What do you want from Resident Evil 6?

Well, it’s here. We finally have confirmation that the sixth main entry in the Resident Evil franchise is coming (well, it’s actually Resident Evil 17, not counting ports and the remake, but who’s counting?).

Resident Evil 5, while not being a bad game by any stretch, left kind of a sour taste in a lot of RE fans’ mouths, and more than a few of you are contemplating giving up on the series altogether because of it. Resident Evil 6 is looking to get back those fans that may have left after RE5, and it’s looking to bring back some long-lost elements back into the main series, too.

The game’s debut trailer showcased a lot of content, and has left our site, and many others, buzzing with exciting rumors and interesting theories. So, the main question is: what are you hoping for from this new entry? What do you want in the game? What is it about Resident Evil that was so thoroughly missing from the last numbered entry? I’ve written down a couple of key points that I think RE6 is going to have to cover if it wants to get the fans’ collective attention back.

 Once again entering the world of survival horror

It’s been a long time since any of the Resident Evil games could truly be described as horror anything. While fun shoot-em ups like the two Chronicles games and Vin Diesel-style action games like RE5 and The Mercenaries 3D are undoubtedly a blast to play, none of those games have really captured what it is that got Resident Evil popular in the first place: horror.

RE always took a very different approach to horror than some of its contemporaries, namely the one other big name in the horror game marketplace, Silent Hill. Resident Evil never really did much with psychological horror like Silent Hill constantly does, and instead focused more on visceral horror, for instance: William Birkin, and his mutated form, G.

Resident Evil 2 had its fair share of jump fright moments, from a giant claw ripping through the roof of the tram you’re riding in. Blowing a zombie clean in half with your shotgun, only to have his upper half come crawling after you. Leaving Mr. X behind, breathing a sigh of relief as you run down a hallway, only to have him come crashing through the wall right in front of you. But not all of RE’s horror has been about stuff like that.

Take into account REmake, or RE4, which derive a lot of their horror from ambiance, something that was severally lacking in RE5’s overblown, yet somehow under-detailed environments. The original Resident Evils weren’t able to wow the player with enormous 3D environments, or gargantuan exploding set pieces, and had to make do with what they had in the limited scope of the static camera angles. Specks of dust, floating in the moonlight shining through a window or the music-less sounds of the woods, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, and the occasional howl of one of the hideous, infected dogs. Flickering light from a candle or a fluorescent bulb may seem a bit clichéd, but it worked.

A big part of Resident Evil 4’s fear factor was the fact that, well, we entered it with a blank slate. Resident Evil had, by that time, well established its entourage of scares and freaks. Sure, everyone still loved the rotting, shambling messes that came trudging after us in dark hallways, and the giant, sexless soldiers that seemed to come in endless waves, but RE4 threw all of that out the window.

I distinctly remember my first play-through of Resident Evil 4, and immediately feeling off-balance. From the spooky music, to the ever upping ante (“Oh, crap! These guys are throwing stuff at me! Oh CRAP! They’re climbing ladders, breaking down doors, using chainsaws, what’s next!?” I remember playing with a friend late at night, and him asking me if the Ganado used guns or not, and me replying “No, they don’t seem to. Thank god for that, I don’t know what I’d do-” And that’s when the Ganado with the mounted turret popped out of the floor in the castle.)

Resident Evil 5 made the mistake of copying RE4’s formula down to a T. It wasn’t just the over-the-shoulder aiming; it was the story flow and environments (Start in a village, move to a themed area- Castle for RE4, African ruins for RE5- and end in a military lab complex). The fear of the unknown was gone, and I felt like I was just doing a step and repeat of the previous entry. Capcom needs to re-instill that fear of the unknown, and the creepy ambiance and level of detail to the environments the classic games had.


 What do you mean, “classic enemies”?

Resident Evil 5 had a lot of rumors circling about it before it was even released, one of which was that it would be bringing back classic RE enemies. We got some Lickers and a couple of zombies that did little more than try to hug you. Now, the fear of the unknown and all that can still work, even with older enemies, as we’ve never fought them like this before. Auto-aiming on a Mr. X isn’t the same as having to strategically aim for his weak points as he comes barreling down on you.

We’ll get to see what fighting classic enemies is like with the new game play style in the coming months with the squad-based shooter “Operation Raccoon City”, but think of what a huge impact it would make to suddenly have a Tyrant drop into a game without expecting it! Think of the U-8 boss fight, from just slightly after RE5’s mid-point. Think of how insane that fight WOULD have been if say… one of the holding tanks that’s dumping bodies down the elevator shaft instead dropped a Tyrant or two on the turn-table.

The generally static U-8 is one of the easier boss fights in the game, not to mention the least interesting, but throwing the increadibly fast, and very mobile Tyrants into the mix could have made that fight a lot more desperate, and frightening. To be prepared for some random, BS RE5 enemy, only to be faced with one of the original series’ most iconic creatures would have really brought that game up on its feet, instead of giving us a couple of lickers, which I’d honestly had my fill of after seeing them in half the movies and killing about a million of them in the previous year’s “Umbrella Chronicles”.

 Less linear… everything

Resident Evil has a lot of back-tracking. It’s part of what the series is. Or was. You start in a sort of central hub (RE’s Mansion main hall, RE2’s R.P.D. Main hall, or RE3’s Central Street tram) and branch out, looking for various pieces to various puzzles. There’s a lot of “there’s a carving of a shield” stuff on doors in the old games, and sometimes it could be two, three hours into the game before you finally got the right key and head back. But RE5 totally abandoned that, and even made back-tracking impossible. Even RE4 had a certain amount of running around looking for things, but 5 kept it as “THIS DOOR IS LOCKED. THE KEY IS… I dunno, over there somewhere. Under the mat. I don’t care.”

 “It looks like there’s an order to these pictures”…

Resident Evil is a very puzzle heavy series. Whether it’s pushing buttons under paintings, figuring out how to correctly filter water through the treatment machines or linking pretty lights on a board to turn on an underground factory’s power, RE always had lots of puzzles. Some of them where easy (Pushing statues over vents), some of them where mind-bendingly hard (the previously mentioned water treatment puzzle, which randomly generates and doesn’t inform you that you are supposed to be doing the puzzle upside down). But they where a big part of the games. And one slip up, and poison gas could fill the room, or adders could drop from the ceiling!

Resident Evil 5 had one puzzle, and that was the light-laser puzzle, which takes about 8 seconds to solve, has a very easily memorized combination. We need classic puzzles back, with greater risks than “you might get hit by a magical laser that will send you back to your last checkpoint 30 seconds ago”.

 The second malformation of G

Music has always been a big part of Resident Evil, with easily recognizable themes like the aforementioned second malformation of G (which is by and large the overall theme for Resident Evil 2) or “Music Box” from Code: Veronica (which is essentially that game’s theme as well), and creepy ambient pieces like Resident Evil 0’s “Training Main Hall” theme or Resident Evil 4’s “A Strange Pasture.” Resident Evil 5 did the intense action music very well, with Wesker’s theme dominating the show, but the game totally forgot about ambient music.

That creepy sound of being watched that the older games captured , and the sorrowful, peaceful save themes of previous games offering up a respite from the action were unfortunately missing. But due to the fact that safe rooms had been totally eliminated, and the in-between chapters theme didn’t really cut it. Music helps tell a story, and RE5’s score helped tell an action story. RE6 has to get back to the spooky music, the kind of creepy sound that kept players to afraid to open that door, but propelled them foreword never the less. Actually, listening to the Resident Evil 0 soundtrack as I write this is really making me want to go play 0 again xD

 You can save your game with this. Will you use an ink ribbon?

I already discussed this on the podcast, but I really do think that RE6 needs to get back to a save point system over a checkpoint system. RE5’s save-every-time-you-do-anything system released almost all of the tension from anything the player was doing.  Games like Dead Space and Silent Hill still use traditional save-station systems, why not Resident Evil?

Dead Space 2 really proved how integral a save-station system really was. Towards the later sections of the game I was in such a desperate need of saving that I would end up back-tracking to get to a previous save station out of fear that the next save station would be crawling with enemies, and my RIG was so low I could only just barely see the little nub of red light at the bottom. Now, in Resident Evil 5, if I was hurting for health, I’d just leave the game (I just had a check point ten seconds ago) and return to the main menu, where I would go and buy a whole bunch of F. Aid Sprays from the weapons menu and then head back to game, problem solved.

It’s that sense of desperation that was really missing in 5. I truly think we need to get back to typewriters as the method of saving. Now, as far as ink ribbons are concerned… I don’t think we need those any more. Of course, if the game kept RE5’s item-box style of item storage, you could totally do it, but to go with a more RE4 style system but actually have to keep an ink ribbon on you to save might be a bit hard. Of course, if a Merchant where implemented instead of RE5’s system, and that Merchant had a storage system (a la Dead Space), then we might be talkin’. “What are you STORIN’ stranga?”


So, what do you think? What do you think RE6 needs to bring the series back after Resident Evil 5? Voice your opinion below!


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  • daniel Gasparini

    Honestly, I’ve grown to be okay with the action but if the game doesn’t try to scare me I will be pissed. This series was a horror series and it has changed so much in the last couple entries. The least they can do is deliver in the core they used to be known for….

    Also exploration would be nice again, linear paths are dull and mindless.

    • ax100g

      i wanna see the old school camera angles, save points, resi 2 style music with the sweetest graphics ever!!!!!!! i stoped playing resident evil after resi 3

  • I’d like a mysterious merchant 🙂

  • DJ

    I would love to see the typewriter return but I would like the flow between the chapters be more like Dead Space where it just had chapter whatever number pops up in the lower corner. I didn’t like when RE 4 introduced breaks where u could save between each section that was something Devil May Cry was doing just find with and I feel it broke up the pacing of RE.

    I would love for RE 6 to be a little more gory having heads explode with a direct hit will never get old but like Rourke mentioned I miss the days where a upper torso would still be crawling across the floor to bite at my ankles.

  • DarkOmnios

    These are great things to return to RE games, but let be honest the best thing about RE6 looks like its gona be Leon arc, because Chris and unknown char arcs looked bad, i mean bad in a way that RE is never gona be the tradicional survival horror again. Not tank controls, or fixed camera angles, not this but they should take the best of past RE games…. and capcom really should learn a thing or two (in this case learn a LOT) from producers like Visceral Games or Japan Studio, they show that survival horror games can have evolution.

    I really hope that Chris and unknown char arcs are not all action and none horror, but i dont think that capcom will change a lot of RE5, this situation looks like Square-enix with FFXIII-2, i mean sure they change a bit, but the damage is already done with XIII and in the end FFXIII-2 is a mediocre FF. RE6 looks like a right step for the series, but i dont believe Capcom will change a lot of the game after the money they made with RE5, hope im wrong.

  • more horror but im fine with the trailer looks awesome

  • Slayerlover17

    I really just want Jill or even more: Claire, I am so sick of Leon and Chris, ugh 🙁

  • Resguy

    I really want Leon and/or Chris to not be the main characters… Damn I guess I said that too late…

  • Ben May

    I don’t mind the action, but the series began as a horror series and I’d never played anything like the original Resident Evil before (though of course, I am aware of the original Alone in the Dark). Resident Evil felt like a real eye-opener to me all those years ago, who up until then hadn’t really played anything more complicated than Sonic the Hedgehog.

    While Resident Evil 5 still had a bit of horror, it was almost squashed out of existence by the almost endless action. Resident Evil 4 started off reasonably creepy, but it gradually ebbed away and seldom came back once the action had taken over. So what I’m saying is, by all means keep some action set-pieces in there, but Resident Evil became the success it is due to the horror it began with. Resident Evil 5 being the best-selling game in the series makes it completely unrealistic to expect the action to be removed, but the series was made famous for the horror, whether it be the visceral horror of decapitating an enemy and watching part of it continue living, or the foreboding horror of exploring an isolated mansion with little ammo and only the howling of the wind and the distant sounds of unnatural movement for company.

    So keep the action, but make the horror front and centre, it was what made the series famous.

    I too, prefer save-points to checkpoints, though I don’t think it would be a very good idea to bring back ink ribbons or any such equivalent. They were annoying even back in the day. So I definitely think they should bring back the save-points with type-writers (and the restful save-room music), but I wouldn’t want them to also limit the amount of times the player can save by re-introducing ink ribbons.

    As for the ‘over-the-shoulder vs fixed camera’ argument, well I say, why not do both? Let the player press the BACK / SELECT button to toggle between camera methods. Give the player the choice and everyone’s a winner! Games like Dead Space and seemingly Resident Evil Revelations have shown us that scary survival horror works just as well with an over-the-shoulder view, while Resident Evil 3 Nemesis has already shown us that action games can also work well with a fixed camera. So, yeah, let the player choose. The controls might have to swap over slightly for each method, but as long as this is made clear, then surely any halfwit can quickly learn to master both control-methods and camera-view styles. I loved being able to choose the camera view for the first portion of the Lost in Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5. Indeed, that piece of DLC was the best part of that game.

    I think that Resident Evil 4 got the linearity-quotient about right. I liked the fact that you could backtrack and that it was worth doing so from time-to-time, if only to pick up more items in a slightly different version of that old location. Returning to the village at night in Resident Evil 4 was a great touch. Resident Evil 4 was great at allowing players to revisit old locations while still moving the player forwards, without making them feel as though they were always being pushed, as was the case in Resident Evil 5.

    This is a personal one for me, but I really hope they drop the real-time inventory. It may have been more realistic, but it was also more annoying than fun. Even if they stick with the 3×3 inventory grid, then at least have the game pause while the player is using it. Or, again, give the player the choice a simple menu option REAL-TIME MENU ON / OFF would surely be the best way to please everybody.

    The same goes for QTEs. I hate them myself, but I understand why other people might like them, so again, give the player the choice of whether or not to have QTEs. Just another menu option QTEs ON / OFF.

    Bring back the merchant! Preferably the one from Resident Evil 4 – because he was great! But if not, then at least include some way of buying, selling, tuning-up and yes, perhaps storing weapons and items which is actually in the game world, rather than some non-descript ‘shop-screen’.

    Anything else? Hmm, oh yes, bring back yellow herbs to increase the player’s maximum health. That was a great addition, but also re-introduce poison-curing blue herbs, and some poisonous nasties give the player cause to have to use them.

    If there absolutely HAS to be an A.I. controlled partner, make sure they aren’t a living nightmare to have to deal with. I loved co-op in Resident Evil 5, but I was pretty unhappy that it caused so many problems for the single-player campaign, which is what should always be the primary focus – at least in the numbered Resident Evil games.

    My favourite game in the series is the remake of the original Resident Evil. Classic gameplay, awesome audio and visuals!

  • SilverFF

    I hope RE6 brings back the scenarios like RE2. Example Leon A and Chris B or vice versa. Along with that to place items in different areas to make the second game play more interesting and intense. More puzzles and back tracking too! Bring in the classic type writer piano music too when it comes to saving. Give us fans that Eerie Zombie Moan in the background that makes us not want to turn a corner in the hallway and the Clicking of a nearby Licker! Bring us new Tyrants that stalk us by appearing out of nowhere. I think I speak for everyone for what I’m about to say……In this new RE6 game coming up If Barry,Claire,Hunk,Sherry,Jill,Billy,Rebecca,(Steve??), Sheva,Carlos, and Ashley are not in this game(Even if they don’t get a speaking dialogue) please give us an Epilogue of what they have been up at the end credits like they did with RE3.

  • Ben May

    Oh, and bring back puzzles!

  • I think it would be cool if they did this:

    1. Coop – They add split points, scarce ammo, scarce health, some “damn, should you take the gun?” moments.

    2. Horror – They need to add stalkers like Tyrants that follow you around and MUST get rid of if you want them to stop following you. This would be great for the Split Points and maybe a “Damn, I should of brought the f****** shotgun with me! Now I run!”

    3. Music – Like Rourke said, music sets the mood! If you are walking around and the music is slow piano creepy music and you suddenly here a big “DUN!” on the piano you’d most likely be looking around scared of what might be coming after you. Kind of what Lost In Nightmares did when you were in the dungeon when you’d suddenly hear the music pick up fast you know something was after you but you didn’t know from where (in your first play through)

    4. Setting – In Leon’s story you kill the president so might be taking place in the white house, maybe? But once you go further in the trailer you see Leon walking in a creepy hallway, then train station, then woods. So, that is a good sign for the sense of “Horror” we all want + miss.

    Here’s how I think it should go down when you start the game: You and your partner find the president infected (after all the cutscenes and whatever Capcom wants to start the story with.) and Leon & Helena obviously weren’t expecting it so they weren’t prepared, meaning no guns, so, I don’t know how but the door SOMEHOW locks, you have to look for a gun, or two, in order to kill him. You are looking around with Ashley’s dad following you around trying to eat you (No health). Until suddenly, you find his hidden gun (or two) with three bullets and you have to make precise to the head to kill him faster than the torso shots and it goes on from there. All in all, I want fucking horror!

  • Judging from what Capcom did with the “Lost in Nightmares” DLC, its perfectly possible to merge action sequences with ambient, back-tracking, horror sections. What Capcom seems to be doing is saying, “Hey, you want horror too? Ok, we have Leon’s scenario for horror and Chris’ scenario for action. Problem solved!” A commendable approach, but I’m not entirely sure feels right. There needs to be some integration, not just separating two games within a game that have elements of both. Of course, it they’re trying to acquire COD fans, I guess they have no other choice. Hopefully, both stories will have their fair share of action and horror interspersed within them.
    The weapon system of RE5 puzzled me (no pun intended), as did the save-system. In RE4, you had a Merchant that upgraded your weapons and you bought them from him in real time. RE5 just had… weapons existing is some kind of alternate reality. RE has always felt like you were stuck in a situation and things made sense in time. You can’t just, “Wow, I suck today. I’ll just restart from my last checkpoint.” It loses the survival; you separate yourself from the game. I say, bring back ambience – detailed environments. Let me savor the details of the pictures on the walls, the items on the desk, and let me ponder where that bloodstain came from (Chris’?). Let there be running around and backtracking – if I have to run across a city with a crank to open a door in RE3, why can’t I race across a village to deposit a fuse in a door? You could maintain the action or horror in either case. And puzzles – similarly, make the puzzles challenging, but not like RE0’s upside down monstrosity. Clearly, there needs to be some balance. Keep the weapon system and saving system in real time – hell, give me a merchant and a typewriter if you have to (though RE: Revelations weapon bench upgrade system seems a pleasant fit, and I think the skill tree of RE: Mercenaries 3D worked well) anything to keep weapon upgrades and the panic of saving in the timeline of the game. Capcom needs to recapture that sense of, “I need to survive this!”
    That being said, I’m hoping to see the other characters touched upon. Whatever happened to Barry, Rebecca, Sherry, Carlos, Sheva, Ashley, HUNK – even Manuela, Bruce, Fong Ling, Ark, and the survivors from Outbreak? There are so many characters in the series that can be touched upon, even given their own games. Stop introducing new characters! I mean, wouldn’t it be kick-ass to play as some grizzled old grumpy Barry blasting his way through B.O.W.s? Explain to me where these people are and what they’re doing. If Rebecca is a school nurse in Guam, hooray for her! Now I have closure.
    So far, RE6 seems to be tying the action and horror together (hopefully not as separate games within a game) and seems to be pumping up the story line. I’m praying it will be something the game industry has never seen before, a whole new genre of “Dramatic Horror”.
    I want to have nightmares, Capcom. I want to have panic attacks at work over where my next box of handgun bullets will be. I want to be able to aim at a zombie’s leg and lob it off or pop him in the eye socket at will. I want to mess up a puzzle 16 times before I solve it. I my Resident Evil back!

  • c

    My list:

    1. No more behind the back. Or at least an option to switch to Operation raccoon city style cam.

    2. Claire needs to be in it.

    3. No co-op. The co-op takes out the scare. They said it themselves when they cancelled the original Resident evil online way before the ps2 RE online (outbreak) was announced. Having another person ruins it.

    4. No chapters. I want to explore the area and come back to the areas. Like RE1,2 and 3.

    5. No uroboros, las plagas. I want T and G virus back.

    6. More ashley AND sherry.

    7. A secret mode to play the RE 1.5 game. 🙂

  • c

    Whoops need to add a few:

    8. No merchant or “store”. I want to find the items my self and save ammo.

    9. No more f`n money. I want no store either. I want to find them myself like said.

    10. Type writers and ink ribbins need to return.

    11. Raccoon City Ruins should be explorable.


    13. After this game, remake RE2 FOR PS3 AND 360 AND WII. NO MORE NINTENDO EXCLUSIVES!

  • Sehro

    save point system isnt an option in Online co-op,as long as RE6 will play like RE5 when it comes to co-op a checkpoint system is a must and same goes for the Inventory system , so its safe to say that RE6 will be like RE5 with imporvment on the horror and maybe they will add scanning system like in Revelations and bring back backtracking (Revelations have that also).

  • nemesis91286

    Well at this point hoping that it will have a decent story since it should be interest to actually see Leon and Chris meeting up for the first time ever in a Resident Evil game.

  • julian

    I NEED JILL VALENTINE TO BE IN THIS GAME NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!! If there is no Jill idk if I can enjoy such a game. JILL IS EVERYTHING!

  • Bring back the scares

    What RE 6 needs is the horror factor back plain and simple. RE 0 through 4 were great games in my opinion. They had the intriguing story lines that all RE gamers looked forward to and had grown to love (don’t get me wrong RE 5 had a good storyline as well). However the gameplay was far superior even with the crappy graphics on first gen consoles. Just the dark lighting, low ammunition, and knowing that if you die before you get to a type writer your going to be throwing your controller in rage just to pick it up and try again was scary enough. After i played 5 i was disappointed and thought maybe i was just getting older and maybe just maybe the original RE’s weren’t actually scary so i went back and did a play through of 2 and 3. I was wrong they still made me jump and a little scared to be honest and times, because my character was alone in a dark room or going through raccoon city and something jumping out at me. What was the single scariest moment in re 5? Can you name yours because i can’t, but its strange i can name multiple moments that scared me from previous titles. If re 6 goes towards a shooter game don’t get me wrong ill still play it…..but I’m not going to buy it, hello red box. I already have call of duty mw3 so I’m set on intense shooters for the rest of the year lol. And its sad bc since i have seen the announcement for re6 i have been scouring the message boards hoping to find out if it would go back to the good ol’ days or continue with the shit they called resident evil 5. Seems like all of the TRUE re fans want the horror back so why is capcom not listening??? obviously they already have their mind made up with how the game is going to pan out so there really isn’t any changing their minds. So high hopes for re 7 if 6 doesn’t tank bc of a capcom monumental error. Im tired of babbling ill wait for another trailer to make a further analysis.

  • Kris

    What I don’t want:

    1) A boat sequence where you have to fight a big mutated fish monster re4, re5,
    2) A chase sequence where you have to shoot moving enemies while your on a moving vehicle or boat.
    3) Bosses with yellow/orange areas on its body to indicate where you should shoot re5
    4) Corny characters. that little guy from re4, Irving re5. Alexis/Alfred re:CV. They just ruin the atmosphere and make the whole scenario a joke. Wesker is borderline corny with his world domination crap.

    What I want:
    1)Bosses that require strategy rather than shoot the yellow area
    2)Limb shooting like Dead Space
    3)Permanent melee button like Dead Space
    4)I think it would be interesting if a main character died. It would add more seriousness to the situation and making us believe that Jill, Chris, Leon and co. are not invincible to every BOW or virus present. Not one main character that’s playable in the series ever died I don’t think when I say MAIN Chris, Jill, Leon, Clair. Steve doesn’t count.
    5) T-virus, T-veronica virus, G-virus, T-abyss virus all in one boss and see what happens
    6)A secret ending after the credits leading to or at least hinting to RE7
    7) invisible enemy mode, tofu mode, mercenaries, One dangerous zombie mode, Assignment Ada 2, Alternate costumes to make Chris look like leon and leon to look like chris. Thats all.
    8) Lastly every main character has had some spot light recently whether in a game or cgi movie EXCEPT Rebecca and Billy!!!! Where the hell are they?

  • Estelvea

    Horror would be welcome. But to go back to cloning the original games? No. That would be a true step backwards. You can’t tell a decent story, like RE5 did, with the pace of the originals games. Not with the same sense of urgencies, leastways.

    That being said, if they were to provide a classic RE experience again, don’t put it in the numbered titles. A spin-off would be better suited. Perhaps Tall Oaks might provide an opportunity to provide new ‘survivor stories’, offering not only classic gameplay, but an integral part of what made RE as scary as it did in the past; an unprepared hero.

    Also, on another note, I’ll re-port this, on how the flack RE5 is completely unjustified and why it is one of the best in the series:

    “Before I start, I’d just like to add that I am a HUGE RE buff. Have been since RE2 on the N64 (didn’t own a PS1, but bought the REmake to experience the first game). I’ve owned every single title in the series, including the HD re-releases and Chronicles games. I say this because, whenever I support RE’s more ‘actiony-direction’ I get shot down in flames as not a ‘true fan’.

    But I am. I continue to replay them to this day, there’s something so timeless and enduring about the gameplay that makes me never grow tired of them. RE5 does not deserve the flack it receives, though. It’s one of the best in the series.

    Story has always been RE’s strongest point. After it shook the cheese and typical ‘Evil Company Archetype’, it became incredibly mature and DEEP. The lore is almost overwhelming. But to understand it all and make sense of everything, you must’ve played them all. Most people who attack RE’s story, hasn’t played every game or read the files.

    RE5, stellar gameplay aside, excelled in this area. It put to bed Wesker’s huge story arc. It even revealed the long pondered question as to where the Progenitor Virus came from; the Stairway to the Sun flowers. Gave exposition as to how it was cultivated and much more. But even the basic, surface plot of the game was superb. Over-the-top? Maybe. But it was a spectacular drama, with cinematics to give Final Fantasy a run for its money. How can these ‘fans’ honestly think that story could’ve been told with the slow-paced gameplay of the originals? And especially with the same sense of urgency?

    RE6 looks to take Umbrella’s legacy and the series entire story to the next level, perhaps put in motion the end of the world? I mean, each numbered installment is getting bigger and bigger in scale. They don’t rest on their laurels, Capcom. They don’t repeat the same kind of story. I doubt they’ll save the world in RE6 and have terrorists attack again in RE7 (only for the world to be saved again).

    Then there’s the(boulder-punching, dudebro biceps aside) characters. RE has always had believable, realistic characters. RE5 breathed life and personality into Chris, so much so that aside from his sister, Claire, is my favourite character now.

    This is something RE6 already wants to fix, character-wise. Leon. Sure, RE4 injected personality into him. But was his constant wise-cracks believable, considering his situation? No. Leon seems far more distressed in the RE6 trailer, much like he did in RE: Degeneration, albeit a little less drab.

    But I’m rambling. As you might’ve guessed, I’m rather passionate about the RE franchise. Some might just say I’m a blind fanboy, but story has always been the most important aspect to RE, and the new style of gameplay has broadened Capcom’s story-telling possibilities. And as much as I adore the older style of play, fixed camera-angles, puzzles and all, to go back to that would be a huge mistake.”

  • kman

    what i dont want is them to escape by airplane. but im not gonna complain, at least its another resident evil game. I would like re6 to explain what happened to some of the characters that we havent seen in a while….ill even take an epilogue like they did at the end of re3

  • kman

    i would like them explain what happened to the other resident evil characters like billy, rebecca or even Kevin (the cop from re outbreak). i would even take an epilogue like they did at the end of re3

  • i wan’t to see more B.O.W experiments, no more new type of virus and i want the old ones back. bringing back old forgotten characters and notes that talk about BOW.

  • Ricardo

    It needs to have 20 hours length like resi4

  • Henrik

    All I really want is horror.

    Some might debate that RE never was that scary to begin with.

    But it had that horror feel atleast.Undead,dark mansion/City outbreaks etc something on could see in Night of the living dead or Dawn of the dead.

    Scary for me. But never felt the same about RE4/RE5.

    So I dont care how gameplay is aslong as its try to scare the shit out of me.

    That is pretty much it.

    One more thing maybe.

    Weapons while understand finding them is not a option anymore seeing as Chris and Leon is part of larger group I guess they are supplied in between missions.

    But do you guys remember when RE5 was in the talk,we would have more envoirmental stuff.

    I could see Chris pick up a chair or something to fling at a close Zombie.
    Know it seems they can take cover and all flinging a chair against a foe would be easy.

    maybe a 3rd thing I hope RE6 stands out more from its 2 predecessor.

    Was very disappointed in RE5 mainly half of what said to be in it as content and gameplay.
    which made it stand out more from RE4 was cut out.

    It turned out to be more of a copy of 4 only.

    Somethings seems to be already returning(IF NOT CAPCOM SCRAP IT AGAIN)
    like the infection of Leon(But seems its Chris instead) and Hallucination/Dehydration thingie might be in hopefully.

    But want more of that stuff.

  • Elyssa

    Two things from the above list that are a must for me…

    1) The horror. RE5 was fun in my opinion, but was it scary? Not really whatsoever. I want to get so scared I’ll be jumping up & screaming.

    2) I totally agree with the save systems (hopefully typewriters!) because the checkpoint system is too damn easy.

    The more ambient music as you said would be nice, but if they mixed the more action-y type music with the ambient & went back & forth with it, I wouldn’t mind so much.

  • James

    – Continued improvement on game play
    – Improvement in story direction
    – After math plan for Wesker if you won’t bring back your leading series character or give a proper finale rather than one that was won by default
    – Stop introducing new characters, focus on current ones, remove old ones in order to improve the story
    – Make different parties, not just the good guys and a random pissed off bad guys who die at the end of the game guaranteed

    Really though, I’d like them to bring back Wesker. If you’re going to kill him, do it right. Bring him back scarred, disfigured, damaged from the fight. Doesn’t have to play a major role, just have him mentioned in the end of the game that he survived. Meanwhile, start introducing new enemies with new objectives so we have various enemies.

  • James

    Edit Last Post

    Sorry forgot RE6 was in 2008 and RE5 in 2009. If that is the case, focus on just new enemies, kill off some of these good ones. Personally, I kinda would like Billy, Carlos, and a few others killed here so they can focus on Leon, Chris, Claire, Jill, Rebecca, and Barry.

    Evolve the story, stop making it in favor of the good guys all the time.

  • qasim

    well heres what i think …Capcom we already have call of duty battlefield and left 4 dead if we want to play shooters or action games …the reason we play resident evil because no matter how clunky the controls were how cheesy the dialogues were the game still kept u on the edge ..
    Saving bullets …finding rooms with type writers to save before anything attacks and kill us… limited capacity to store stuff …rather then smashing pots and finding bullets and herbs ..what is this prince of persia…please and for God’s sake drop the co-op bullshit …i dont want an annoying AI bumping into me every now and then ..it takes the whole fun of being alone …
    If we look back older resident evil games thrown the protagonists into situation they have never encountered before..
    RE1 …STARS force took refuge in a mansion only to find bizarre stuff going on
    RE2 ….Rookie cop joining his first day on the job ..a sister looking for her brother caught up in a zombie outbreak ..

    up till RE4 even Re4 scared people…coz everything in that game was unexpected the enemies the locations the gameplay …

    Resident Evil was all about surviving it was never about amazing guns and acrobatic kicks and vehicle chases …

    and as mcuh i love cris and leon ..i would love to see some other characters like claire steve billy rebbeca ..i would’nt mind interesting new character.
    I have so man expectations from RE6 this time and i will pray to GOD they do not screw this time ..
    and one more thing is it just me or the graphics of the game dosent look as great as they should be …i am a CG artist myself and i know capcom had deliver some amazing stuff with the past resident evil’s in terms graphics and technology but this one doesnt really match the quality of visuals we have nowdays ..but i hope its the first trailer and we ll get to see more improved stuff coming our way …

  • charlie

    i want it so you can choose the blood color of the blood like in RE2

  • charlie

    more leon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alonzo

    Things i would love to see more of in RE6

    1) I would love to see even more freedom to roam, explore and back track environments

    2) Multiple scenario’s to the stories plot (not one directional)!

    3) I am a fan of RE5 players co-op its great ! the only criticism i have is players should have split points ! AND HAVE THE CHOICE to use team work or split up in order to solve puzzles and gather items quicker and should have its strengths and weaknesses …

    4) If you choose to play single player , you should have the choice to turn computer co-op off and still should fit fine with the stories scenario taking the direction and path of single player , like the older RE’s

    5) More Dark and twisted moments !

    6) RE’s scary soundtracks and spooky music should be incorporated to add to the darkness of the atmosphere that is missing in RE5

    7) bring back the survival horror experience

    8) bring back Puzzles

  • Things I want in RE6:

    Limited Ammo- Ok, lets face it. Re5 had wayyyy to much ammo! This is one of the things that kept it from being “Horror”. How can you have that “Oh shit! Im almost dead, theres 10 guys coming at me and i only have 8 pistols rounds left. -.-” When you find over 100 rounds in almost every room :/
    Like, yeah, there is alot of ammo later in RE4 but your a little stretched for it until you get to the castle. Now Re6, don’t be an ammo whore 🙂

    Bring Back horror: I Love Re5. Don’t get me wrong, i love the gameplay and story, but theres one major flaw. Its not scary. At least RE4 had some horror, especially in the village, and farm at the beggining of the game. But the only part that had me on edge AT ALL in RE5, was when you were in the mines and it was dark and had to carry around that damned lamp. But it still just wasn’t scary. I want to feel like im being overwhelmed and that i better start shooting! I don’t wanna be able to say “Oh look at that, theres 15 villagers there. Im just gonna blast them away with two shots from my overpowered shotgun!”

    Make it like RE4 in some ways: RE5’s saving, buying, selling, and upgrading systems were bullshit. So what, you finished killing this boss, and the chapters over. Now a ton of weapons and ammo just magically appear out of nowhere? No,no,no! I love the merchant! At least it made it a little more real haha, plus that guys just awesome!
    Bring back typewriters too! Being able to save just like anywhere is retarded. I don’t want to save, buy some stuff, then stumble upon a difficult boss, decide i want a rocket launcher to kill him, reload and buy one -.- You should have to work with what you got!

    All in all, dont mess up this game Capcom. You can keep the action, we like it, but bring back that “I’m screwed” feeling. BRING BACK THE HORROR

  • Chris Andrews-Blig

    I think Capcom have shown in Re4 & Re5 that they’ve practically got the action side of things nailed, but as a old school Resi fan that’s completed every game to date, I’d really love to see the difficult puzzles return. For example the spirit puzzle in Resi Zero where you had to light the torches representing each animal in the correct order. The water puzzle in Resi 3 although a little on the easy side is still far more challenging than anything in resi 4 & 5. I mean the Monkey puzzle was a joke for fans like myself that loved the challenging puzzles resi used to offer, and the laser puzzle in resi 5 takes the best part of 5 mins to figure out.

  • Glen

    RE Series needs to keep its “SURVIVAL HORROR” scenario. That is what the game is all about dating back to 1 , 2 ,3 (Probably the best 3 horror games I have ever played). 4 is where its started to change. Dont get me wrong i think 4 & 5 were great, they added a lot of action packed gameplay and i enjoyed them. But the sense of need to survive faded & i hope they pick it up in the next installment (fingers crossed) I remember resident evil being a scary horror game where the crappy cutscene to the door opening would keep you wondering whats behind it. Knowing you have fuck all ammo and you’d have to face the next room to progress it what made it such a great SURVIVAL game. And lastly HORROR is what we all want right???. The unknowing! Remember Res 2 when you enter the police station and there’s this awesome cut scene to that creepy LICKER on the roof! Fuck that was sweet. Bring back HORROR Capcom! the eery piano music, the save rooms. Fuck this purchase weapons shit! i want to find ammo & guns!

  • AikidoKid

    Who else thinks that the merchant from resident evil 4 should in the mercenaries mode I mean it’s time to see his skills after all he does dress like an assassin!?!?

  • Taylor Dean

    Once Again Entering the World of Survival Horror:

    I agree totally with the comparison of RE4 and RE5. 5 copies it to a T, as you said, and paid for it dearly. We need to be surprised. No more poor fucking villages, please, or industrial complexes of pipes and steam. I love the castles/mansions, RE can always go to, say, a University hub, or some kind of giant factory that’s a front for a laboratory.

    Classic Enemies:

    Was U-8 the crab you fought on the elevator platform? That was the only boss in the game I liked because it wasn’t in RE4. However, I disagree with dropping the two Tyrants onto the platform. That right there is an example of how ridiculous RE has become. The horror should come from your weak abilities (weak melee, low ammo, little health) and strong enemies. That fight was more like something out of Lost Planet because the boss was fuckin’ HUGE. At that point it feels more awesome and less, “Oh shit, where do I go, what do I do? One Tyrant alone should be a horrid boss, but two plus a giant crab? Not Resident Evil.

    Less Linear Everything:

    Yes, this I agree on. But in order to keep the newer fans, I don’t think we need backtracking to the same room 4 hours later because you now have the puzzle piece. I think a good Resident Evil game should consist of a few different hubs, similar to Dishonored. Each missions has 3-5 areas all interconnected, each one holding different risks/rewards. If the whole game is in a castle, shorter-minded fans will get lost after hours and just give up (which makes me think a hint system that veteran players can turn off would be quite handy).

    It Looks Like There’s An Order To These Pictures:

    This is also something that the new RE’s need to tread carefully with. Yes, we need puzzles to come back. And I mean puzzles, not get two pieces of a crest and put it in the door (seriously, what’s the trick there, a weight based lock? Okay, push down on the pressure plate and open the door, dumbass). Puzzles need to return, but in a certain way.

    I feel, with more exploration, difficult puzzles can be laced throughout the game yet optional to open areas full of supplies, sometimes, enemies, and background story information. A few (3 or 4) forced puzzles should halt the progress of the player(s) with a low to medium difficulty. This would please old fans and let the newer, faster playing fans get through the game and not be forced into everything.

    The Second Malformation of G & You Can Save Your Game With This. Will You Use An Ink Ribbon?

    The checkpoint and saving system needs some work, definitely. The old Resident Evil games would send you back to your last save when you died, so if you had no health, were near death, and knew you had to pass monsters to get into a save room, there was immediately tension.

    In the new RE’s, there are checkpoints every 30 seconds, completely eliminating frustration but also tension. The game needs a balance between. I suggest manual save resets when you die by standard enemies, but checkpoints at each boss and/or the more difficult than normal encounters and cheap death sections, such as traps and the like.


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