Guillermo Del Toro on Silent Hills: “It’s not gonna happen” (Update: IGN’s source)

Update: has spoken to a source close to Guillermo Del Toro today and had clarified that Del Toro’s “not gonna happen” quote is pertaining to his and Hideo Kojima’s partnership in working on Silent Hills together. As for whether the game or not has been cancelled, the source said “You’ll have to go after Konami for those answers.” This adds some extra context to the situation, but until Konami issues a statement, we’re still left in the dark regarding this game’s future.

Update 2: Norman Reedus has commented on the game’s potential cancellation, seemingly confirming that he’s not been reassured by Konami that that project is still on or privy to behind the scenes talk.

Original Post: This is it, folks. It looks like Silent Hills is as close to officially cancelled (or at least far removed from what it was going to be) as it can be without Konami’s confirmation. Via the San Francisco Film Festival, filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro stated during a Q&A that Silent Hills is “not gonna happen.” According to photojournalist Matt Hackney who is sitting in on the Q&A, Del Toro said the following:

With, Hideo Kojima reportedly being fired, P.T. being delisted from PSN this week, and Del Toro’s confirmation via SFFF, it truly looks like Silent Hills is dead as we know it. After a fantastic reveal via a unique teaser, and the combined talent of Hideo Kojima and Del Toro working together to create a grand entry in the series, the too-good-to-be-true game is indeed just that. Now we just need Konami to confirm the news …

As a longtime Silent Hill fan, I legitimately feel heartbroken by this news. I thought I wouldn’t be because it seemed like it was a long time coming, but I can’t help not feel terrible. Silent Hills had the potential to be a huge comeback for this series, and now it may be nothing more than a fleeting dream.

This is just depressing.

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  • Tvirus Getz


  • FlobotingIt

    This just… Hurts.

  • Mark Merrett

    Lets hope Toro and Kojima move on to Resident evil, imagin those graphics on zombies and that atmosphere they added to the house.

  • DarkDreamT2

    Looks like Konami is giving Kojima fans the mega man treatment. I feel your pain guys.

  • Michael James Tabbut


  • E1ectricOrange

    Konami is a giant dick.

  • If this turns out to be another of Kojima’s ruses, he’s officially the Andy Kaufman of videogames.

  • Elcor

    I had a feeling it was too good to be true x___x

  • Snow

    Silent Hill is still out of luck it seems.

  • KT

    WTF They made me believe and now my heart is shattered. FU Konami !

  • MattS71

    kojima and del torro need to do the game, just not use the name ‘silent hills’

  • Carrie Lasher

    konami, what is wrong with you….. you are stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, ……i can go on. so upset right now this i was the one i’ve been waiting for…to save the crap that silent hill has turned into, and revive the series. it hurts. bad. i don’t even know if i’ll be able to buy phantom pain.

  • Biscoito18

    Looks like Konami finally accomplished what was looking for and killed Silent Hill once and for all. If Konami doesnt want to do a decent work with the franchise, why dont sell it to another company? Im sure that with the Survival Horror’s comeback to mainstream, a lot of companies wanna work with a well know survival horror IP.

  • luigiix

    Fuck Konami.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is true, that’s just how they roll. Complete disregard for fans and bad PR communication.
    Meh, P.T. is awesome, but after all the crap SH has been put through the last decade, i’d say maybe this is for the best.
    Let it die with some dignity left.

  • Carrie Lasher

    i can’t explain how depressed i am about this CJ… like….i….. was looking forward to no other game… this was it. this was the one. i have been pretty much done with gaming for a long time, at least with things being released within the last 5 years, but this takes it…like it is so ridiculous this is happening that it sounds like one huge joke, and the real joke is that it’s actually happening. why dude? why

  • EvilResident

    …I kinda feel like Konami should have to pay for the PS4s people bought just for this game.

  • Triggerhappy

    Always felt a bit to-good-to-be-true, this makes me so sad. Probably my biggest gaming disappointment, ever. Truly a sad day for games & gamers. WTF must have happened at Konami for them to let Kojima go? Although I suppose, thinking about it, it was probably a move to have full creative control over MGS, which will now get progressively shitter, annual releases and all that crap.

  • Misha Argall
  • Mohammed Ghoneim

    The best thing to do is to boycott Konami’s up one games.

  • Guest

    Now I can sell my Phony PoS4, this entire console generation has become one big joke with nothing but lies and overhype.

    • Carl Toolan

      Sad but very true indeed

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Brilliant idea, because Uncharted 4, The Last of Us 2, Until Dawn, God of War 5 etc are all going to suck, better get rid of your PS4 over one game.

  • Prima

    Fade into obscurity Konami. BYE FELICIAAAAAAA!!!!

  • Nico Varela

    I feel empty right now…

  • Henrikm

    Yeah it breaks my heart aswell 🙁 I still hope as mentioned in the P.T topic that Kojima might retain some of the rights and makes the game under a diffrent name then…But guess that is me wishing and dreaming.

    Konami for fuck sake !

  • Henrikm

    I hope Pyramid Head Haunts them(Konami CEO) for all eternity.

  • Not at all surprising, but still really sad.

  • Carl Toolan

    But don’t worry guys because we’ve got yet another call of duty coming in November…….-_- FML

  • Carl Toolan

    I cant see konami getting out of this now though I know I won’t be buying any of their games and that includes MGS5 ….how many others will also boycott?

  • Andrew Morton

    i don’t know what to do with my hands…

  • Longtooth

    In this day and age, with the Kick-starter culture and games like Project Scissors in development, I’m actually somewhat glad Konami won’t be getting my money…probably ever again.

    P.T. is loved by fans and I’m confident other developers have played it and will be inspired and learn from it. One day soon Konami will be beat hard by a competitor who gave us what they failed to.

  • Logan Schubert

    Who cares. Silent Hill along with Resident Evil are total joke franchises now.


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