Resident Evil Revelations 2: What we know

Capcom has finally made it official: Resident Evil Revelations 2 is coming out next year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. They made the announcement during Sony’s fall conference earlier today, with a live-action teaser trailer attached. While there was no in-game footage shown, I do love how they approached this teaser. It’s filled with neat easter eggs for Resident Evil fans, as well as some big hints as to where the story might be going. So, below you’ll find a list of all the things that have been noticed by myself, readers and friends after dissecting the trailer. Did we miss anything? Leave your own observations in the comments below!

The trailer starts out with a very familiar sight for fans of the franchise: the classic door opening sequence. Is Capcom taking us into a full-blown, classic survivor horror experience with this game?


Now here we see something interesting. Everyone in this trailer seems to be wearing bracelets. In the beginning they all glow green. But towards the end? Well, we’ll get to that! Also, a little girl is the focus here, as we see her going through this crowd of people before it all goes to hell.

Now things get crazy. Is that…Rachel? The woman in the background seen eating definitely resembles Rachel from Resident Evil Revelations. Personally, I think this is just a nod to that character and not indicative of her being in the actual game. Or I could be wrong and Revelations 2 could be going backwards to tell a story before the events of the Queen Zenobia. And speaking of which…

Look at that beauty. Framed and hanging on the wall is none other than a picture of the Queen Zenobia, the floating hell house where the original Revelations took place. This cements the notion that this will definitely tie into the events of the first game, instead of offering a brand new, unrelated story. And now we go from a man-made beauty to a natural one.

Why, that’s a green herb next to “Rachel”! And speaking of green, we continue to see the bracelets glowing that color here. So now let’s get to the biggest puzzle piece we have from this picture: TerraSave.

Yup, the organization that Claire belongs to is referenced here, as seen on the shirt that dude in the middle is wearing. This continues to add fuel to speculation that Claire will be featured as the main character in this sequel. So I’ll continue to stick to the theory I wrote about (you can check that out by clicking here). And sticking with talk of organizations, we also see an umbrella here, resting beside the pillar towards the right of the image. Definitely a callback to the company we all love!


Here’s a great catch that came from our comments section on an earlier news article. The girl and man conversing in the middle of the shot above look like Barry and Rebecca. Could they also somehow be involved in the game’s events? I sure hope so! It’s been a while since we’ve seen the two all-STARS.


Here we have another nod to classic Resident Evil, specifically the Keeper’s Diary from the original game, with a girl holding a sign that reads: Itchy Tasty. She’s about to become zombie food. And speaking of zombies…Here we start to see the result of some form of virus outbreak. The green bracelets seem to turn red when the user is infected. I think this could also prove to be a great gameplay mechanic that could implement one’s health status organically into the game without the need for bringing up a menu. All you would have to do is look at your character’s bracelet to see what your current status is. But that’s not all, I also think the bracelets will have bigger story implications as well, as we’ll see at the end of the trailer.

So, yes: Zombies are back. And they appear to be old-school zombies. Here we see them all sporting the aforementioned bracelets (glowing red), and one of them is even wielding a weapon towards the middle of the image. But to me, the thing that made me freak out and scream like a little girl was how this shot was a beautiful throwback to Resident Evil 2’s UK cover art.

The trailer ends with the message above. Now this is where I think the bracelets come into play again. I feel like some organization will have its employees/visitors wear these bracelets. Not only will they monitor their health and seek potential infection, but it’ll also serve as a way to invade their privacy, letting the new evil organization know whatever they want about the user. I could see the story having something to do with this current concern that applies to the real world. But we’ll have to wait and see!

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  • Jenny Stein

    If Resident Evil implements real dystopian attributes from the world today, this will definitely be a buy for me. Oh, and especially if Claire is the main character.

  • Patrick

    The ending shot with the little girl pointing and the zombie’s hand in that position is a reference to “The Finger of God” by Michaelangelo. It depicts the creation of Adam, the first man. The most interesting thing is that the girl is pointing (God) at the zombie (Adam). Does this mean she is a carrier, or something else entirely?

    • Mohammad A. Fikree

      She could be immune.

  • dakamurra

    in the ending there is soldier with a walkie talkie who resembles a version of barry stars uniform !

  • Liam Mountain

    I hope it is Claire and I hope they don’t change her voice actress !

  • Mohammad A. Fikree
    • Liam Mountain

      I see a pony tail bump 🙂 ( Fingers crossed it is Claire )

      • Casey

        It also looks to me like there’s another person standing there – on the left side of the figure looks like a child is standing with them.

  • Steven

    Nice sleuthing by all!

    I also took the man with the Terra Save tee as a definite confirmation that Claire would be back in action (which I am really excited about.)

    I also seen a Barry reference there too, Itchy Tasty was also a nice throwback to the original Resident Evil. It also makes me wonder if the re-release of REmake is to perhaps familiarize newer fans with Barry and his place in the series?

    Another thought; so far what we’ve seen corresponds with the rumors leaked a few months ago. I have a theory… We were told there would be three playable characters, two female and a male. I think its safe to say Claire and Barry are spoken for, but who’s the other female? We were told the character in question had never physically appeared in the series but had been mentioned, so who is it?

    One of Barry’s daughters is what I think.

    When I seen the girl holding the board Itchy Tasty the first thing I thought was it not only being a reference to Barry, but the girl also representing his daughter. A new female lead unfamiliar with combat and B.O.W.s could really amp up tension and horror. She would also be roughly the same age as Sherry, part of the ‘new generation’ I feel is being spear headed by Sherry and Jake. She wouldn’t even be too out of place either.

    Perhaps hearing tales of what her father went through in the Spencer Mansion alongside seeing what occurred with Terragrigia, Raccoon City and then Tall Oaks maybe inspired Barry’s daughter to get involved, but not on the front lines with the B.S.A.A. Enter Claire.

    Barry is good friends with Chris. He asks Chris to help get his daughter’s foot in the door, so Claire lends a hand and one of Barry’s daughters is initiated into Terra Save (and unknowingly into a biohazardous threat.)

    What do you guys think?

    • Cyberote

      I think thats a great idea except youre overlooking that shes BARRY’S daughter. Barry the gun nut lol. Im sure he wouldve taught his daughters something about guns and self defense, so they wouldnt be THAT helpless. But yeah, I also thought Moira or Polly would be a good inclusion.

      • Steven

        So obvious and yet I overlooked it lol, it never even occurred to me Barry could have taught them self defense! Although I would imagine it would be kind of like a Claire/Chris situation where he’s taught them the basics or at least enough for them to be competent fighters; but I think just like Claire/Chris I think Barry would want something a bit… safer for Moira or Polly.

        Then again the series is notorious for retconning. I wouldn’t be surprised if Moira or Polly ended up being very anti-guns!

        *Also thanks for reminding me of their names, it’s been so long since I played the original I forgot what they were called!

  • ariessiren

    Great trailer. Looking forward to this

  • DrGhettoblaster

    I’ll definitely get this, I’m just bummed they’re no longer supporting 3DS/Wii U anymore.

  • Than Athan

    Above the man who is left to the ‘itchy-tasty’ woman,there is a figure drawn on the wall.Can anybody intentify what it is?Is it Tyrant or something?

  • Henrikm

    Barry for the win!

    But claire,becca and barry in same game would be more then awsome.

  • Casey

    I haven’t seen anyone point out the fact that someone shoots the zombie the little girl points at right before it cuts to black. It definitely calls back to the slow-mo bullet shots the series has been known for.

    I’m also hoping for some kind of appearance by Rebecca Chambers. Even just a mention would make me happy.

  • EMH

    There are two clocks in the back ground with two different times (I think it’s 2:00 and 7:00), and the vase on the table after the one with the green herb reminded me of the flowers from RE5 that helped create the progenitor virus. It definitely seems implied Claire, Barry, and Rebecca will be making an appearance.

  • Kojdysek

    What I think:

    Look at the link.
    There is a paragraph saying that the rumor is for new Resident Evil game to have two female characters and one male characters, whilst neither one has been present in series for ten years, correct? Now look back at the references, there are three possible character references – Claire, Barry and Rebecca. Two females, one male. All of them weren’t in RE series for ten years now. Conclusion?

  • Danielle Tiara

    Eid u not notice the bag next to the sandwiches ?? It says ” Jill V ” ahhh Capcom…the jill sandwich thing again


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