Hideo Kojima shows interest in the Silent Hill series

Metal Gear Solid director and Konami’s own auteur, Hideo Kojima, has shown interest in working with the Silent Hill series. Kojima took to Twitter to express his interest by the way of a tweet about borrowing the Silent Hill movie from a friend.

“‘Silent Hill‘ movie that I borrowed from Murashu as the next sequel is coming out. It would be a scary game if we make Silent Hill game on FOX engine. !”, said Kojima. He went on to say how Kojima Productions’ FOX engine can aid the series. “‘Silent Hill‘ is in closed room setting and doesn’t require full action so that we can focus on the graphic quality. Enemy doesn’t have to be a lot or move fast. It only requires scariness by graphics and presentation,” Kojima wrote. “As being a creator making action game in open world, such game is very enviously attractive. Wish someone could create this on FOX engine.”

The prospect of Hideo Kojima lending his talents and engine to the Silent Hill series excites me. Kojima would be a brilliant director on a Silent Hill game, but I’m not sure how familiar he is with the lore of the series. Regardless of his talent as a writer and director, a Silent Hill game without knowledge of the lore would be a bit misguided. In other words, it could be very well made but break all of the “rules” of the Otherworld and how the town works.  But then again, he didn’t really say that HE wanted to work on a Silent Hill game, just that his engine would be used. His use of “we” might be used broadly.

I’d be pretty excited if the current Silent Hill team, Team Silence, used FOX engine for their next game. It might prove more accessible and more powerful than the Unreal Engine. Perhaps it would even allow some amazing effects and better graphics in the next entry of the Silent Hill series. Capcom has their own proprietary engine with MT Framework, so why not Konami? Konami giving the Silent Hill series all of its latest gadgets and resources would help it stand out some more and possibly escape some of the stigma associated with it–maybe decrease the chance of bugs and glitches.

If the developer using the FOX engine needed guidance by Kojima’s people, then perhaps the next entry can be developed in Japan. My vote would be for Grasshopper Manufacture; Kojima Productions is far too busy on Metal Gear. Whatever happens due to Kojima’s interest, I hope the right blend of people are assigned to the next game.

[Image: GamerFitNation]

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  • Hopes n dreams. Oh well … Is the Fox engine currently used in any games or will the next Metal Gear be the first time that the system would be used?

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      It will be used in MGS5,currently only has been used for visual recreation,like in a picture in which they put an horse in their office.

  • Swcloud99

    Hideo Kojima needs to move on from Metal Gear and start using his mind to create a new series entirely. A series that would catter more to his specific sensibilities.
    Kojima on Silent Hill is ridiculous for the same reasons that Kojima on anything else is ridiculous: He is a huge fan of breaking the fourth wall and bringing a lot of really crazy humour in otherwise serious settings.

    • ariessiren

      its not ridiculous you should be grateful someone of his talent and reputation showed interest in the catastrophe that has become silent hill. if book of memories doesnt sell, you can kiss SH goodbye. downpour and HD collection were terrible and the sales were really low for both. it needs a major re-invention and his name on it would take SH where it needs to be.

      • Swcloud99

        I am the biggest Kojima fan you could find anywhere. What I meant is that Silent Hill does not cater to his particular sensibilities has a creator.
        And he is exactly that, a creator. He should stop rehashing the same story that should have ended years ago and get on with something new.
        Keyword new, has in not someone else’s universe.

        • ariessiren

          kojima leant his resources to castlevania LOS and look what happened, HUGE sales and a very polished game. silent hill hasnt catered to silent hill since silent hill 3. his games sell millions and im sure he has many tastes other than metal gear. it works and everything he does is better and better. his rehashing has lead to major sales, hes obviously doing something right. you might not like what he chooses to do, but your in the minority there because the majority of gamers vote with their wallets and MGS is huge. i respect your opinion but i have to say cloud, your tastes are just the opposite of what silent hill or MGS needs

          • Swcloud99

            MGS needs to die. MGS2 was the perfect ending. Every game that came out after it undermined it’s most important points. The thing is Kojima had to continue the series because Konami wants more money so he tried his best to give the game over to his younger staff.
            He’s still trying. Kojima can’t grow has an artist within the confines of the same old series. Has an author, he should move on. Economic realities hold him back.

    • Breaking the fourth wall could be pretty much creepy the psycho mantis battle is just one example of that.

  • awaiken

    Autor? Author? Auteur? Weird ass typo.

  • liam

    the way silent hill is going he might as well jump and give it a try.

  • ariessiren

    this would be the BEST thing that could ever happen to silent hill. it needs an experienced team and major quality assurance because lets face it, the recent games are really low budget and just unpolished messes. i think people are so starved for horror and silent hill, they let all these little things pass when in reality, the quality of the series has really taken a dive especially in downpour. god please give silent hill to a AAA developer. that would be amazing.

  • Laharl

    If it’s anything like the last series Kojima “Re-worked”, He will drain it of it’s identity to cash in on american trends, and also terrible plot twists…

    Dead Space styled horror, James is The New God, QTE’s everywhere, Suddenly Satan.

  • natgopler

    I don’t think he’ll ever do a SH game. He’d just like to license his new engine to the series (if I am not mistaken, Silent Hill 3 was running on a modified version of the MGS3 engine, so there might already be a precedent). I’d like to see Silent HIll going back to its roots, with the development being handled again by a Japanese team: I stopped playing the series after the 3rd game (wasn’t particularly intrigued by The Room), but from what I’ve seen the latest installments are too much “American” for my taste. Silent Hill 1 is still the best if you ask me.

    • I have to disagree. One of my favorite things about Downpour was its subtle Eastern European influence. I could see it in the town’s design and aesthetics. I loved that. I’d like for a talent Japanese developer to have a hand in a SH game again (I say talented because the assumption that all JP developers are godly and infallible is BS), because of that very same cultural influence aspect.

      • natgopler

        I admit I haven’t played Downpour – again, I didn’t fancy what I saw in the trailers. What I meant by “American” (which was a quiet weak choice of wording, I admit) anyway was a different approach to horror. It looked like a soul-less, straight-to-DVD sequel (like the many “Hellraiser” they keep churning out). I guess the fact the game was handled by a Czech studio did have something to do with the fact it felt a tad Eastern European. I too don’t regard Japanese designers as gods, but I can’t escape to believe that what made the original games so good was the fact they were developed in Japan. Keiichiro Toyama directed both the first SH and Forbidden Siren and they are both amongst the creepiest game I’ve ever played.

    • Yeah, SH always was based on japanese eye on american horror….

    • Silent Evil

      It’s the monster designs that make Downpour and the other western developed SH games look circumspect, in my opinion. I don’t know why the Japanese are so good at monster design but they are. My wish is if SH goes to another western developer that they’d have sense enough to hire someone who isn’t trying to ape Tolkien or D&D. It’s not like the west is starved for good monster designers. Look at the monsters in Guillermo Del Toro’s films. Beautifully creepy.

      Anyhow, FOX engine sounds good! Make it so.

      • ariessiren

        downpour had the WORST enemy designs in the series. i mean bad as well as the combat. the thing with downpour is i really wanted to like it, and i did in the beginning, but for every good thing they did, there were like 5 things done wrong in its place. it made me appreciate homecoming alot more. it just felt empty and pointless like your just going through the motions and there was no payoff.

    • ariessiren

      sh 1 is a true classic. very creepy and sh2 was just magic. i would love a japanese developer to take it over also. i think american developers can do it , there just hasnt been a good developer chosen. downpour came close but lost direction half way through. especially with the bosses, that was a huge blow for me, every sh game has amazing bosses but in downpour, they were put on the back burner. it just felt empty and unfinished and i hope they remember what made sh famous and get back to that and exceed it not step back

  • deadboytk

    With a bigger development team, better engine, more money, marketing will improve, sales will improve, everyone wins. Konami’s lack of marketing killed Downpour’s sales. For the record I think Kojima just wants to license the engine to the next entry, and not work on it himself. And I’m all for that.

    • Access to the engine would be great. I’d love to see that be done.

    • ariessiren

      your right, it would grab the entire industries attention and thats what silent hill needs. any high profile attention would do wonders for the ailing series. im all for this.

  • Xander

    Oh, the possibilities! Also, I wouldn’t say that Kojima is “busy with the Metal Gear series”, Rising comes out next year and any MGS5 news is speculation at this point.

  • Skinless monsters in FOX engine (probably similar to U3) would be nice….

  • Craig Wallace93

    I wouldnt mind Kojima taking part in either engine or even as the director of a future silent hill game. I dont think he would mess up any of the original stories as hes made a good job of the MGS series. I think he would be good for the horror i mean through out the mgs series there has been slight dashes of horror, through the ghost images, ghost soldiers and even the bosses such as the Fear and The End. So i think he could do agood job maybe a more stealthly like horror like keeping the flash light and radio turned off to keep some boss like monster from hunting you down and instantly killing you,imagine hiding in alocker when amonster goes by….or even a cardboard box haha

  • Koulamatata

    I don’t know if I’d want Grasshopper Manufacture working on it.
    I love the games they’ve put out so far, and I love that Akira is there. But I don’t know if Suda 51 can take a game serious enough to do horror.

    But, if Kojima has at least something to do with the project, at the very lest we’ll get a fully functional game, unlike the previous 2 releases.
    I love Downpour, but it’s broken. It isn’t polished.
    Kojima could bring that to the table.

    • Grasshopper doesn’t mean it has to be Suda.

      • Koulamatata

        Very true.
        But i’d still be hesitant to say i’d love for them to do one.

        Again, love their games, but they always feel very arcade to me.

  • ZenTzen

    silent hill needs to be made by a japanese developer not because they are godly developers, but because they understand the kind of horror needed for a Silent Hill game


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