First image of Silent Hill: Book of Memories shown, details

Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the PSV Silent Hill title, has finally revealed its self.

Book of Memories is looking to be something completely different, and by that I mean “I was not expecting this” different. The game will be a top down (isometric) multiplayer game that branches far from series tradition. Characters from throughout the series were seen. Harry, James and Maria were spotted in the area meeting for the first time.

The game will be multiplayer and have players work together to uncover the story and help each other with puzzles. Apparently there will be some RPG elements as well.

Book of Memories appears to be hugely different from anything we have seen in the Silent Hill series. There is no doubt that some fans have already started to light their internet torches and begin to think of ways to cause a fuss.

One tactic I have always employed if a favorite series of mine went on a strange tangent is to remeber that the games that I fell in love with are still there. Nothing can hurt those. Even so, I’m not opposed to Book of Memories just yet. All I have are some details and a screen. I look forward to seeing what WayForward has done with my favorite series.


  • Henrik

    I guessed it to be ethier like demon souls(might still be?) where players popped in and out or what the info above said a Silen Hill allstars finally we might see all SH prot work together maybe making a dream team of HarryHeatherJames or Angela,maria and heather.

    Hope its as awsome like it sound like.

  • Grace Saunders

    I think Harry, James and Maria are just being used as the test names for the players. I don’t think they’re in it themselves (as their characters, I meant).

  • Henrik

    Yeah Update of above info seems Harry,James actually not ingame but one create ones own avatar as people originally thought guess the game producers created their own version of James in that revealed pic.

    Guess that is fine too but really hoped for a Silent hill allstar.

    Guess they still could let us use avatars the reminds us of SH prot so we can have a characters that look like them and name them Harry etc.

    But probably not the same and I guess we might see 2 Harrys as examples.

  • Lycaon

    Certainly… I was not expecting this.