Ashen Rift is Greenlit, Kickstarter still needs your support!

We first brought you news about Ashen Rift back in March.  The game, currently in development, is a first-person action-adventure title, set ten years after the Earth comes under the influence of a mysterious portal, the Rift.  The Rift turns the (relatively) peaceful life on Earth into an ashen wasteland filled with monsters, both of the otherworldly and human variety.  It’s up to the man and his dog Bounder to disable the Rift, and hold on to what little of earth they have left.

The game has been Greenlit on Steam, now it’s a matter of getting it funded!  The initial Kickstarter goal fell through back in April, but it’s back to try again!

The primary game play surrounds how you react with Bounder.  Bounder can act as a pack mule, light source, item finder, enemy alert and attack dog.  Despite all of his usefulness, he is still vulnerable.  Don’t let him die; he’s your bud.

So far, the Kickstarter for Ashen Rift has raised $25,352 of it’s $85,000 goal.  It’d be criminal if this one fell through the cracks, because it looks and sounds awesome.  And there’s a dog in it.

You can check out the game’s website,  Kickstarter page, or their Facebook and Twitter pages, throw them a like and spread the word!


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  • TheAcidSkull

    Okay, but is anyone going to mention that Last Year was successfully funded?

  • Demi

    Its an FPS, sadly. But the dog has potential, lets see if it ends up being a cool gameplay element like in Haunting Ground, or maybe being the main plot character like in Rule Of Rose.


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