Here are The Stars of The Fatal Frame Film

Fatal Frame Models

A Fatal Frame horror film is on the way! Japanese magazine Seventeen announced two of their models, Nakajou Ayami and Morikawa Aoi, will star in it.

Very surprisingly, Ayami is seventeen and Aoi is eighteen, quite young to be starring in horror films, but so are the two main characters of Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Butterfly, the second game in the series. It’s a likely scenario the film will adapt the story of that title based on these two actresses. The second entry in the series is also the most well-known and liked game out of its five entries. From my personal experience with the game, it was the darkest and scariest of the original three that I’ve played.

Nakajou Ayami is the winner of the “Miss Seventeen Grand Prix” in August, 2011, and Morikawa Aoi has been in two films and three TV shows since 2011. None of their credited works are known to me, so I can’t judge how good of choices they are for acting, but they certainly look like they can fit the parts, especially if they’re good at screaming.

We’ll keep you up to date on the status of the film. In the mean time, Fatal Frame fans, which games or parts of the games would you like to see re-created in the film?


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  • Jillian Ayers

    Miku and Kirie are both teenage girls in the first game, so I don’t see why these girls couldn’t be playing them.

    Also, the girls in the second game are twins and are constantly together, so twin actresses would be hired to play them.

    • Movies.

      • Jillian Ayers

        What do you mean?

        • Film adaptations won’t always be perfectly adapted. Two popular people who are not related or two actual twins that are? The film industry will pick popularity most of the time.

          • Jillian Ayers

            But the entire point of the second game is that they’re identical twins. If it was some side detail, I would agree, but not when it’s the main point of the entire plotline.

            Even then, that still doesn’t make the adaptation more likely to be 2 than 1. The actresses’ ages match characters in both 1 and 2.

          • When film adaptations are accurate adaptations, then I’ll begin expecting all details to carry over. I just expect something like two sisters (starring two famous people) being done instead of identical actresses. It’s certainly not something unimaginable.

  • Xander

    Isn’t there already a live-action adaptation of Fatal Frame 2?

    • Gilly

      Not exactly. There was a live action porn that was centered around the main characters of the second game.

  • Marcos

    scene where you fight the continuously falling women , the screams she gives off when shes falling always freak me out. Its be nice to see that brought to life , id probably flip. well here are some pics of my fav

  • Gilly

    From what I’ve read, the movie will actually be following the novelization of the very first game. My major concern was that said novelization took some very large liberties and created a totally different type of story. I have no hope that this will turn out good at all, especially with two models as the main characters. It’s a shame, honestly, because the series could make a spectacular set of movies with the right actors and directors.


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