Check out Until Dawn’s first-person PS3 prototype version


Until Dawn was a surprise hit for me. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to grab me like it did, and for it to make me fall in love with the tried and true “kids stuck in the middle of the woods being pursued by a killer” concept all over again. Well, it succeeded in telling that story, because of developer Supermassive Games’ decision to flip that story concept on its head.

Originally announced at Gamescom 2012 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive first-person title that would work with the PlayStation Move peripheral, Until Dawn went through quite a long time of development. From its first-person, motion-based roots to the game we ended up getting last year, Until Dawn went through many changes before it released as a PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Check out the video below for some pretty interesting insight into the development of the game, specifically its initial first-person PS3 prototype.

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  • MathewW

    That’s awesome, Until Dawn’s version of Resident Evil 1.5 (Unreleased and completely different)

  • Henrikm

    Always liked these kind of horror games no matter if they are finished or not. Similar too finished games fatal frame,Siren and alan wake..and until dawn itself
    Leave room for suspense,exploration and cool enviorments.

    Such things is easily missed if one goes in gun blazing.

  • John Ruth

    Andrew is really one kind of a YouTuber. The money he is making with his Patreon is invested in his research and all these Prototypes. I really like his content, will watch this video later. There is a slight hope he may get his hands on a canceled Resident Evil Game.


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