Gamestop gets exclusive Dead Island Limited Edition

It’s that time again, folks. More store specific content to help gamers decide where to buy their games. This time it’s with Dead Island.

Gamestop is offering an exclusive Limited Edition upgrade with all preorders of Dead Island. This edition comes with an exclusive weapon and the Bloodbath Arena DLC. I have to admit, the exclusive Ripper weapon is pretty cool. The upgrade applies to all copies of Dead Island as long as they are preordered. Also, it seems these are in limited quantity. You know, limited like the ever-illusive Halo: Reach Legendary Edition.


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    DOPE DOPE DOPE i just hope that the game lives up to its hype ive been following dead island for 3 years now , hopefully it wont blow… and oh yeah what is the ripper is it a gun or a hand to hand item?

  • Elyssa

    I’m gonna preorder this cause its a zombie game & i’m definitely still intrigued, but I hope there’s more to it than the short gameplay shown from this years E3 you guys posted. Just seemed kinda… bland. Fingers crossed it’ll improve as I play for myself.


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