Alice Catches Fire in first Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Poster

The long running saga that is the Resident Evil film franchise is coming to an end. What once began as a fairly faithful and decent standalone horror film (with an awesome score by Marilyn Manson) turned into a series of films more ridiculous than the last. The sixth film in the series, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is gearing up for release on January 27, 2017, and as such, the marketing beast is in motion.

The first poster for the film has released, showing the series’ hero Alice take a heroic (and oddly casual) combat pose. The poster is also shamelessly aping the Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster. Ring of fire: check. Similar font choice and placement: check. You can’t even fault the film for this. It’s not like it’s promising to be anything more than cheesy incomprehensible action. A short clip released last week made me laugh already; the explosion sound effect used was extreme stock, and I recall hearing it in Far Cry Instincts.

As the finale in the series, it appears that this film will continue to pit Alice against the Red Queen AI. The story is said to “come full circle” as Alice and friends head to where it all began: the Spencer mansion and The Hive. Alice is also working with stocky-Wesker, who we last saw sitting in the White House Oval Office most hilariously.

I honestly forgot most of what happened in Retribution (it was just so bad), but I’ll probably go see this film just to end this chapter in my life. It must be done. I still love you, though, Milla.


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  • Chris Hawk

    Oh god…this again? The movies are just terrible. Absolutely none of the movies make any sense. I can’t even count the amount of plotholes these movies have. At least this is the last one. The poster looks like something from the early 2000’s but even worse.

    • Ben Reilly

      Agreed. I can at least say that most of the posters from the other movies looked okay, this one is just boring and shit. Why is the “R” backwards? Lol, makes as much sense as anything else in this series, I guess.

      • Chris Hawk

        Backwards and pointy is super fucking edgy ,brah.

  • MathewW

    Keen to watch this really. Big RE fan and was initially disappointed by the film adaptions. Feels like a guilty pleasure that I kinda like them, I just don’t think of them as RE films and more of an interpretation.
    The two and upcoming third CGI RE films are the actual films IMO

  • Whitney Chavis

    It’s just sad how much they copied the HG marketing XD

    • Ben Reilly

      Which is really weird since the RE film series has been popular on its own up to this point, while the Hunger Games kinda fizzled out with the last couple movies. Oh well.

  • D Brooks

    Love the movies, will be sad to see them end, I love Milla so I hope she will keep on starring on movies!


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