reHorror: Why Resident Evil Revelations 2 should star Claire

Today brought forth a refreshing rumor for Resident Evil fans. Said rumor included a leaked promotional image for Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which indicated that the game, if legit, will be landing on the Nintendo 3DS on December 3rd of this year. Yeah, this year. This is all just a rumor for now, of course, but it’s fun to speculate!

This may sound quite silly, but just hear me out. It’s a comparison I just have to make. I think, if real, Capcom will be taking a Pokémon-like approach with Revelations 2 as far as color schemes go. Think about it. The original Revelations’ main color was a Jill-inspired blue, and by the looks of this leaked promotional image, Revelations 2 will utilize a red color scheme. Resident Evil Aqua Blue and now Resident Evil Blood Red!

In all seriousness, though, the color could indicate something much more important: the return of Claire Redfield.

Remember that rumor from a while ago regarding Resident Evil: Downfall for the Nintendo 3DS? Coupled with that, we also got a rumor that mentioned a bundle coming out exclusively for the handheld, compiling Downfall with the two CG films, Degeneration and Damnation. That didn’t happen, but never say never. Downfall could very well be something coming to fruition, or more specifically: a game with Claire in the lead role.

Ms. I-don’t-know-if-I-could-punch-boulders-like-my-brother has been out of the spotlight for far too long. It’s time to change that, Capcom. A potential sequel to the excellent Revelations could do that, a sequel which is very likely due to producer Masachika Kawata’s willingness and interest in developing one (as expressed to IGN). It’ll keep the trend of not only superbly blending horror with survival action, but also starring one of the series beloved heroines. As much as I love Jill (and trust me, I LOVE her), it’s time to hand the torch to Claire for this outing.

As for the game’s actual story, it would make sense to have it be another title that bridges the gap between two main numbered entries. Naturally, this time it should take place between the events of Resident Evils 5 and 6. After Chris’ war on bioterror in Africa, Claire could be caught in another outbreak scenario. But this time, it’s more contained and not exactly on the scope of the previous games, so the BSAA or DSO aren’t brought in, due to its secrecy. It should be more in line with the original game and its iconic mansion. The original Revelations had an entire ship, this rumored sequel should follow that up with another memorable and eerie locale. While I would love to see the sequel focus more on the horror aspects, I wouldn’t mind playing through some action-oriented segments, and these could even come in the form of flashbacks.

The action-packed chapters in the game could have Claire remembering certain parts of her past and her experience with BOWs. So, these segments can include set-piece moments from Resident Evil 2, CODE: Veronica and Degeneration. I can see it working, and it’ll serve the story well by building up Claire’s character even more for the player, which is needed since the newer fans of the series today are accustomed to seeing Chris and Leon taking lead roles, and Jill, as far as the female leads go. This will also have Capcom brutally teasing us with bits of what could’ve been a full-blown Resident Evil 2 remake!

And, of course, just like the original Revelations had its twists and turns, the sequel should do the same, and continue to stay true to this sub-series’ title. By the end of this game players should find out exactly why Claire isn’t present during the events of Resident Evil 6. Maybe some big tragic revelation dawned on her, leaving her emotionally and mentally unable to continue the fight against bioterror. Maybe the big revelation here has to do with Steve. Perhaps the main setting of the game could be a creature-filled lab, with traditional traps and puzzles, with a reanimated Steve waiting for Claire at the heart of the complex. It’s just a theory, but I think the relationship between Claire and Steve is a story thread that could be revisited, and it could definitely bring about a strong emotional connection to Claire from players.

What do you guys think? Do you think we’ll be seeing a sequel to Revelations? Would you want to see a sequel? If so, do you agree that it’s time for Claire to make her glorious return? Let me know in the comments below! Also, feel free to follow my daily craziness on Facebook and ask me about anything Resident Evil (or anything really)!

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  • Xander

    Also, it could have zombies

  • Terri Amanda Moon

    She need’s to come back I totally agree, and while I’m with you on that I think the Steve thing is a thread they may never use again…as for story we know from the CGI movie that she is TOTALLY active in the fight at those points so a smaller secret contained out break really could come about quiet easy just like in the movie. Maybe have the game focus on the Terra save group as well I’d really like to know what they do, I’m sure its more then just picketing airports and the like.

  • Liam Mountain

    Claire needs another main game she is an awesome character and her voice actress Alyson court is amazing , and because she doesn’t work for bsaa she wont have access to loads of weapons so they could make this game a lot more survival , finding weapons on dead soldiers or something.

  • Macca

    I am a huge Resident Evil fan and love the first 4 games but they have just got worse and worse. I haven’t even completed revelations yet, i should do but I have lost all faith. I feel the steve aspect would be a good story to follow though.

    First time commenting here, been using this site for a long time. Great site.

    Btw, res1-3 are on offer on PSN!

  • sumire

    This was posted on Capcom Unity general resident evil forum yesterday:

    No ideia if true or not.

  • katarokinimoto

    I’m still holding out for Claire to have been busy saving Steve during RE6. She had to of been pretty far removed since Chris never worries about her. Come to think of it he didn’t worry about her in 5 either, even when Wesker was about to destroy the world with her in it… I hope Capcom hasn’t written Claire off like they did in Degeneration.

  • Grif

    I’m pretty sure that every time a new RE game comes out, someone goes on about how Claire should be in the next one. It’s pretty much a universal constant.

    Also: lol horror and survival in revelations

    just lol

  • SecretX

    all i want is a good Story from capcom.

  • Brady White

    Don’t get me wrong I love Claire, and would flop on the floor like a fish if she was in a new RE game… But I’m just going to ask a simple question… If this game was coming out on December the 3rd, surely we would had a trailer or something by now!

    (I mean it’s Capcom, whenever a game has about 6 months until it comes out they basically upload the last 30 minutes to youtube! XD)

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    Rebecca Chambers AND Zombies…

  • Id love this, but personally id love a new outbreak instead. Outbreak turns 10 this December. They need to pull their heads out of there *** and do what the fans want for once. 😛

  • xNick1718x .

    Agreed with all points about bringing Claire back, except for the Steve part. He doesn’t need to be brought back imo and like Barry Burton and Rebecca he’s better off left in the past.

  • Panzadolphin56

    Tbh I didn’t really like Steve much, but I’d love to see Claire come back and get her own Revelations game. Hope this leaked stuff turns out to be real and Claire is in it, oh and that they don’t do to her face what they did to Jill’s *shudders*

  • jack

    Yes.. its time for claire to come back… Jill has been overused. They really should of brought her back in 6 as Leons partner. Claire has only been in two Resident Evil games (2, CV). Underrated character.

  • Lily

    I wish Claire and Steve would come back! Claire’s been only in two games, and Steve’s destiny is hidden. I want to know what happened to them!

  • Craig Wallace

    I think the December 3rd could be the trailer release..and if the 2014 image is real then that will be the year its released. It would be good having Claire back but maybe the red is for Barry Burton? The characters I want back are Rebecca and Billy Coen , no love really since zero and it was one of the best games!

  • Kaneshea

    I think they should bring back all the “abandoned” characters. Billy Coen, Rebecca Chambers, The Outbreak cast, Berry Burton, Bruce McGrovern. All the ones that survived and at the same time disappeared in thin air. They get one job and their done. Well, I guess it’s good we got Sherry Birkin back. That’s a plus. Startin to make progress.

  • mitsuhoney

    I think a Revelations 2 with Claire would be great! We really do need her to return to this series! I dont think they would bring anything back in relation to Steve (look at how in RE5 and RE6 Chris has failed to mention his sister during that entire time!) I think if they add Claire and maybe another “gone for too long” character (looking at you Rebecca, Billy and Carlos!) would be a great addition to the game…I would have said Barry too but in my opinion, he is such a dull character. As long as they spare the incredible amount of cheesy lines like how they had in Revelations and the ridiculously annoying characters (Keith and Quint) I think it could be quite a great game. As for the setting? Since Revelations had an eerie haunted ship how about Claire’s story taking place in an abandoned asylum somewhere in the south of Asia? That would be so cool! 🙂

  • Oscar

    What about Billy Coen?

  • Leon Kennedy


  • Jack Danielson

    Claire Redfield is long overdue to star in her own RE game. She’s one of my favorite characters and deserves to have some of the spotlight that Leon and her big bro always seem to get. It feels like she hasn’t been in an RE game in forever, but remember there was a time when Leon was on the sidelines and it didn’t seem like he would be starring in an RE title ever (this was during the time that Nemesis and Code Veronica were out). Then RE4 came along and he’s been active ever since. Maybe with Revelations 2, Claire will finally step back onto the scene and will be featured regularly in future titles.

  • Dionn Runk

    Be nice but, with how re is directed to xbox freaking gta cod fans . An not true re fans. We wont get a good re game again. After, revolation 1 on 3ds . (Xbox users still claim 3ds was a port ) :/

    An the wonderfull voice acting in darkside chronicles. That capcom calls a what if game. An ruined claire in revolation 2. An ditched alyson kourt as claire #=_=


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