographic made by Shesellssheshells himself.

I reached out to Kumi Games in hopes to get some clarification and details regarding these damning comments. He had this to say:

Hey there,

Thanks for not flaming me with hate just yet.
I have a couple of messages now filled with hate from some people.
I be very gladly if someone posted this message to wherever the guy who is saying that I commented hating comments on him is posting so others can see my view too.

I’m gonna send exactly what I just sended to the other guy who done the image I think it’s “Shesellssheshsells” then.
The other guy told me to admit what I’ve done and this is my answer;

“Really funny indeed. However, I won’t admit to something I didn’t do. I am thinking that some fake accounts with my details commented on your videos and with hate messages, you took it so offensive and bad that you decided to post it online and be childish and you had too much time on your hands to add something up and blame me for it instead of finding a real source just so some of you ‘fans’ could message me saying dumb things. It all adds up well but no, I didn’t post hate comments on anybody’s YouTube channel. I also take criticism well as it is a improvement for my games and I don’t diss nobody for it. I respect others opinions and that screenshot, as you can see was from 2 years ago.

Now if you really were a mature person, you would instead message me private like you did, but instead of calling me a human scum and some other swear words you just talk about it before instead of just being stupid and sharing everything, making things up and adding things and announce that I posted those hate comments so you can feel ‘good’ about yourself.

Anyway, take a screenshot of this message right here, and post it in wherever you are posting it (I’m guessing twitter or something like that) just so people can see my view too instead of only you saying dumb things which ain’t really true. If you like take a screenshot of the other messages too then and share them wherever you are sharing them, just be sure to send me a link back bro :)”

It would be positively disgusting if an upset developer has resorted to calling LPers that didn’t like his games “wanna-be girl gamers”, “sluts”,  and “waste of sperm”, through shell-accounts. Kumi has denied the accusations and was quick to respond to this issue. Hopefully this matter is not what it seems, but the details are too troubling to ignore.

Update: Kumi Games has issued the following statement:

This all started yesterday when I was relaxing a bit and decided to see my mails. I checked on my mails and found over 7+ emails all filled with hate including calling me a human trash, scum and other insults. I didn’t have any idea what was going on and replayed to all of them and found out that I was blamed for that I insulted some let’s players.

The other accounts are not mine. I don’t know who is responsible for them but I do know, some while back I did have supporters which eventually done YouTube accounts to get me some more attention. I noticed them by commenting on my YouTube and stuff like that, advertisement and such, nothing wrong with that. This was a long long time ago and they were something like ‘partnered’ with KumiGames. Now I don’t expect you or anyone to believe this, I will never offend anyone because they think one or more of my games sucks. Check my websites, comments and anything you want I won’t do such things because I respect others opinions. I also really take criticism very well and as a good thing for my games for more improvements. This let’s player called “Shesellssheshells” and some others got insulted by this account, he immediately instead of being a real mature and sending me a message so maybe we can fix this he blamed me, added little puzzles, insulted me, shared me on twitter and blamed me for someone who called her sluts. Now, I do not agree with the comments made, but “Shesellssheshells” could of been more mature on this instead and could of talked this through but instead she decided to act childish. I also wish to apologies for any offense that this have caused.

Update 2: Kumi has now flagged the video in which Shesellssheshells, Voidburger, and Damehasclass expressed their negative opinions of its game, [REC] Shutter. The claim issued by Kumi Games not only removes the video from YouTube but would also require Shesellssheshells to battle the claim through legal means.

Shesellssheshells has created a Storify account of the ongoing disagreement with Kumi Games. Expect it to be updated with new developments as time goes on.

Update 3: Kumi Games have created their own Storify of the events. The dispute is ongoing and I expect we’ll see this become a legal matter.

Update 4: Kumi Games has publicly apologized for his comments towards the Let’s Players, taking full responsibility for the two accounts used to leave nasty comments on Shesellssheshells’s Let’s Play of [REC] Shutter.

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