Here’s your first look at gameplay from Allison Road


P.T. was an amazing survival horror experience on the PlayStation 4. It served as a taste of what to expect from Silent Hills. Knowing what has happened between Hideo Kojima and Konami makes the project’s apparent death an even harder pill to swallow. But, not all hope is lost…

UK games studio Lilith Ltd. is currently hard at work on their upcoming PC survival horror game titled Allison Road. Upon first glance, it’s similar to P.T., seeing as how you’re exploring a house in first-person, with supernatural happenings going on around you.

The unnamed protagonist you play as wakes up one day without any memory of what has happened. You’re tasked with looking for your family, all while discovering the mysteries behind the British townhouse you’re in, over the course of five nights (with the clock ticking down towards 3 AM). And, of course, there’s entities roaming around. And we get to meet one of them in the footage below!

Stay tuned for more news on the game.

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  • Zachariah

    I’m very cautious. I didn’t like the blatant “HEY WE PLAYED PT TOO LOOK AT THIS REFERENCE” With the saying “Dad was such a drag”

    Also the item pick up/close up just reminds me too much of One Late Night Deadline and let us never ever speak of that travesty ever.

    And yeah, it’s pre alpha so I’ll forgive a lot of the stuff like him seeing the monster and turning non chalantly and walking away.

    I can’t forgive SIN DEATH though. Unless there’s a story reason for that, it needs changed. Thats neither cool nor scary. Separately theyre creepy but together they sound stupid.

  • Oh boy ditch that dialogue.

    • Whitney Chavis

      what.the.hell. (reference to SH4?) haha

  • odovoro

    *yawn* Oh? is the gameplay over? that wasn’t scary at all. 😛

  • Andy Sinclair

    Still super bummed about Silent Hills being cancelled but this looks pretty awesome. It’s the next best thing. I hope more videogames come out like this.

  • Henrikm

    I like it but it is not a Silent Hill, more a even more horror version of Gone Home which on the other hand was a game I liked.

    But some comments on various sites sound like people want this too fail because they copy P.T.

    Blame Konami instead because they did not have the intellegence to recognise a good project in P.T

    P,T wont ever happen if not Kojima and Toro create a game studio of their own.

    Reojoice instead that there is people out there that understand what actually works.

    Direct the anger towards Konami instead.

  • Andy

    Wow that was very scripted.

  • Anthony DeRouen

    Loved it, can’t wait to play it.

  • Tim Ånerud

    I was a little sceptic when it came to this “i can see you” and “i know where you are” .. But damn. Deformed women chasing you, isn’t funny even in games. Looking forward to this!

  • Marcos

    wow definitely got the same feel as P.T. im looking forward to this one


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