Dead Space 3 logo revealed, all but confirmed

Early this morning, a screenshot and a logo have surfaced from the upcoming Dead Space 3. I can hardly contain my excitement! It looks like the rumors of Isaac’s newest venture taking him to an ice planet are true. We most likely won’t have to wait to much longer for the Dead Space bomb to hit once E3 starts in just a little over a week!


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  • I can’t wait!!!
    this is how Resident Evil 6 should be…real survival horror

    • Silent Evil

      Didn’t the Dead Space developers state that the third game would be more action oriented ala the recent RE games?

      • Link_sow

        No, they said that they will introduce more moves, that’ all.

        • Guest

          It’s rumored to have co-op though. Co-op will most likely introduce action if u ask me…

  • Hopefully this comes out around the same time RE6 does. I hope anyway. I doubt it.

  • Link_sow

    Go Isaac, show them who rules over Horror!

  • I hope the coop is optional

  • Elyssa

    Very nice, I can’t wait 🙂


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