Dean “Rocket” Hall provides loose DayZ timeframes for significant updates, content plans

Dean Hall, creator of the extremely popular mod and now standalone game, DayZ, has provided some loose timeframes for when he feels DayZ Standalone will become a game worth buying and when significant updates will be made.

When asked by a Redditor in today’s Ask Me Anything thread, “How long untill [sic] you make Dayz SA “playable”? I mean, cars, base buildings, lots of weapons, etc.”, Dean replied with, “about six months.”

When a prospective player asked to be convinced to buy the game, Dean stated the following:

I would recommend you wait for at least a month. The price will not change, but the game will get better. It is a promising concept now, but it is not a good game.

In a month, watch some livestreams and look for good/bad reviews. Read both, make your own mind up, and choose to buy it if it really looks good.

I may be wrong here, but Dean’s statement suggests that a series of significant improvements will be made within a month’s time.¬†Version¬†0.31.114343 of DayZ is currently in the Steam Beta phase and will be pushed to a stable release later this week. In it contains shotguns, spraycans, berry picking, and a new settlement. Perhaps we’ll be seeing some more meaty content updates pushed out in the weeks ahead – enough so that Dean will change his stance on whether he would prefer you wait or buy the game now. If you have yet to buy the game, keep an eye out for future update news.

A few other interesting bits of information were given in his AMA, as well. I’ll list some of them off:

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