Frictional’s next game begins to be teased (Update)

Frictional Games, the folks behind Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have begun teasing their next game. Right now all we have is a website that leads to a computer prompt stating that a reboot is imminent, with 2% progress currently standing. My guess is that the more people who view the site, the higher the progress will go, thus revealing more information on the game. We do know that their next game will be horror, so there’s no concern about that.

Thomas Grip, Creative Director at Frictional Games has posted this on Twitter “First breadcrumb is deployed. Now it is just a matter of waiting..”. The hype begins today, folks. Just by looking at the website, I believe that we may see Frictional explore futuristic or space horror.  The team has placed us in the 19th century with Dark Descent, so something set in the future could give us an entirely new brand of terror. Who better to do that than Frictional Games, the group that arguably helped revive the survival horror genre?

Update: Frictional Games forum user MidgeS has manipulated the values of the homepage background and found the following text “Cogito ergo sum”. The Latin to English translation is “I think, therefore I am”. The website is currently at 7%. I doubt this is the last secret that will be uncovered for the day.


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  • qqryq

    Currently is 3% 🙂

  • Space horror? Anyone else think so?

    • qqryq

      Could be. But it can be some sort of cyber horror too. ..

      • madjackob

        Maybe something like System Shock 2 😀

        • Gast0n

          I was thinking exactly this

  • yaag

    4% 🙂

  • Space Blizzard

    Sci-fi! Interesting. Although that interface really reminds me of Dead Space.

    (I know it’s not going to be that, but a Frictional non-combat Dead Space would be awesome)

  • Gast0n

    Maybe something like systemshock :O

  • Shizuka_Mori

    I looked in the Source code of the page, and found links to huge walls of text. Inside the text seems to be lots of BioShock references, such as PSUEDO, CHILD, SPLICE. These could be coincidental, but it seems likely they are either buying the Bioshock rights (hell, they could probably afford it after the sales of AAMFP) or making a similar WW1 set horror fps.

    • aawells07

      “These could be coincidental, but it seems likely they are either buying the Bioshock rights”

      Nah that’s def not the case, but would be cool tho.


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