Silent Hill: Revelation trailer analysis

The Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer has finally arrived, so you know what that means! Time to do a frame-by-frame analysis of the trailer in order to find its little secrets. I have gone through the trailer in search of possible story clues, locations, monsters, etc. I also provide my own theories on what the film will be about and how scenes will play out. Hopefully you will find this analysis useful as it took a hefty chunk of my day.

While I did not like the Comic-Con clip all too much, I liked this trailer. It came off very campy. I’m not sure what the actual movie will be like but if the trailer is any indication, then it will be good visual fun just like the previous. As for the story and characters, I’m not too sure. I can see myself disliking Vincent a lot if he sticks to being a needless tag along character with annoying lines. Claudia may have a small role as well, which disappoints me. As for Heather, I think Adelaide is doing OK with the role. Some of the scenes came off a bit overly dramatic, but like I said, if the film is campy, that will be OK with me. Might as well have some fun with what I like rather than spending too much time complaining on what I don’t.

This is only just one trailer so there is much to left to my imagination. I look forward to seeing the full film once it releases on October 26, so that I can can fully and accurately judge it.




[00:14] The trailer wants to establish that Pyramid Head, pointy fan service man, is back. He seems to have gained a little weight.

[00:15] Here we have an establishing shot of the very same street from the first film. Nathan’s Drugs is the indicator of this.

[00:18] The trailer begins with showing the town’s evil in its current form: Dark Alessa. As Dark Alessa walks down a street of Silent Hill, she brings what appears to be an Otherworld transition. I’m less inclined to believe that it’s a normal transition, because it seems much more violent. Perhaps she is cleaning up the remaining survivors of the cult that burned Alessa.

I am not too sure when this scene is taking place, but I believe it to be during the events of Revelation. How and why there are still survivors in the town is something I’m not sure of, but I’m thinking that these people are survivors of the cult seen in the first film (their clothes seem to be about the right type).




[00:21] Heather (or Sharon as her father calls her in private) awakens from a dream. While the prior scene to this one could have been from anywhere in the movie and not actually a dream sequence, I think it is actually from her dream, and not an editing thing. I feel that it would be an appropriate scene of Dark Alessa calling to Heather through her dreams which is what was done in the first film. As for what Dark Alessa wants, that is hard to place a finger on.

I’m sure a lot of people are glad that Heather didn’t scream “Silent Hill!” in her sleep.

[00:23] Here Christopher comforts his daughter after her nightmare. This scene brings about theory. Here it goes:

In the first film Dark Alessa tries to call to Sharon by making her sleepwalk off of a clif. If Rose and Christopher did not stop her, she would have died. Dark Alessa wanted her to die in order to achieve something.

Dark Alessa shows no interest in Sharon up until the end of the film, but clearly does not get what she wants because Revelation continues the story. Perhaps something limited her. Rose’s love? Her Godliness in Alessa’s nightmare? “Mother is God in the eyes of a child.” Dahlia said at the end of the first film.

God can not be beaten…yet. Hence the reason why Rose is still in Silent Hill. She could only protect her child. Perhaps she even sacrificed herself for Sharon’s soul.

Six years have passed, and Dark Alessa needs Sharon to come back in order to achieve her goal. Perhaps she is looking for a way to bring herself into the real world? Does she need the daughter of the girl whom she had corrupted as a way out?

If Dark Alessa controlled The Otherworld, she didn’t really hinder her efforts to kill Rose up until Rose made it to the hospital. From there, she used Rose to achieve what she promised to Real Alessa: revenge.

Real Alessa got what she wanted but Dark Alessa did not. In Revelation she might be using the remaining religious fanatics as her servants. They have repented God and now worship her. Thus The Order is born.

Claudia may be Dark Alessa’s best servant: a liaison to the real world.

[00:32] Heather is living a somewhat normal life. This being her first day in school, she tells her new class that this would be her fifth school, because she and her father move around a lot. It doen’t seem like Christopher has good taste in where he moves. I don’t think Detroit is any safer than Silent Hill.




[00:38] This shot establishes Heather’s school hallway. Fellow students walk the halls while Heather appears lost. Based on how the shot transitions, Heather most likely stops walking to read the piece of paper in her hand. Probably a class assignment sheet. Doing so leaves her alone in the hallway.

[00:43] The Otherworld has found Heather. For a brief moment, Heather is pulled into an Otherworld version of her school. Just like the game, this shows that the Otherworld knows no bounds and can exist outside of the town.

To Heather’s horror, a Lying Figure enters the hall and starts to approach her. Now we know that the Lying Figure is one of the returning monsters along with The Nurses.

[00:48] This is where we meet the film version of Vincent. As opposed to a priest in The Order, the film version of Vincent is a High School student in the same school as Heather. This greaser with a New York accent snaps Heather out of the Otherworld when he surprises her. It’s assumed that Vincent offered to walk Heather home after he found her so distressed. What a nice guy he is.




[00:52] Detective Douglas Cartland is watching Heather. If he’s doing the same as he did in the game, then he has been hired by Claudia and The Order to find Heather. When Heather sees Douglas watching her, she decides to call Christopher. Because she says she thinks she’s being followed, she might have seen Douglas multiple times throughout the day (assuming the call of Silent Hill happens on her first day of school).

I’d like to point out how well they recreated Douglas’ attire. It looks pretty much exact.

[00:59] This appears to be the point in which Christopher has been found and abducted. Poor Sean Bean.

[1:06] When Heather arrives home along with Vincent, she finds no trace of her father. She only sees a message painted onto a wall of her home. The message tells Heather to return to Silent Hill. Beside it is a Halo of The Sun symbol. Vincent, who’s still by the door of her apartment, comes in and sees the cryptic message. Vincent, being the cool guy that he is, decides to join Heather on her nightmarish adventure to Silent Hill–probably looking for some more of that black nightmare ink on the wall, to use in his hair.



[01:12] Heather recognizes the symbol on the wall and looks for a box that Christopher must have had in his possession since the events of the first film. I’m going to hypothesize that Christopher found this box sometime after the events of the first film. Perhaps when he found Sharon, this box was left somewhere in his home by Rose.

In the box there is a piece of paper with the following exposed letters ” For Sha..”. One can guess that the message spells out “For Sharon”. A scary box addressed to Sharon and Christopher is not something I’d expect a terrified father to keep a hold of. That is why I think Christopher believed the box came from someone he trusted: Rose.

[01:16] The thing addressed to Sharon is the Seal of Metatron. The trailer does not show any hint of Heather being pregnant with a God fetus or of her carrying a piece of Aglaophotis. This leads me to believe that Bassett has dropped the “Birth of God” storyline in favor of something else. The Seal of Metatron will actually hold power and be of use in the film, unlike in the game.




[01:17] This shot establishes that Heather and Vincent are in a motel. Room 106 in Jack’s Inn. They have taken a rest while on their way to Silent Hill. The rest is most likely a short one.

[01:21] The two probably don’t have much time to rest before The Otherworld creeps in. The world around the motel room has become industrialized and rusted. This scene will probably be one of the first direct transitions from the real world to The Otherworld.

Here’s hoping this scene won’t occur right before the two almost share a romantic moment together. That would just be too predictable.

[01:24] Here we get a look at a new monster exclusive to the film. The monster appears to be female and a close relative of the Hellraiser Cenobites. Her flesh appears to be stretched around her body. Exposed muscle can be seen around her upper chest area. She also appears to have something protruding from her head. I am thinking that she will look a bit like a Rawshock from Shattered Memories, just a lot more Clive Barker-ish.






[01:26] Heather exits from her motel room. I’m inclined to believe that after the motel transitions to The Otherworld, some stuff happens, and then she ends up in the Fog World. From here she makes her way to the town on foot. What this scene also tells us is that Heather and Vincent went from the real world, to The Otherworld, and then the Fog World. They have entered the town’s parallel reality before they even reached the welcome sign.

[1:33] Order members can be seen in the windows of Silent Hill’s buildings. They appear ghostly. Perhaps they’re all dead because of Dark Alessa’s rage.

[01:35] Dahlia appears in green attire. Something about her gives me the feeling that she’s somehow better off than when we last saw her. Her actions don’t entirely suggest this, because she still seems tremendously sad, but she is still unafraid of Alessa’s power.

Her green clothes are much brighter than the other people in the town. Perhaps she has been blessed, anointed, or is protected in some way. She also appears to be holding something with a chain in her hands. This might be the locket with the picture of Alessa from the first film.

[01:36] The church from the first film begins blaring its siren–The Otherworld approaches both Heather and Dahlia. Dahlia tells Heather to run. “It’s safer to be inside,” Dahlia tells Heather.

[01:40] We get a good shot of the streets of Silent Hill within The Otherworld. The first film didn’t show how the town looked during a transition. The closest we saw was the scene before everyone entered the church.




[01:46] A victim of the new spider-mannequin monster exclusive to the movie. A clear shot of the creature is in the next screencap.

[01:48] The spider-mannequin reminds me a lot of Scarlet from Silent Hill: Homecoming. Porcelain over sinewy muscles can be spotted on the creature. It’s exposed joints looking bloody and raw. It’s also quite fast.

This monster is supposedly the only monster to have been CGIed up. That’s great news for fans of animatronics, costume, and puppetry. Knowing that the film has real people in costumes makes me happy.

[01:49] The mysterious Suki character can be seen in this particular scene. She and Heather are both terrified of the mannequin monster.





[01:55] “It’s a key. What does it unlock?!” Heather asks Leonard Wolf. “The true nature of things.”

Leonard reveals the purpose of The Seal of Metatron. A clip from Dahlia shows her tell Heather than she was chosen to destroy the demon that poses as Alessa. Heather has been chosen to destroy the demon. Was Dahlia the one to summon her back to Silent Hill? Dahlia is the only good person left in the town, so this might be a possibility.

[01:57] I’m not sure why Pyramid Head is cutting off a whole bunch of arms, but it probably has to do with a ritual. Perhaps they’re his prisoners.

[02:01] Pyramid Head can also be seen doing somewhat of Valtiel’s role. Here we see him crank the mechanism that controls or spins the carousel in Lakeside Amusement Park.

[o2:03] A first look at The Order in full ceremonial clothing. They wear clothing similar to the Sect of the Holy Woman Order members from Silent Hill Origins.




[02:05] Here we see how Vincent found himself in the room filled with Nurses. I won’t go over much of this scene since it was shown off at Comic-Con. There’s also not much to analyze.

The only thing to mention here comes from watching the separate clip that was released. In it, Heather barters for information with Vincent’s freedom. How does Vincent know where Christopher is, and why is she reluctant to free him? Well, it seems that the clip they showed us spoiled Vincent’s true intentions. He may not be a bad guy, but he was definitely lying to Heather.

[02:10] What appears to be cultists are surrounding the carousel. Perhaps they are conducting a ritual and the carousel is a part of it.

[02:13] I may be wrong here, but I think the man that flies back from Heather is Leonard. I came to this conclusion because it seems his clothing is similar; it’s torn and stringy in the same way around the arms of both figures. Leonard also clearly has a chain around his neck. There are three chains on the figure to the right. One for each arm and one around the neck.



[02:14] Dark Alessa’s face is front and center here. Instead of having more expressive eyes like she did in the past, her face is devoid of emotion. Her eyes are pitch black. I’m not sure why this demon insists on keeping the likeness of Alessa, but it has become more devoid of human characteristics.

Heather gives the demonic version of her child self a good yelling to. Will Dark Alessa speak or will she be mute? I’m inclined to believe that she speaks, but most likely very little.

[02:15] Here she is, Claudia Wolf has finally made her appearance. I love Claudia. She’s just so dark and twisted.

At this moment in the trailer we see Heather and Claudia both hold The Seal of Metatron. Claudia is undergoing some sort of transformation as she touches the seal. As her white clothing burns away, black attire is revealed. Could this be Claudia revealing her “true nature”? Was she hiding it at some point in the movie?

Will Claudia be transforming into a monster just as she did in the game, or is her role limited to that of a high ranking Order member?  We don’t even see Claudia until the last few moments of the trailer. Based on this trailer, I’m getting the feeling that Claudia is not the antagonist of the story, Dark Alessa is. I wonder how much of a role Claudia will have in this film. Hopefully one of enough importance that shes granted ample amount of screen time.

Behind Claudia, Christopher can be seen sitting below a statue of Valtiel. I’m thinking that the true form of Dark Alessa is actually Valtiel. It would explain why Valtiel is a status of worship at the ceremony, why he’s not seen moving around in the trailer, and the importance of the seal’s power to “reveal the true nature of things”. In order to kill Dark Alessa, Heather must use the seal to bring out its true form. The form that we know as Valtiel in the game.



[02:19] For some reason The Order has prisoners. Are they residents of the town that were pulled into the Otherworld when Alessa’s nightmare began or are they members from the first movie’s cult? Which ever group this guy belongs to, it’s clear that he does not like Heather. I’d think that the cult from the first film would want the daughter of Alessa killed just as much as The Order would. While one group wants to destroy the demon and anyone who they consider evil, the other worships evil and need Heather dead for their unknown plan to be realized.

Wouldn’t it be great if he turned out to be Stanley?

[02:20] As the trailer closes, a shot of Heather on the carousel is shown. Around her mutilated horses bob up and down. The horses appear to be burned rather than mounds of stretched and mangled flesh. There are a lot of scenes on the carousel, so I’m betting that we will see a conflict similar to the one in the game.

That’s about all I can think of for now. If any of you spot something, tell me in the comments. I will update this analysis if more things come to mind.

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  • Ross Ingram

    02:13 of course it’s Leonard. Malcoml McDowell was cast to play him.

    • Ross Ingram

      Whoops skimmed it, missed the swinging part duh!

  • As always, EXCELLENT!

  • Alice

    Thank you for making this! Seriously, you make some of the best analysis ever!!!
    I’m worried for the Jack’s Inn scene, too, it really appears like both of them were about to…well, you know. This can be proven by the outfit of Adelaide, she is practically naked!
    I love Claudia, too! She is my favorite character of all time! Now that you mention it, i’m now worried about her role. But Michael confirmed she is the main antagonist, so, i think there are not so much reasons to worry about!
    I just hope she isn’t dying in that scene, but i doubt it. I think she is just becoming her “true self”, maybe she was a…monster after all? im confused with this, or maybe she is just changing her outfit.
    Judging by an interview with Michael, there is going to be a monster with its brain exposed. Could this monster be the one dragging Vincent at the Motel?
    And, Adelaide nearly revealed something there…i don’t want to say it again , to avoid spoilers 🙂
    Do you think God is going to be scrapped? 🙁 that makes me sad, but, well, SH3’s story wasn’t the brightest of all of the games, neither, so, it can still be improved 🙂
    As you have already noticed, i TRULY love Claudia. Any other theory of what could she be doing there? 😀
    Thank you for this awesome analysis, CJ!!

    • I think she’s revealing her true intentions. Maybe the film deals with duality and the good/evil inside of people. The town shows it off via the seal.

      I think the demon is God for The Order.

      • Alice

        Maybe, since Carrie has stated that Claudia is a zealot that truly believes in what she is doing. Maybe Claudia in the film, unlike in the game, is just luring Heather into making something, while being kind to her, and then with the seal, she releavs her true intentions. But i want to see her original look, too! and her monster self!
        True, i also think the Demon is God, i don’t know another thing that could be that so named demon, but it may be Alessa, too.

  • Benjamin May

    Great analysis! Did I hear a piece of music from Silent Hill Shattered Memories in the trailerr? I think it was the piece that plays during the first section running from the creatures. But I could be mistaken.

    • Taylor the Impaler

      Yes that was “Devil’s Laughter” from the SH:SM OST

  • Silent Evil

    It’d be hilarious if Douglas wasn’t wearing any pants, but I doubt the filmmakers would do that. Still, it would be a great shout out to the fans. I noticed how the top of the carousel looks like the Umbrella logo from RE. Intentional? Probably not. Also, I’m wondering if the voice at the end of the trailer that replies, ‘We’re already here’ when Heather says ‘Go to Hell’ is Stanley Coleman’s?

    Anyhow, good analysis. I still think Dahlia is on the side of the demon and had been laying low because Christabella had exerted so much influence in the town and its people. She now has an opportunity to show her true colours.

    • Bej

      I don’t think it’s a Resident Evil since the Merry go round has 12 piece while Umbrella has 8 last.

  • Xander

    I think the Valtiel statue will be just that in the movie; a statue. I’ve seen a bit of annoyance over it not moving, but if it’s just a statue, there’s nothing to complain about. If Christopher is chained to it, why would it be a monster. What’s more, I’ve read that the mannequin monster will be the only fully-CG monster in the movie (yay!), and making something that big move would require CGI. If Valtiel actually is in the movie (and I hope he/it is) he/it would be played by an actual person, like Pyramid Head.

    Great analysis, by the way. I couldn’t even make out the monster that takes Vincent.

  • Hmmmm I think that Vincent is a part of the Order in this movie because of the way Heather responded to him when chained down in the hospital. She seemed very reluctant to help him at first. Maybe Vincent himself was part of the reason Heather went to Silent Hill.

    GREAT analysis; each thing you pointed out gave me the chills =)

    • I agree, I think Vincent is part of the order but is acting up to lore Sharon/Heather to Silent Hill. Somehow, he is involved in the capture of Christoper/Harry; however, this is just my speculation.

  • Bromeus

    Why no link for the trailer? How do you have screen grabs?

  • Bromeus

    Ahh Nvm, I see you have to watch it on Yahoo. 😛

  • You know when Heather called Harry and told her she think she’s being followed? Anyone noticed between the time Harry told her to come home and the time she actually got home, there seems to be a bit of a time gap. The avarage school gets out of class around 3:00pm, so isn’t a bit strange that it’s pretty dark when she actually gets home? Unless she was willing to walk a couple of hours, I don’t think the school would of been that far and if she took the bus, I don’t think it would be as dark as it is.
    So the question is, what took her so long to get home? Why did Vincent suddenly show up to walk Heather home?

    I belief is that between these two times, is when the mall from the game comes into play. Perhaps in an attempt to lose Douglas, she cuts through the mall and [Spoilers for the game] If you ever played the game, you’ll probably remember that the game started out clear as day with a mall full of people but as you fought through the mall and finally able to exit, it’s very late at night and very dark.

    The transition between Day and Night that happened in the trailer between 0:58 and 1:05 gave me the same feeling as it did in the game.
    Not to mention it’s been clearly stated that the Mall will be part of the movie, in comic con interviews and the obvious set photos that came out a long time ago. So think about it, she really had no excuse for taking that long to get home unless there was some reason why she couldn’t go home (Getting trapped in the mall). So I’m pretty sure we get the mall scene pretty early on in the movie… Unless they decided to give Silent Hill the town, a mall, then it can’t really happen after she discovers the message on the wall telling her to go to Silent Hill.

    I don’t think it’ll be like “We gotta save my dad…! … After we go to the mall!”

    Only thing that is bothering me is the fact that Vincent doesn’t seem concern at all while walking her home, which leads me to believe either that I’m wrong, or he ran into (Or followed) Heather after the scene in the mall.
    Another thing that is bothering me, IF I’m right, heather doesn’t seem to bothered by what happened to the mall either, which would be strange unless she was hiding from Douglas and “Fell alseep” and thought the whole thing was a really bad nightmare….

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just thinking to much into it… BUT I’m gonna stop now because I fear I’m gonna stop making sense as my sleep deprived brain attempts to scrample my words.

    • Alice

      “We gotta save my dad…! … After we go to the mall!” LOL!
      I also think she is going through the mall from her school, but, why did chris told her to go to her home inmediately, and she agreed, and then she goes till it’s dark?
      This is interesting. But i guess we will know until the film is released 🙂

      • She’s probably in the school for multiple days, not one.

        • Alice

          Maybe, but, she is wearing the same outfit.
          Jesse, i hope it goes like that! because i don’t want to see that they put a Mall in silent hill, well, in SH1 there was one know what i mean.
          If it goes like that, it could be a great homanage tot he game, just as the alley scene from the first movie, it was identical to the game!

      • Well that’s what I’m saying!
        This is how I think it’ll happen
        Heather “Dad, I think someone is following me”
        Harry “Come to me Heather”
        Finishes/Leaves school and heads home. Along the way of heading home she notices the person following her, Douglas. Like in the game, she attempts to lose him through the mall (Maybe through the bathroom like last time :D) and that’s when she becomes trapped in the otherworld mall. After the other world mall scene she runs into Vincent and for one reason or another doesn’t tell him about what happened. He offers to walk him home since it was very dark and very late. Being one of those gentlemen type. That’s when they discover that Heather’s dad is gone.
        But then again I can be wrong. It’s just a theory!

  • Taylor the Impaler

    “Just like the game, this shows that the Otherworld knows no bounds and can exist outside of the town.”

    Actually in the game the nightmare/Otherworld shows up outside Silent Hill because she is impregnated with a demon god, whom **SPOILER FOR SH3** was reincarnated with Heather in Silent Hill by Alessa, as it was given to Harry at the end of the first game. This “god” causes the nightmare/Otherworld to manifest wherever she is. Feeding off of her negative emotions (like heavy distress and hatred) and forcefully and painfully bringing it’s way into existence, as it gets closer to being birthed.

    The town isn’t “reaching out to her,” the power is already inside her. The magic of Silent Hill is strictly limited to the sacred ground the town was built on. That’s what makes the town so special!

    …but that’s what it is in the game, idk what it is in the movie :/

    • Earthbound_X

      What about SH4 then? That game place in parts outside Silent Hill.

      Plus Homecoming and Downpour do as well.

      • Silent Evil

        In SH4, I think it was due to Walter since he was supposed to be a back-up of sorts if the experiment with Alessa failed. As for the other two games, I chalk it up to the western developers taking liberties with what Team Silent had already established. There are a lot of SH fans that still don’t consider anything that wasn’t created by Team Silent as canon.

        • Earthbound_X

          Yeah, but I’m not a fan of the Team Silent Snobs, they are gone, they aren’t coming back.

          How can you be called a fan if you hate everything that’s been made in the last few games?

          • Taylor the Impaler

            Same way people like the old Star Wars trilogy over the new ones.

          • Taylor the Impaler

            *and still be Star Wars fans

        • In what part was Walter a back up plan? Also, there are multiple worlds in which Sh4 actually says it has multiple worlds.

          • Alice

            Yes, Walter created multiple worlds. As for the backup plan, there is a note from Dahlia in the forest level, where she states “how is Walter’s progress?”, and Walter’s diary scattered through the same level, and the crimson tome, etc. All hint to it, especially because Dahlia’s involvment.

          • That ritual is not of the sect dahlia’s is from. We have no idea what Dahlia’s plan was. It’s a vague implication but there is not a reason for Dahlia to teach Walter an opposing sect’s ritual to descend God, not for that reason anyway.

    • Alice

      The Book of Lost Memories states that the reason why Heather sees the otherworld in her hometown is because Claudia’s presence is nearby. Maybe this goes the same in the movie?

      • Exactly, no where is it stated that it was the god causing it.

        • Taylor the Impaler

          Yes, and how does Claudia do so? She influences the fetus inside Heather.

          Claudia: “There is another reason to fill your heart with Hatred. It must be this way, one day you understand why. You will birth a god and build an eternal paradise.”

          Claudia: “It is growing within you. You despise me, don’t you? That’s good…”

          Yes, her presence definitely contributes to the spawn of the Otherworld/nighmare. But it is the god that has the power to manifest it.

          And besides, it is not every time the Otherworld/nightmare shows up that Claudia is there.

          • Alice

            Maybe it is! 😉 we just can’t see her. I had this feeling in the Hilltop Center for some reason…like if i could find Claudia in any corner…i think i need therapy, im really obssessed with her!
            Anyway, that’s true, i think that’s possible. Poor Douglas, he also found himself in the otherworld because a pregnant lady! XD
            I agree with the God and Claudia connection there.
            But…she may have the power to simply switch between dimensions. If she has power of telekinesis/command monsters at will, etc. She could do this without god, maybe just with her faith alone, who knows? But yes, the God part is correct, i think 🙂

          • It’s not the fetus’s nightmare, it’s Heather’s and Claudia’s.

          • Taylor the Impaler

            Yes, but the power comes from the fetus. In which Claudia manipulates and influences.

    • The film was established that the Otherworld is a parallel reality whether you believe that or not for the games.

      I know why Heather, in the game, can be pulled into the Otherworld. But the movie goes by different rules.

      While I believe parallel realities (or what ever term you wish to define this theoretical concept of another world next to ours) applies for the games, I do not want to debate that. That is one of the biggest debates among fans and it’s not something I want to spend a few hours on…again.

      The town has power, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that it’s restricted unless someone wields it. I think it’s restricted unless there is a connection already established.

      And this is a faux pas to SH purists, but Downpour shows this along with Homecoming. In the case of HC, it was because The Order broke a pact with “God”. Although I’ve always wondered if it was the same God that rewarded Alex with Josh’s revival.

      • Taylor the Impaler

        “The film was established that the Otherworld is a parallel reality whether you believe that or not for the games.”

        ^^Oh I understand that, but you said… “Just like the game, this shows that the Otherworld knows no bounds and can exist outside of the town.” Had you said “Just like the movie,” then I wouldn’t have commented or disagreed.

        (but my comment had nothing to do with what the Otherworld/nightmare is in the games anyhow, just how it came to be.)

  • Mad Butcher

    I think you’re waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy over analysing everything in this trailer. It’s a “trailer”… Were you high on something? Jeez…

    • Wow you must be new here…welcome to Silent Hill Fandom!!!! Where over analyzing scenes, music, quotes, notes is just another day on the forums! Be careful though… if this is your first dance in this fandom I must warn you: the elitism here is off the charts and often results in fans not only turning on one another but even on the development staff!

      Cj was just having fun with something Rely on Horror has done plenty times in the past with SH Downpour’s trailer and more recently the Resident Evil 6 trailer without the backlash. It’s okay to scrutinize every second of a game trailer looking for clues but it’s somehow uncool to give the same treatment to a movie trailer? I don’t think so… especially with this trailer considering its release on Friday was a pretty big deal to Silent Hill fans. They have been chomping at the bit for *any* marketing for this film these last few months especially. Just take a look at the Michael J Bassett’s, the director of SHR, blog…it’s filled with comments asking about when we can see a trailer or a poster….or anything really.

      We’ve known so little about the film up until now it shouldn’t be that surprising fans like Cj would want to squeeze everything they could out of the material released and search for clues about what we can expect in the movie and develop theories. It’s what the fandom does ad nauseam just with the games in the series. Really, an in-depth movie trailer analysis by a big fan of the games that’s excited about the movie really shouldn’t be surprise anyone.

      • Alice

        I have always loved CJ’s analysis, they are so complete, and some of his theories were right, especially when analyzing downpour.
        as Whitney said, Welcome to Silent Hill!
        We don’t lose anything making/reading things like this, so, i don’t see any problem with it.
        BTW. Whitney, i Love what you did to CJ’s pic of Heather!
        you know, the one that you are using right now as your profile pic. It’s so awesome!! 😉

    • Oh shit, guys. Story doesn’t matter!

  • ariessiren

    movie looks freaking amazing. its a directors cut also, no studio came in and butchered it. its the vision of sam hadida and the director just like the 1st film. looking forward to it.

  • Daveed

    I’m with Silent Evil’s thought that the voice at the end is Stanley’s voice. Sounds like it would be him.

  • Kevin!

    I genuinely don’t think it is Dahlia that says “you we’re chosen to destroy the demon”. The trailer shows her face at that moment, but she is not saying the words. The voice is also English, which is what Claudia was in the game. I don’t know if this is relevant or not but I think it’s right.

    • Good observation. It could be Claudia creating a BS lie in order to “help” Heather in the same way Dahlia does in the first game. Hmm.

  • I would love to hear : ”You’re not here” during the movie and even the credits again

  • Seta

    The trailer shows way too much, think. For example [SH3 Spoiler!] unlike in the game, we know already from the trailer who Heather is and what her relation to the town is. Well, the movie itself doesn’t seem to make a lot of efforts to hide Harry anyway. In the game we didn’t get to see/hear who her father was until we actually “met” him at home…
    And I still don’t like Pyramid Head being in there. And the wrong nurses. And the Lying Figures. I’m okay with creating new monsters (as long as they fit into the story and its background), but not with recycling monsters from SH games that have nothing to do with Heather and Alessa… >.>

    About Vincent, I really wonder if he will be just a guy from her class or if it turns out he actually has some relation to the Order. Such a great character becoming a random school guy would be sad. 🙁

    But yeah, the visuals are great for sure.

  • JKristine35

    A few notes: Dark Alessa is part of Heather, and has been since the end of the first movie, so the version of her Heather sees is all flashbacks (in the case of the nightmare sequence) and imprints (similar to Memory of Alessa). Dark Alessa has never been a demon, god, or devil of any kind, so it would be a retcon of the first film to make her as such. Similarly, Heather is not Alessa’s daughter. According to the director of the first film, as well as the actress, Sharon/Alessa/Dark Alessa are all one person who is split into 3 parts, with Alessa being the original body, Sharon being the good side, and Dark Alessa being the dark side. The three recombined into one body at the end of the first film, so Heather is not just Sharon, but also Alessa and Dark Alessa. Given the fight between Heather and Dark Alessa, it’s likely that an imprint of Alessa’s hate left on the town is what Claudia calls “the demon”, and that the imprint is stopping the Order from doing something sinister with the Otherworld, hence why they want Heather. Of course, it’s always possible Bassett will retcon the official canon of the first movie and make Dark Alessa into a demon, but he told me on his blog that Gans’s interpretation of Alessa/Sharon/Dark Alessa is the correct one, so I doubt he’ll do that.

    • It’s hard to know what Bassett will change or clarify on. My theory is based on what i think he will do outside of the game.

      In the film, Dark Alessa is a demon or THE demon: the devil (As mentioned by Gans in interviews and the making of).

      As for the Heather being “the daughter”. It’s sorta a semantic debate because she was a baby that was given birth two, but symbolically and spiritually she is a piece of the soul of Alessa.

      I like your idea of an imprint of dark alessa. A stain left behind by pure anger. That would be pretty good and would mean Bassett got some proper material from the games.

      • Bassett answered a direct question on his blog as to if he would keep the official interpretation of Dark Alessa/Sharon/Alessa as one person in the affirmative, so that aspect we do know he will not change (unless he lied, which would be about an uncool as possible).
        Contrary to popular belief, Dark Alessa is not literally a demon or devil of any kind. She is indeed meant to symbolically represent the devil (and Sharon represents God), but literally she’s just Alessa’s dark side manifesting itself. Gans states in the Making Of that he told a 10-year-old girl that he wanted her to play the devil, which makes more sense than sending her an in-depth analysis on what the character is. In interviews not aimed at small children who may not accept the role, he’s stated that the character is Alessa’s dark side, saying that the movie is based on the idea that Alessa exists as multiple people who represent the Japanese belief that anyone can become their own god and their own devil. The actress has also commented, referring to Dark Alessa as “the bad part of Alessa” in interviews.
        Heather/Sharon was never given birth to by anybody. She has no parents. Alessa willed her into being using the good side of her soul, just as she willed Dark Alessa into being using her dark side. 6 years have passed between the first movie and the second (confirmed by Bassett), so Heather is Sharon’s body, not a new baby. That means, unless Bassett shows she split again after the end of the first movie, Heather contains Sharon, Alessa, and Dark Alessa all rolled into one.

        • Thanks for that! The film definitely has some depth whether a lot of it reached the screen or not. The original script seemed much more faithful to the SH1 as well. I wish we could have seen that film.

          I hope that Basset won’t be afraid to deliver the complex symbolism that the series is known for. There needs to be a lot of subtext and double meanings in this film. Hopefully the trailer’s campiness is not an indication of the narrative’s depth.

          • I thought the original script had some good things, and some bad things. Every time I see the “Look at me! I’m burning!” scene, I wish so much they had kept it how it originally was, with Dark Alessa crying out to Rose to help her. I completely agree that I hope Bassett delivers on the symbolism and hidden meanings that both the games and the first movie had (even if it’s hard to see in the first film because Avary’s dialogue is pretty horrible).

  • Craigw93

    Just to say the picture thats highlighted the “2.10” dosnt mean its Leonard Wolf tied up but actually heathers dad if you look at the trailer you see Christofer tied up like that not leonard

    • Christopher is underneath the Valtiel statue, though. Not in a room with chains.

  • “Will Claudia be transforming into a monster just as she did in the game…”

    ummm…Claudia didn’t transform into a monster in the game.

    • The monster burst out of her. Nothing much was left of her. So just a phrasing thing.

  • Esha Esh

    What did that suki girl say to heather when they were hiding from the mannequin monster and heather asked her “where did it come from?”


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