2017 Resident Evil CG Film Officially Titled “Resident Evil: Vendetta”, Has Motorcycle

I’ve really loved the direct-to-DVD Resident Evil films. Actually being canon to the game universe, and staring the same voice actors from the games, they’ve been very fun and true-er to the spirit of the games than the Paul Anderson live-action franchises.

The latest film in the series, announced last year as starring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, has been officially titled Resident Evil: Vendetta. It has also been announced to showcase a motorcycle. The motorcycle, which will be joining Leon for an “action packed climax”, is Ducati’s XDiavel. This clear marketing deal seems like an odd stunt for Resident Evil’s CG films of all things, and it’s making me a little worried overall for the tone of the film. The other two, while not being particularly horror oriented (they really are action films at their hearts), never seemed to quite reach a level where a marketing deal with a motorcycle company was backing the action. I don’t know, I’m just having visions of the bike’s logo going slo-mo across the screen, and escaping explosions unharmed. We’ll see.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is still at least a year away, releasing in 2017, presumably to DVD and Bluray like the previous films.


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  • Shane

    Just go more skillfull bike rider then Dante and I’m cool with it. Isn’t the director of the Grudge and composer of Ghost in the Shell attached to this? I think they are aiming for a more traditional horror movie with Vendetta but only time will tell. For the record I enjoyed the other CG movies, especially Degeneration and it’s inclusion of my favorite virus.

  • MassDistraction

    I was half hoping for a teaser but hey, a new image is fine too.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    I Expect Teaser or Trailer during Comic Con 2016 or TGS 2016

  • Tvirus Getz

    his hair is fucking annoying at this point

  • Andy

    I loved Degeneration more than Damnation because it was kinda like a sequel to RE2. But Damnation was ok and some really good parts like the lickers and the tyrants. But I hope this has more characters from the games than just some made up characters just for the movies. It’s good Rebecca and Chris are in it but they should really take a break with Leon or unless this leads up to RE7 in some way.

  • NoticeMePls

    I just hope this is gonna be horror… To make it feel different ,because Degeneration and Damnation have too much action (like the games 5,6 -_-)

  • KePaZzzi

    I loved the RE CG films! I just hope they bring in the old characters from the old films like Angela and Buddy, as well as from the old games, too, than just creating more characters then forgetting about them. 🙂
    I also hope they get Anna Tsuchiya for the song credits. I loved the songs in Degeneration and Damnation.. And I think (and hope) that Capcom would also advertise RE 7 during the credits like what they did in Damnation for RE6.


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