Get a Look at the New Prey in Action

QuakeCon is in full swing, so what does that mean? A new Prey trailer, that’s what! This one is all gameplay, too!

Revealed at E3 with quite the spooky cinematic trailer, the new Prey is heavy on the sci-fi horror, putting players in an all-too-familiar horror scenario of some type of invasion on a space station. What’s different here is that the protagonist is himself part alien, as he’s the first human to be enhanced with their power. This appears to have a strong psychological effect, as the narration in this trailer and the reveal trailer suggests he’s unhinged and aware (or afraid) of something others are not.

Prey is a complete reboot of the series, seemingly dropping what the first game established and what the odd space-bounty-hunter sequel was going for. I do appreciate me some psychological sci-fi horror, so I can’t wait to see what Arkane Studios delivers when the game releases in 2017.

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  • hambone47

    Looks interesting, Hope they show more during the Gamescom.

  • Andrew Dragnov

    “Prey” had long and difficult story ( i mean sequel) of developing. I am really happy that game have second chance. Now it’s look really different. More like Dead Space + System shock. I keep my hopes and fingers crossed for development and developers.

  • Brodequin

    Not series reboot, but game reboot. Unreleased sequel doesn’t count 🙂


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