Dead Space Whispers

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There are many whispering voices in Dead Space. Pyramid Head has written some of them down. Please be aware that these may not be 100% accurate. Feel free to email us if you’ve got a correction for one of the whispers. Audio Credits to user “JFCalibur”

“Persistence may be labeled as obsession if you indulge and persist, you objectify the subject. Also be mindful of psychological rejection.” – This is obviously related to how Isaac is obsessed with Nicole , i THINK!

“After graduating, she took a security management position with CEC in their space vessel assembly plant.”
– Quite possibly refering to Jane Gaulthier , the PSEC officer on the first episode of the No Known Survivors minigame.

“Voice analysis of the audio log detects various indicators of positive communication and physical behavior.”
– No idea.

“Genealogy and background report complete, sources verified, subject Gauthier Jane.”
– Well…..duh?

“Her Grandfather manages the shuttle convoy and Gauthier’s grandmother cooks in the east wing cafeteria.”
– Gauthier’s paternal grandparents reside in the populous zones in North Carolina.

“A desire for social interaction, physical contact, affection or support may lead you to make poor judgments of decisions in multiple areas.”
– Probably related to Isaac.

“Please review the following information to increase chances of Survival”

“Hear it, just relax”

“Jane Cothia”

“Search and Rescue”

Rebecca, sit down. I want to see you soon ‘Becca

“Yes Isaac”

Spanish: “El es un leyenda”

English: “It is a legend”

“Zero past the hour of el nino higher”

Spanish: “So yo zero ce-ce”

English: “Under I zero I say”

Literal: I am less than nothing (?)

Spanish: “El a me son espapacial”

English: “A is to me ship”

Literal: This is my ship.

Unknown 1

Unknown 2

Spanish: “Son espapacial falca no que hora”

English: “They are spatial ferry not that hour”

Literal: The ships are not here yet (?)

Spanish: “En es soy afear a vasica la”

English: “In is I am to disfigure the idle”

Literal: Disfigure the dead. (remove their limbs?)

Spanish: “Son espapacial falca no que hora”

English: “They are spatial ferry not that hour”

Literal: The ships are not here yet (?)

Spanish: “De su ya dos *moseous* espacial”

English “Of its already two __(unknown)____ship”

(not Spanish)

English: “You’re not going this way”

Spanish: “Valentia permite”

English: “Bravery it allows”

Literal: I must be brave. (Give me strength. )

Spanish: “En emaciacion y ya”

English: “In emaciation and already”

Literal: I can’t go on.

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  • socceryo3

    The Spanish parts are literally terrible. They are not complete sentences, many are spelled wrong, and the “literal” translations are based on practically nonsensical Spanish sentences so they don’t make much sense themselves. Such as the one that says “So yo zero ce-ce”. “So” is not a Spanish word. “Yo” means “I”, “zero” means “zero”, and “ce-ce” doesn’t make any sense unless it means the letters CC. Nowhere in there are the words “under” or “say.” At all.

  • Dean Smith

    the first one is not ”…indulge and persist, you objectify….” it is ”indulge impulses to objectify…”


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