Gamestop lists new details for Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection

Gamestop has listed some extra little pieces of info on the Silent Hill HD Collection. For one, it will be called the Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection. Both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 will be in 720p –as expected– and have full trophy support. Both games will also be getting new voiceovers.

The collection will apparently retail for $39.99 and is set for a September 20th release. While the first bits of info were pretty much common sense for any HD re-release, the release date is the most interesting tidbit here. I’ll be checking with Konami on the validity of Gamestop’s information.


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  • Elyssa

    Yay, RE Revival selection & now this [hopefully] both in Sept.? Can’t wait 🙂

  • dumb konami

    I am not your Silent Hill 2!

  • Alex

    WTF??? what about silent hill 4?


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