A Routine update

The highly-anticipated indie first-person horror game (is there any other type anymore?) Routine has been mostly kept in the dark. The fantastically 80s-inspired sci-fi visuals, the permadeath mechanics, the Oculus Rift support…all seem great, and yet we still know so little of the project.

Well, that ends now! Game Informer spoke with artist and designer Aaron Foster and came away with a great deal of new info. Most of it is about the inspirations behind the visuals and sound (I feel like they’re going to nail the sound design), but some new gameplay details have materialized. The play mechanics are mostly going to deal with the Cosmonaut Assistance Tool, or CAT. It can only hold two batteries, and it is integral to both navigation and self-defense. If you use that last shot, you may have a hard time opening that next door. I like the sound of the extra risk! I’m going to be thinking extra hard about taking another shot.

Sounds like the environments won’t be procedurally generated as previously thought. Rather, the item placement and enemy paths will be different upon each playthrough, and there will be multiple endings to keep you entertained. Foster is even being coy about a maaaaaaybe trip down to the surface of the moon!

Though it’s been a long wait, 2014 is just around the corner and it sounds like this is going to be worth it. I feel it in my space-bones.


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