Could the Silent Hill series be going back in time?

Posted on the Silent Hill Facebook page was this perplexing question: “What time period of Silent Hill’s history would you like to experience in the next Silent Hill title?”

While this is far from what I’d consider a confirmation, game developers and publishers often use Facebook to gauge how fans feel about their games. Could Konami be looking into setting a future Silent Hill title in a different time period than modern times? Silent Hill: Past Life took the series to year 1867, but that was as a comic. Is there a chance that the series will be going back into time to explain just how the town or cult started? Or is this simply some Facebook fun on Konami’s part?

After Downpour, Book of Memories is the only other Silent Hill title that has been announced. There has been very little info on that game; for all we know, it could be set in a different time period. We’ll just have to wait and see about this interesting question.


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  • xTSoCx

    Just a theory, but maybe the Book of Memories is an artifact of the town that has a recorded town history, an maybe the otherworld will be of the different time period while the misty world is the current time?

  • Book of Memories is also confirmed to be the first Co-Op Multiplayer Silent Hill. I’m not flipping out about this. I have come to except the changes that have been done to Resident Evil and other games, its how they grow. We will always have Silent Hill 2 and for that lets continue the series with open hearts and open minds. I enjoyed Origins and Shattered Memories a lot.

    I :LOVED: (emphasis on it) LOVED Silent Hill Past Life comics. It brought this feeling back of old Silent Hill and yet felt completely new. I like the language and racism at the time. Also the art is gorgeous. Menton3 is amazing. Anyway, a game based on that time would be epic!!! And those African tribal spirits looked wicked. I would also like a modern Silent Hill too but we’re being promised that for Downpour since we are exploring the modern technologic driven side of the town. Oh well let’s see where they take us.

  • dumb konami

    -Image isn’t real

    -Really but I’m stupid enough to think that image is real

    -Don’t explode then

    -ok, i shit and piss your head instead.

  • connah

    …thats John marston with harry masons face plastered onto him

  • The excerpt for the article was a message to diehard Silent Hill fans who freak out over any changes to the series.

  • thedoorsdk

    I’ve actually been thinking about this for a couple of months; something set in an alternate timeline could easily maintain the feel of the series while offering a fresh storytelling perspective. The most interesting example I could think of would focus on a Civil War vet.
    I’d also like to see a game that includes multiple time periods. You play as several protagonists in different time periods, and as you progress through the game you start to realize that all the characters stories tie into each other. Admittedly this would eschew the series’ exploration elements a tad, but that could easily be worked around in a satisfying and original way.

  • I really wish that they don’t go to a time when we have to live with those ancient looking people of the 17th century with those scary moustaches but I truly want an adventure that explores the very beginning of Silent Hill mysteries in a smart way.

    Let’s say we start in modern times yet we have lots of playable and / or non-playable flashbacks in the times of The Little Baroness ship for example or the time of the outbreak or the mysterious “accidental” deaths of the people who worked there.


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