An H.P. Lovecraft game focused on loneliness: TRIHAYWBFRFYH


So many games and movies that claim H.P. Lovecraft as an inspiration only go so far as to use his uniquely described monsters as just another thing for you to shoot with your big blam-blam gun. The alienating feelings of diminished self-purpose, the unfathomable concepts so foreign that our minds can’t even comprehend them, the sheer loneliness that comes with these realizations of insignificance…they’re all pushed to the wayside to make ooh tentacle beast so scary.

This is exactly what The Rapture is Here and You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home gets right. Coming from Connor Sherlock is a small (twenty minutes or so) experience well worth your time. All you need to know is that you start off in a field, and there’s suddenly a hole in the sky. Is this the end? Maybe. I can already see this being described as pretentious drivel, but I felt particularly moved by sights and sounds. Oh, the sounds.

I’m going to go be a teenager and write fancy things about exactly where the game touched my heart. It’ll be up in a couple of days and we’ll talk all about it. It’ll be a gas! A soul-crushing, lonely gas. Pick up the game at gamejolt.


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