All three Silent Hill games dated

Konami has just announced the release date for all three upcoming Silent Hill titles: Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the Silent Hill HD Collection, and Silent Hill: Downpour.

The Silent Hill HD Collection will be releasing on January 24th; Silent Hill: Book of Memories will release a month later in February; Lastly, Silent Hill: Downpour the next entry in the series will release this March.

Back to back months of Silent Hill. I was not expecting Silent Hill: Downpour to sit out for so long, but that can only mean good things. I’m also glad the HD Collection will be releasing first. I can’t wait to play through that.So, what do you all think of three Silent Hill games at the start of next year?

Check out the gallery below for some new screenshots of Book of Memories–which now seems to be a launch title for the Playstation Vita.

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  • 46n2

    It’s really dumb that a game we just found out about (Book of Memories) is releasing before a game we’ve known about for well over a year.

  • thedoorsdk

    Well, looks like I’ll be broke the first three months of the year; I’ll be getting all 3 (and, of course, a Vita).
    I’m actually pretty excited for Book of Memories; I’m a big fan of action-rpg’s, and it at least seems to be approaching that style, if not fully embracing it.

  • Smiley

    Looks like the fans will be happy. Can’t complain though I’ll hold out on Book of Memories until I can afford a Vita.

  • samswopes

    Looking good so far!

  • Bob

    if Book of memories is coming out so soon…where is our damn trailer? All we have is vague story info and some screens of the mailman and fat cancers.

  • Silent-Hal

    Definitely getting the HD collection and Downpour. Book of Memories can sod off. My two favourite things in a Silent Hill game are the horror and story and a multiplayer focused action-RPG is almost certain to have neither. Do not want.

  • mike

    no one cares about book of memories. just bring on the HD collection and downpour!! cant wait.


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