Silent Hill: Revelations 3D trailer has now been released

The long awaited Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer has finally seen the light of day, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. It’s has been quite the wait for this trailer. The film wrapped up awhile back and not so much as a poster released. Open Road Films, Revelation‘s distributor, has held all of their promotion cards for these last few weeks. Comic-Con saw the most info and media from the film since the film was announced back in 2010. Marketing has been somewhat thin for the film–something not uncommon for the Silent Hill series as a whole. Hopefully we will be seeing much from this point forward.

The trailer shows Heather and her father’s constant need to move and run from the forces of the town. When those forces find her, Heather starts to be pulled back into the Otherworld. Along with her, is her High School friend Vincent. Transitions to the Otherworld happen anywhere and everywhere for poor Heather. One in her own apartment building. Dark Alessa, as seen in the first film, makes a return as well. In the film, it appears that she’s pretty upset and destroying all that she can. The seal of Metatron also appears to have made its way into the film.

So far, I’m liking the imagery a lot. The scale of the film seems bigger than I anticipated as well. I can’t wait to start analyzing this trailer! Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, the film is in 3D! 3D! 3D, in your face!

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