Bill from The Last Of Us voted one of GLAAD’s most intriguing new LGBT characters

Representation within gaming has been an ongoing discussion the past year in gaming with regards to minority characters. There have been steps taken in the right direction though with games like Remember Me, Gone Home, and even the major blockbuster title The Last Of Us.

It’s not often that a major publication like GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) recognizes a character from a videogame. This year however on their “Most interesting LGBT characters” list the rough survivalist Bill from The Last Of Us made the cut.

What I particularly found admirable about how  Naughty Dog handled Bill’s character was they never made his sexuality a focal point. It wasn’t a defining moment in the story, it was just like–this character is gay and it wasn’t a big deal. Naughty Dog didn’t flaunt it as a “oh look how progressive we are and how deep dis here story is.”


  • CJ Melendez

    Understated and depicted as just another person. Good.

  • Thomas

    Finally a gay caracters that actually looks and acts like a real person…….

  • drachehexe

    Eh, GLAAD claiming some kind of victory ove rthis is just stupid. Change a line or there and he’s staright, or bisexual, or into beastiality or even an alien from Venus.

    “OMG a non-sterotyped homosexual in an video game! We have to shine a spotlight on it and tell the world to validate us!”


    • Levito

      On virtually every article you comment on, you post nothing but needless vitriol. Maybe your new years resolution should be to not present yourself as a miserable person.

      • drachehexe

        I am not miserable so mind your own fucking business.

        Just ask yourself why GLAAD felt the need to highlight a character from the smallest of digital media audience (video gamers) to pat someone on the back for making a non sterotyped character.

    • Casper Bronmans

      Actually, I think that’s a good thing and the most progressive way to go about it. By simply admitting that a character is gay and not making much of a point about it, you show that it’s just as normal as when saying “this character is an IT-guy”. I always hated how, in Persona 4, it tries to tell us “Kanji is gay and we accept that” when in reality is bases an entire sauna-themed level around him, gives him a lot of fabulous dialogue and constantly has other characters bring it up.

      I haven’t played The Last of Us, but this Bill looks to me like he has more characteristics than “just the gay guy”, so if he was instead transgender, into bestiality or an alien, then that would all be fine in my book, since he is more than just that.

      • drachehexe

        That’s part of my point, if the characters sexuality is a non-factor in the progression of the game and his sexuality isn’t an “in your face look we have a gay guy here” then why does GLAAD deem it necessary to get in your face about it? They are claiming a gay rights victory for something they did’t do.

        • VariousCakes

          Its worth making a point because gay characters depicted in this way are extremely rare (basically non-existent) in video games.

          As for them “shoving it in your face” well that is clearly part of their Big Gay Agenda. I recommend playing The Last Of Us and thinking clean thoughts about Joel. You can even skip the bit with Bill!

    • Thomas

      i find it sad that there´s alwasy someone who feels that they need to go for the negative on anything……..
      I actually feel sorry for you but then again that´s just the kind of person i am…….

      • drachehexe

        Are you fucking serious? A fucking white knight…aww…I’m miserable and the fucking hero feels sory for me? I ain’t miserable you self righteous asshole so fuck off a sshut your god damn mouth on shit you have no fucking clue about. Sorry your self esteem is so low you have to mak eme look bad to make you feel better baout yourself.

        An organization that mainly exists for protection and equality of gay peple does itself no service by patting Naughty Dog on the back and say “Good job on you gay character.” It’s extremely self indulgent and further basicaly says to the world “See, this is the way to do it so everyone else get cracking, we want to see good token gay characters by the end of 2014 in EVERYTHING or you just suck.”

    • luigiix

      All i read from you is “this game is bad because it has zombies in it (oh and it sucks even more because i can’t play it on my beloved PC!)”

      Good arguments.

      • drachehexe

        Never said the game was bad. I am sick of zobies yes, if anyting the devs are bad because they are racists and only made it for the PS3.

        Not having had played teh game I can’t say whether I’d like it or not and I did, in the game of the year post, say I’d take their word for it.

        And I find it interesting so many attack me for being “negative” when you don’t even read and think at all about what I actually said. Fucking trolls are what you are.

  • Xander

    Bill was gay?

    • luigiix

      I didn’t noticed either until i read this. Makes sense, especially after the scene when Ellie is looking that weird magazine she stole from him.

  • Thomas

    okay could soneone who knows drachehexe please give this person a great big hug. I express my concern and get attacked for it……..

    Sad really sad…….

  • ariessiren

    Naughty dog handled it very classy. Best developer this Gen

  • Fabian

    You didn’t notice when Ellie was flipping through the pages of the magazine she stole from Bill that is was a gay magazine? I always got the feeling that one guy he was so worried about then hurt when you gave him the letter was his ex or something. I was really glad that they put Bill in the game. His sexuality was subtle and not all in your face, in the least. It was mentioned with a hilarious moment then the game carried on. Bill was a bit…overwhelming with the paranoia but he was a total bad ass.

  • Jameel Aboulhosn

    No $%^& mostly because his character wasn’t gay or bi. They literally never said that in the game at any point nor was it in any “lost diaries” nor implied in his “relationship” with the other dude.