DmC: Devil May Cry detailed in Inside Xbox featured video

The next installment of Devil May Cry looks to be quite an interesting twist on the series. Whether you love or hate the new Dante, we can at least be for sure the next DmC title will be visually stunning.

A new video featuring the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 game details some differences between the latest offering and the past titles in the Devil May Cry series. While Capcom has handed DmC over to Ninja Theory this time around, it’s easy to see that the integrity of the series remains intact. With the exception of the main character and all.

Ninja Theory is introducing the concept of the surrounding environment being alive and Dante must evade its attempts to kill him. Streets will crumble, walls will fall, and you better get the hell out of the way. While it’s a unique twist, it may not be completely necessary for DmC to be a successful title but we’re not complaining, either.

Dante’s weapons are discussed, and like previous titles you can come up with any number of combinations between multiple weapons. I just wish Dante would grab Cerberus again. The triple-threat set of swords was my favorite in DmC 3.

Even if the next Devil May Cry game isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, we’ll at least be able to play the first three titles in HD come April.

Video below:

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  • liam

    gameplay looks very fun love the fact that the world is trying to kill him

  • KoRnCreep

    It`s not just Dante`s new look its…oh nevermind, I just hope this game fail in sales.
    If Capcom needed to give DMC to someone, than its Hideki and Platinum games. You cannot compare Jap. developers with western assholes!
    All the best is coming only from Japan, Metal Gear, RE, ex Silent Hill, ex DMC, Bayonetta.
    Why the hell they still got open topic on their forum “What do you want in DMC 5?”
    If rumors are true about RE6 beeing developed under the west I`m done with Capcom for good!
    Talking about Ninja Theory they have not made at least one solid game.
    Gay company…

  • Zack Furniss


    Western assholes? Are you really telling me you don’t like any western-developed games?

  • liam

    KoRnCreep I cant stand people that use the word gay And dont even know how to use it in a sentence !!! its a freaking video game get over it you have not even played the game yet just calm the hell down over a piece of software , you could wake up and have cancer tommoro so there are alot more things worry about then a bloody video game!!

  • KoRnCreep

    @Zack Furniss Yep I do, but I respect Japan more than wild west.

    @liam but it is true that NT producer is gay… Ok joke aside, I`m not upset, I`m too old to get upset.
    I can get upset only if RE6 ends up in a hands of a bad western developers.

  • mike

    @ korn
    you are whats wrong with the gaming community. your negative and really show how immature you are. ninja theory is one of the best at cinematics, character development and great swordplay. its in great hands. just because you dont like the look doesnt mean its going to suck. your the type who complains about everything like you think developers are only making games for YOU. newsflash, theres a whole lot of tweens/new gen gamers who would really like this new look. if you cant roll with the times, it really is your loss. change is good. lets face it, dmc isnt known for great acting and writing. it needs a reboot bigtime. i totally support the developers and capcom. im 34 and love change. thats how the industry grows kid. grow up and support your developers or go spread your hate elsewhere. sorry but its enough.

  • mike

    fyi even japanese developers admit they need to evolve or they wont make it. do your homework. theres a reason 360 sells like hotcakes and mw and cod sell 10 million units. the usa is a powerhouse. japan didnt make 360 succeed, the westerners did and the u.k. heck im dying for ni no kuni, but even that game didnt sell well over there and its an RPG! they are a mobile market mainly now. please just open your mind and stop hating. that hate is what spawned death threats to ninja theory. thats sad

  • KoRnCreep

    “you are whats wrong with the gaming community. your negative and really show how immature you are”
    sorry but you are wrong, you see I cannot say that to you because I dont know you in person.
    Let me introduce myself… I work at the history museum, I bought my 1st apartment in a age of 20, I live with my girlfriend and we have a son, the most important thing in my life. I dont care what you think, I just post my opinion and sorry you are getting upset over nothing. If you realy are 34 than that is sad, getting angry over my one stupid comment.
    If I cannot share my opinion about one game and what I think about Jap./west developers on the internet then, where the hell am I living?
    I`m not here to talk to you or say to someone that is immature, I`m here because I love rely on horror.
    Chill out…

  • Thank God this isn’t 4chan, or that would have gone down a lot worse.

  • Oh yeah, and Im excited about DmC.

  • nemesis91286

    Oh god, People are still bitching about the new Dante design. I say if the game play is good what’s to cry about. Think of it this way DMC2 had the original Dante and guess what ? It was the biggest piece of shit my opinion, As a matter of fact it was a piece of shit that the developers at Capcom found every way to go around the story after DMC2 so every DMC game they made after DMC2 is a prequel instead of a sequel. That’s how bad it was. Oh and by the way, DMC2 was made by a Japanese developer. =P

    • Little-Hellion

      Actually the gameplay numbed down everything. The million stab is numbed down, the gameplay is now choppy and I heard that the guns now have a limiter on how long you can shoot. They have to ” cool down ” to shoot from what I heard which is ridiculous.

  • mike

    lol @korn creep thanks for telling me your fake lifestory. but you dont care right? you do. go troll elsewhere, leave the comments for intelligent people who have valid arguments

  • KoRnCreep

    If this will make you happy then I wont be visiting rely on horror anymore, I`m a man of a word!
    And my lifestory is not fake, but if you dont believe me that is your problem.
    There, you won!
    Bye and enjoy the rest of your life smartass…


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