PAX East Interview: The Last of Us w/ Arne Meyer

Among my previews at PAX East, The Last of Us stood out as one of my favorites. This bleak game by Naughty Dog is looking to be one of the last hurrahs in the PlayStation 3 lineup. The Last of Us doesn’t look like a game to miss. If you haven’t already read my preview, you should go do that!

After my demo I spoke to Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Arne Meyer. Watch the full interview below!

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  • zackfurniss

    CJ, I just want to say that it’s been extremely encouraging to watch you and all the other contributors of the site become what you are now. I remember just lurking on this site when it was still relatively obscure. You’ve come a long ways from only speculating on games, and to see you with a mic in hand, sharing real interview footage, and even simply having the website’s moniker on the corner of the footage is inspiring. You’ll keep growing, I know this, and I wish you all the success that you’re working towards. Keep it up!

    • That Guy


    • This comment really made my day. Thanks so much. I’ve been writing online since I was 17, and I’m happy to be able to provide more content and of higher quality if and when I can. I have a lot of fun with it and hope the readers do too 🙂

      • zackfurniss

        And that is why you will continue to impress and amass a fanbase. You are a real face and your passion is palpable. I am at a crossroads-of-sorts, trying to figure out what I want to make my career. The fact that you keep working at it and are seeing results is inspiring to me. It’s even making me consider attempting to follow in your footsteps with game journalism. I apologize that this comes out of nowhere and may seem uncomfortable, but I really want the Internet to be seen as a friendly place where we can all support eachother. Keep kicking ass.

        • No, thank you! I hope you find what you love. It’s not easy being at that time period in life. Everyone could use the support.

          • zackfurniss

            That’s me. Brightening the Internet with support one comment at a time.

    • You! Are the reason I love the internet! ^3^

  • +1 also for me 😉


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