Rely on Horror’s Game of the Year 2012: The Nominees

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to go back and replay some of the year’s biggest and best horror games and ultimately come down to a selection of nominees for our third annual Game of the Year award. Well, we now have our nominees!

This year we have a trio of nominees. You can find them listed below along with each game’s official review. Our GOTY will be announced through its own article next week, so stay tuned for that. Also, we’ll be giving you all a chance to pick your GOTY as well, with our first Readers Choice Awards. Yes, you can expect that to be an annual thing.

Silent Hill Downpour: CJ’s Review 

The Walking Dead: The Game: Janus reviewed all 5 episodes of the game’s first season, check them all out: Episode 1 review, Episode 2 review, Episode 3 review, Episode 4 review, Episode 5 review. Stay tuned for my review of the entire season next week!

Resident Evil Revelations: My review

Do you agree with our picks? What horror games did you enjoy most this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Angela


  • Angela


    • ariessiren

      downpour vs walking dead? really?

      • Angela


  • ariessiren

    walking dead of course!!!

  • ONLY 3 GAMES!? You could’ve nomined Deadlight, Cry of Fear (a HL mod, but better than most horror games), The Cat Lady (GREAT adventure game).

    Anyway, I LOVE Downpour, but I think TWD is by far a better game

  • Neutron15

    Go RE: Revelations

  • ChambersRebecca_

    Wheres RE6???

    • eledhrim

      This. Revelations was severely overrated and the weakest RE since Zero.

      • no i believe re6 was the weakest one since survivor. it was on par with operation raccoon city

        • While I dont agree with you Frederick (it wasn’t that bad) it does not deserve to be on the GOTY nominees list

  • Silent Hill Downpour 🙂

  • Malignvs

    I think you should’ve nominated The Darkness II. My vote goes for Silent Hill: Downpour anyway for being an old-school survival horror to the root.

  • Zod

    Walking Dead

  • Krauser

    out of all the crap horror games released this year , the three games mentioned above are a great pick for the nominees , Downpour vs Revelations !

  • Downpour Renewed my faith in the series. I had previously lost faith in it since the “One That Shall Not Be Named”. Shattered Memories was pretty awesome, but the one before that did a lot of damage.

  • No contest! Downpour,

  • Koulamatata

    Silent Hill: Downpour.
    Just a fantastic game.

  • jim

    I have to say Downpour. I like both Revelations & Walking Dead, But Downpour made you feel like you were in a nightmare. It made me jump a few times, and that to me is the sign of a good scary game.

  • rigaT0NY

    Downpour. I really felt like it had so many genuinely scary moments and dark places I did not want to go through but knew I had to in order to progress the story. That is what a true horror experience should feel like. Walking Dead had a great story and a beautiful feel to it, but I did not find it scary. Revelations had awesome atmosphere but I felt the narrative was weak and there weren’t too many scary moments. Downpour had a great story, a perfect atmosphere, and a survival horror experience that I didn’t even realize I’ve been missing since the early-mid 2000s.

  • Silent Hill Downpour of course, it made me feel going back to its roots.

  • Silent Hill Downpour

  • ariessiren

    im sorry but walking dead and re revelations blow downpour out of the water. your more concerned with the fact its survival horror vs the fact the game is low quality, suffers technically and just not very good. the WORST enemy designs, terrible bosses if you can even call em that, and a bland story you can figure out immediately. i love silent hill, but i wont stick up for a game that just sucks when you compare it to every other silent hill entry.

  • Residentevil70

    Re: Revelations


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