E3 2016: Devil May Cry 5 Is Happening (UPDATE: Maybe not)

Update: Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but this might not actually be anything. According to some super sleuthing on NeoGAF, it looks like the actor put that in his resume all the way back between 2010-2013, and that the actor has clarified that due to scheduling conflicts, the job never actually materialized. Considering the timeline, this probably means that he was an early choice for 2013’s DmC: Devil May Cry. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in all likelihood, we probably will not be seeing DMC5, or Devil May anything at this year’s E3. Maybe next year. We’ll keep it on our rumors list for the time being, just in case, but I think we can count Dante out this year.

Good old resumes. They sure do treat us fans to unannounced projects. Not long ago it was Watch Dogs 2 (since announced) and today it’s Devil May Cry 5. Not DmC 2, but DMC 5.

The resume for actor Nils Hogenstad (Supernatural, Once Upon a Time) lists none other than Devil May Cry 5 among his recent voice projects. Interestingly, he’s billed as the lead of the project. Is this our new Dante?

Since DmC (a game I fucking loved), there has been an outcry for a more traditional Devil May Cry game, styled after the first four games and heavy on combos. Capcom may finally be answering those requests. E3 will reveal all.

[Source, via Nibel]

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  • DoUEvenLeviosa?

    Ι loved DMC but I wouldn’t mind returning to the original saga. DMC2 left us wondering…

    • Same. I’ll miss the world and character Ninja Theory set up, but wouldn’t be opposed to a new game that tries to innovate on the originals.

  • Andy Maas

    After I beat the first devil may cry game I lost interest in the series

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    the remake was amazing, i want a sequel of that

    • ssj4jw

      Ninja Theory said they sticking to there own IPs for now own starting with Hellblade

  • Shane

    A return to Gothic Horror is something I would love to see, the atmosphere of DMC1 was fantastic, great music to.


  • RiesenRatte

    I’d much rather play DmC 2

  • Henrikm

    I wonder if we will see Lucia again aswell?

    I know DMC fans sees 2 as mediocre compare too the rest but think Lucia deserves atleast one more title..Especially if she,Trish maybe Lady even join forces and look for dante?

    If they continue where DMC 2 left us that is?

    Would not mind a sequel to the remake ethier..

  • Ariana Grande

    Dont you dare burst my bubble!!!……DMC will be back. And here is the proof.
    Johnny Yong Bosch (Nero) and Reuben Langdon (Dante) in a picture wearing Mo-cap suits.
    Now why is that?For Resident Evil….Street Fighter? I highly doubt it…
    Its the return of the OG DMC

  • It’s too bad the news is false, but I’m still hyped for DMC5. In any case, I wouldn’t want a DmC2, though it seems the chances of that happening are minuscule anyway since it bombed financially. To be honest, I’m glad it did – DmC was inferior to DMC3 (and even DMC4 somehow) in many ways – gameplay was kind of sluggish, too easy, restrictive, and sometimes awkward. Even the story was silly, overly edgy and childish, and rehashed stuff from DMC1 and DMC3.

    Don’t get me wrong, I was actually interested in a reboot, but after DmC, I just want them to continue with Nero’s story, and maybe continue where DMC2 left off. It’d also be nice if they actually found some use for the early story concepts of DMC4 in which Dante goes momentarily crazy and gets a Perfect Devil Trigger. That said, anything that explains Nero and fleshes him and Dante out more, would be nice.

  • Dark Lord

    Fuck Ninja Theory… they ruined the entire series! Dmc was doing fine without them trying to reboot and change the game. Devil May Cry needs to continue from Dmc 4 and Dmc 2….. no more prequels or reboots. Continue the story…. we all know vergil will be making a return even if he is dead he will be coming back. Dmc 5 is the only dmc ill purchase… Ninja theory will never get me to buy their dmc copy unless they change the name and made it a completely different game. I always wanted dmc to continue with different devils with a spin off series and to continue dantes story with devil may cry shop. Not reboot it after some bad reviews… ninja theories reboot stalled the entire story it did more damage then good… who cares how well it plays.. its a game that shouldnt not exist..


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