Castlevania producer hopes Konami will reboot the Silent Hill series

In an interview with Siliconera, Mercury Steam producer Dave Cox spoke of his desire to see Konami give the Silent Hill series the reboot treatment, much like they did with his studio’s take on Castlevania. Funny enough, Cox and Mercury Steam were actually on my list of developers that I’d like to see handle the next entry in the series. His following response was the result of him once again expressing his interest Konami revisiting Contra, and Siliconera asking him what other Konami series he believes could use a reboot.

“I guess Silent Hill would be the obvious one. Sometimes a series needs a little break. Sometimes it needs to have fresh eyes, a new team to come in and bring their creative vision to it. Perhaps, Silent Hill will be a project Konami that can bring back,” Cox told Siliconera. “It’s not something that I would be particularly interested in doing myself. I’m more of an old school guy. I grew up with Castlevania and Contra is what made want to work at Konami at the end of the day. They are my passions. I’d like to see Konami do some new stuff, bring something new to the table. I think next generation offers great opportunities to do new things.”

While this does not imply anything about the state of the Silent Hill series, it’s nice to see that a developer that work closely with Konami shares the sentiment that the Silent Hill series deserves be given a fighting chance. A reboot, one that is fully supported and believed in by the company would be fantastic.

My biggest issue with the latter Silent Hill titles is the sense that Konami really just doesn’t have much faith in them–they turn them out with limited promotion and in an unfinished state. A self fulfilling prophecy of failure. A proper reboot with the right resources could be successful if Konami just believed in it. Maybe Hideo Kojima should have a hand in the next game. At then we’ll know that the game will get the resources that it needs from Konami.  Only time will tell with what will come of this series.

[Source, Via Bloody Disgusting]

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  • YES. The dripping of sub-par Silent Hills Post SH4 has only muddied the waters. There is no way something that fits into the overall story of SH as it currently stands will ever compete with the classics. They’ll just be pale imitations. If they try to change the gameplay too much it would feel wrong too.

    They’d be much better off starting from scratch IMO, and that’s from a massive Silent Hill fan. Someone at Konami should speak to someone at Frictional too. Amnesia devs + Silent Hill + Clean slate + a good budget = amazing sounding.

    • drachehexe

      I don’t want the Amnesia devs touching the Silent Hill franchise…I don’t think they have the right style and talent to pull off a Silent Hill worthy game.

      • I wouldn’t expect them to make SH /like/ Amnesia, and obviously they’d need a bigger team. They’ve only made a couple of games, and Team Silent hadn’t done anything like SH before SH either.. But there are lots of small studios I’d like to see work on SH, tbh.

        Ideally there’d be a good Japanese team who want to do it, but I don’t really see that happening.

        And Talent? Frictional would likely do a better job of Silent Hill than Vatra or Climax did… Or whoever made Book of Memories.. Or the guys who made Silent Hill Revelations (hahahah).. SH needs fresh blood and ideas.

        There hasn’t been a “Silent Hill worthy” game, or piece of material in a VERY long time, but it hasn’t stopped them releasing them to diminishing returns, slowly killing the franchise.

        • Nick

          Downpour wasn’t that bad to be honest best one compared to the past games (obviously not the 1-4)

    • luigiix

      That’s why Shattered Memories was so good, or refreshing at least.

  • Snow

    I don”t think this is such a good idea. SH is a peculiar title that needs concrete elements in order to work, to be SH. An argument could be made that, if there ever was a reboot, it would change too much, in which case it wouldn’t feel SH anymore, or change too little, in which case it would feel stale andor repetitive. Closest we’ve got to a reboot until now was Shattered Memories. Which, in a little way of it’s own, was a reboot. And as far as the game was enjoyable, it was too far removed from certain established elements to actually feel like a proper SH. I remember seeing opinions stating that the game was good, but it shouldn’t be titled SH. So, what the series needs imho is another really good entry, not necessarily a reboot, that would make use of all those best resources and attention available to Konami. Which, as stated in above article, Konami just wouldn’t use after SH4.

  • Henrikm

    It was a looong time I felt for a Silent Hill title.
    If they want too revive the series,I hope they do it entirly and do a big reboot.
    not just gameplaywise like Resident Evil did with 4-6.
    But plotwise etc too.
    I loved 1-3 even consider 4 as minor success even for all its faults.
    But the plot got stalled to usally about someone who got amnesia about he truly was or lying to himself,that we saw already in SH2.
    I want fresh plot and hopefully move away from the amnesia thingie.
    Silent hill need a full reboot.

    • Shdhdhdh

      Only two games dealt with amnesia. 2 and Homecoming.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    We need to go back to the past…. when Silent Hill as a place was born…. maybe playing as an native-american in XVI century?

    • Snow

      That’s an interesting idea. Although it’s hard for me to imagine how the town could look like back then. Maybe a forested area with huts and stuff? Something like the Blair Witch Project?

      • Wojciech Olczyk

        Well i was thinking more like in the beginning we see from Indians perspective and later in the game we encounter first colonists who starts to build theres huts and churches…

    • luigiix

      Took the words out of my mouth.

  • Fabian

    Silent hill has such a massive plot and history, I feel rebooting it would be a tragedy. What they should do is forget what they think is mainstream and what they think is popular because clearly it’s not working. Go back to the roots go back to the time of Harry Mason and James Sutherland. Hey some Japanese horror film writers or something. They tried to Americanized the game. Let’s face it American horror is not scary or believable. Its about gory scenes and action. I’m not saying it needs to be made by a Japanese team but that it needs to get its influence back from its Japanese horror roots

    • Shdhdhdh

      What Japanese horror roots? Demonic sacrifice, psychological repression, monsters and demons? The truth is, SH has very LITTLE connections with traditional religious/ghosty Japanese/Asian horror. Keep in mind that “Team” Silent we’re trying to make games of (gasp) American horror.

      I’m ticked off, not by you, but by the sheer amount of racist gamers who insist the Japanese must develop the next game. Haha. Like ethnicity has to do with it. An American group can make a game just as good as any Asian one. Resident Evil 4 was developed by a Japanese team, look how non-Japanese that game is.

  • luigiix

    I don’t think it needs a reboot. I think they need to bring back the original team and continue with the numbered (original) series. We could think of the subtitled games as spin-offs or alternate versions or whatever. We need Silent Hill 5 made by Team Silent, or a japanese team at least. Some naive folk will insist that we don’t need japanese devs, but that’s not true. Silent Hill lore and setting are heavily influenced by japanese culture, that’s what made it feel so unique.

    • Shdhdhdh

      Read what I typed in above. Silent Hill has very little ties to traditional Japanese horror culture. Compare movies like Ju-On, Noroi: The Curse, and even Ringu to Silent Hill. Those films are very, very heavily steeped into perfect Japanese/Asian culture and horror.

      Now compare films like Rosemary’s Baby, Jacobs Latter, and the Twin Peaks series to Silent Hill. Woah, not a coincidence. Naive fans ignore that “Team” Silent (which was actually just a variable group of many different people) was inspired by WESTERN culture and WESTERN horror and wanted a game that would sell in WESTERN markets.

      The “Japanese” roots in Silent Hill are romanticized and exaggerated at best. Sure, they were developed in Japan, but that’s about it. Like I said, Resident Evil 4 was exclusively Japanese. Look how non-Japanese that game is.

      • luigiix

        And look how generic and bland the non-japanese games turned out. Sure SH is influenced by American horror, but it is still a japanese game by it’s core. What i meant by “heavily influenced” was that japs have a very unique way to make games, for different aspects, little details. They have a more subtle way to handle lore, art direction, and overall presentation. They also tend to be more vague and surreal when it comes to horror, aspects that have become signature for SH. They know better how to handle dreadfulness and dark themes. Most western devs only throw gore and some cheap scares in there.

        • Daisy

          >>>”And look how generic and bland the non-japanese games turned out.”

          Right. I’m sure that *really* has to do with the ethnicity of those involved.

          >>>”What i meant by “heavily influenced” was that japs have a very unique
          way to make games, for different aspects, little details. They have a
          more subtle way to handle lore, art direction, and overall presentation.
          They also tend to be more vague and surreal when it comes to horror,
          aspects that have become signature for SH. ”

          “They”, “they”, and “they” again. An additional point for “tend”. You lend no merit to a developer’s skill. There are thousands of talented Western developers who have published many excellent games.

          Vague and surreal horror is present in a lot of Japanese media, but it’s also present in a lot of Western and American media as well.

          >>> “They know better how to
          handle dreadfulness and dark themes.”

          I could see how one might trace surreal/vague horror to Japanese culture, but “dreadfulness” and “dark themes?” Hah. ANY good writer can handle dreadfulness and dark themes. Look what Frictional has showed us.

          I don’t understand why you place endless wishes on the talent of individuals who live on Asian-Pacific islands.

          • luigiix

            Ok, first of, it’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it. Secondly, no one’s talking about talent, this is about cultural difference in development. Of course there are talented devs on both sides, but the way they make games and the standards are very different, especially with horror games. I mean, i know i’m not the only one who can see that. I guess one has to have played many games to understand. So it’s ok if you don’t, i won’t condemn people who enjoy newr SH games, but i will stand by my opinion that the quality is just not the same. Usually i don’t give a crap about ethnicity for most games, but for SH i do. Also, I’m not against the idea of western devs handling it, i loved Shattered Memories, and Origins was a good one too, both made by Climax, but they still weren’t exactly the same for the most part. I think my grudge is more against Konami themselves for not having consistency. That shows how much they care about the series.

    • Shdhdhdh

      Also, I find your claim of SH lore being heavy in Japanese culture to be unchecked. Silent Hill myths is heavy in theories of parallel worlds, psychology, and pagan and Native American traditions. The first game was especially focused on a cheesy stereotypical Satanist cult.

  • Shdhdhdh

    Silent Hill does NOT need to be rebooted. I scoff at that idea. Each entry in the series post-Origins has had alternate gameplay dynamics, atmosphere, and story. It’s a self contained universe. All it needs is someone who can make a good game IN that self sufficient universe. Look how different Homecoming is from Downpour.

    If developers stated SH2 was a reboot, no one would argue. That’s just how dynamic and variable each entry in the series can be.

    What we need is a winning, continuous formula that can span several games, much like how the gameplay of the first three games were similar.

  • zamardii12

    Hideo Kojima working on a Silent Hill game? I don’t think so… would end up with too many cut-scenes.

  • AttilioCarotenuto

    That would be great, Silent Hill is still one of my favourite series and it would definitely deserve a better treatment


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