Alice: Madness Returns DLC outfits outed

Alice: Madness Returns just released today, and already downloadable costume are here. Six new costumes have been revealed for the bad acid trip simulator.

The Hattress, Late but Lucky, Fleshmaiden, Cheshire, Checkmate, and Caterpillar costumes are available starting today. The costumes, along with weapon upgrades, are all available in the ‘Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack’ pack for $2 (160MSP). Not too shabby. I would have expected $2 per costume. This seems like a good buy for fans of the game.

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  • Fethennour

    2 bucks for the pack ? Man, that’s pretty unusual. Just like CJ Melendez, I would have expected 2 bucks for each one of the dresses. I guess I’ll buy it as soon as I get my copy of the game. Thanks for the news.

  • BzyxXx

    But it will available on PC version to buy it like addon? Or only in Collection version?


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