reHorror: The clone in red?

For this installment of reHorror I decided to tackle a topic that’s been debated for quite a while now: Has Ada been cloned?

In Resident Evil 6’s trailers and screens we’ve been shown an Ada that’s different than the beautiful spy in red we’ve become accustomed with previously (she’s still beautiful, though). Sure, she’s always been one to kick ass, but in Resident Evil 6, she’s being depicted as basically a global terrorist, carrying out Neo-Umbrella’s dirty work. But is it really her?

This article is meant to add more fuel to this ongoing discussion, and I would love to see all your thoughts in the comments below. So, could this Ada be the real lady in red? Or, as Krauser would say, could this really be our beloved “bitch in the red dress”? Let’s start off by seeing what our beloved spy has been up to prior to the global terror in Resident Evil 6. And, yes, the picture below is of me with my old-school Ada-cut.

When she made her 32-bit debut in Resident Evil 2, Ada was roaming the confines of the RPD station looking for her Umbrella-employed boyfriend, John, during the Raccoon City outbreak. She had met John when she infiltrated Umbrella’s Arklay laboratory to obtain valuable intel. John became quite attached to Ada, even using her name as a password! After this, she was out to get her hands on the G-Virus sample for the Organization, all while being in the middle of hell on Earth in Raccoon City.

We see Ada “die” in Leon’s arms towards the end of Resident Evil 2, after being attacked by a T-103 Tyrant. Ada then makes a comeback at just the right time. Engulfed in shadow, Ada throws Leon a rocket launcher to put an end to the fiery Tyrant. She goes on to do something similar during Resident Evil 4’s final boss fight against Saddler, too. She loves doing that. Jumping and tossing are big parts of Ada’s exercise.

Wesker was quite pleased to see Ada having acquired the G-Virus sample, and he told her where an evac chopper could be found in the city, before everything went boom. Fighting against the clock , Ada was able to escape the city with the sample in her possession, and she lived to see another day. This time she would be trekking to another part of the world.

Resident Evil 4 saw the return of Leon and Ada, six years after the Raccoon City outbreak. Leon questioned Ada’s allegiance to Wesker when they first crossed paths face-to-face in the game. Of course, Ada was still serving a mysterious rival Organization. Now here mission was to collect a sample of the Plaga, which Saddler had already unleashed. Ada got some help on this mission, thanks to Mr. Game Time, Luis (R.I.P.), who knew everything about the parasite. Wesker also sent Krauser on this mission, who didn’t exactly play nice with Ms. Wong. However, thanks to him we got the classic “Bitch in the Red Dress” line!

It’s funny because, thanks to Ada, Leon was able to see his mission through and leave with Ashley. And as aforementioned, Ada did toss Leon yet another launcher that helped him destroy a mutated Saddler. Speaking of which, Ada also crossed paths with the man who loves impaling others with his giant…tentacle thing. Poor Luis… Ada also went up against Krauser, who was already badly wounded from his bout with his former comrade, Leon.

In the end, Ada once against succeeded in retrieving a requested sample for her superiors, this time leaving with a sample of the Plaga. At least she helped Leon and Ashley escape Saddler’s fortified island, though, by throwing a motorboat key (with an adorable bear key chain) at the Ladies Man before making her escape. She actually used her classic double-crossing prowess on Wesker, though. It turns out, she didn’t exactly give Wesker the dominant sample he wanted. However, Wesker went on to obtain his own sample from Krauser’s body. Now it’s on to her speculated role in Resident Evil 6!

With Resident Evil 6’s debut trailer, fans were thrilled to see both Leon and Chris taking on a new global outbreak. Then with the game’s second trailer (from Captivate), we were given a look at a mysterious female character, who looked quite familiar at the same time (pictured above). I automatically started calling this character Ada, but after thinking more about it, and after reading all the discussion going on revolving her, I started to buy into the whole “Ada’s clone”  story angle that could end up being one of the game’s big twists.

In the Captivate trailer we see “Ada” confronting Jake, telling him that he’s the son of Albert Wesker, therefore making him the owner of a very special blood type (the whole world is out for his blood, which can be used to fight the C-virus). We also see her acting different than she has before. She unleashes the C-Virus in an Eastern European region, where Chris and his men are. This leads to Chris losing his squad right before his very eyes as Ada throws a C-Virus-filled grenade inside a cell holding the BSAA soldiers. After witnessing all this, Chris is a changed man, and he wants nothing but to see Ada dead for what she did. Hell, it doesn’t help that she’s also instrumental in the global bio-terror going on. Leon’s not going to be too happy with Chris trying to kill his beloved woman in red, though, and we get a glimpse of the confrontation this will lead to between the two in the same trailer.

Ada…a killer? Ada’s long been portrayed as a very skilled spy and double-crosser, but as a straight up terrorist? That’s not Ada. Of course, we never got to learn the Organization’s true motives for collecting all the virus samples, so perhaps her plan might have been to be part of the creation of a new virus to be spread worldwide all along. Which brings us to Neo-Umbrella, under the command of Derek Simmons. But I doubt a global outbreak is what Ada’s been planning all along. So what’s she doing with this new corporation?

Now we have Resident Evil 6’s E3 trailer. Along with the release of this trailer and a batch of new screens, we got the confirmation that Ada Wong is, in fact, in the game. However, we see an Ada that looks different than the one from the Captivate trailer. Yeah, yeah, I know: Ada could’ve just opted to change her outfit at some point in the game, still wearing red in both looks, but what if this is a different Ada than the one we saw before?

In the same trailer we learn about Derek Simmons and Neo-Umbrella. No exact specifics have been given about the new company, but it’s not hard to imagine that it’s meant to be a new, more deadly reincarnation of the former pharmaceutical corporation. It’s also revealed that Ada will play quite a big role in this new company, and she’s being tasked with spreading the bio-terror around the world by unleashing the C-Virus and the deadly new BOWs the new virus brings. But the way that Simmons refers to Ada–when he’s speaking to her in the image above–by calling her “Neo-Umbrella’s very own Ada Wong”, is what makes me think that she’s definitely been cloned. He also shares his plans for global terror with her, to which she gives a sexy smirk. He’s basically saying “look, I’m going to spread this new virus all over the world, and I’m going to be using my own Ada to do so.” At least that’s what I think.

The Ada we’ve all come to know and love is one hell of a spy and a very valuable asset to any company that decides to hire her for their dirty work. Of course Simmons would love to have someone like her on his side, for Neo-Umbrella. So, if he can’t have the real Ada, why not clone her, right? That’s what I think happened here. But how exactly did he go on about that? Perhaps Ada volunteered to have herself be used as a test subject for the purposes of being cloned to help her be at more than one place at once, which for a spy like her, would definitely help a whole lot with whatever mission she’s currently assigned. Maybe this experiment was originally at the hands of the Organization, ultimately ending up with Simmons somehow.

At the beginning of the Captivate trailer, we hear Simmons asking Ada– well, one of the Ada’s– how she’s feeling. Ada responds by asking “more games?”. Simmons says no, letting her know that there’s something he thinks she should see. This makes me think that the real Ada has been captured by Simmons and is being held somewhere to see all all the craziness that’s going on in the world thanks to the C-Virus outbreaks. Maybe Simmons wants to show her what his “Ada” has been up to, making everyone think it’s really her, also fooling Chris and Leon, of course. After escaping, Ada might plot her revenge against Simmons, at first playing a long with his orders before enacting her plan to bring him down.

Then we have Carla Radames. Carla was said to be an Ada clone in the leaked character listing for the game . The same list also revealed Wesker Jr. before Capcom officially revealed the mysterious mercenary’s true identity with the Captivate trailer. So, it seems to have been pretty damn legit. And guess what? We’ve already seen Carla’s name in the game’s E3 trailer, along with a picture, showing that Carla could be Simmons’s wife. She definitely has a role in the Ada cloning process in some way.

Perhaps Simmons has used Carla’s body for some heavy duty experimenting, injecting it with the C-Virus with the goal of making his very own Ada Wong. We know the virus is responsible for the J’avo, but if administered in a particular fashion, it could also be used for cloning. That what I think happened here. And it would tie in with the quick image we saw of a computer screen (pictured below) in the Captivate trailer which listed very brief information about a C-Virus experiment with the test subject’s name blurred out. Yup, the test subject could be Carla.

One thing’s for sure: There’s going to be hell to pay when Ada finds out that her clone is making her look like a global terrorrist. In the E3 trailer we do see her walking away from a burning lab, maybe the same lab her clone was created in. Thanks to Simmons, now Ada has Chris hot on her trail, wanting to blow her brains out like a zombie. Leon is also being fooled into thinking this is really the woman he once loved, and possibly still loves. Regardless, it looks like we’re set for one hell of a twist. And it’s funny, because if the Ada clone ends up being killed, the real Ada is still running around, free to do whatever she pleases since she’s believed to be dead. That makes a spy’s job even easier!

What do you guys think? Do you believe we’re dealing with a clone here? Sound off in the comments below! I hope you all have a great week.

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  • Or booby robot.


    If you look closely you can see their noses are different. I doubt capcom decided to give her different noses each time so maybe she might be a clone! RE might have lost its horror elements but damn can they make a good story! 😀 Really excited to play it!

    • WyrmKing

      No… that’s just a different angle. The second picture, the camera is angled looking up a bit so you can see her nostrils. Doesn’t mean her nose is different.

      In my opinion, they used the C-Virus to get Carla Radame to shapeshift and look like Ada so they can frame her.


        Yes…. If you look at the one in red, her nose is pointy and the one in blue has a wider nose. Look really closely.

    • rubening

      the model is the same!

  • Pshfrk

    One is not wearing earrings, either . . .Hmmm

  • BezerkZR0

    Yes I do believe you are right. She is a clone. I also think I figured out that the BSAA Main HQ in the game is also going to be attacked. HQ located in the United Kingdom.

  • bob

    its ada. The offical re fb page said so on her picture.

  • News Bot

    You’re a little late.

    The woman in blue is Carla Radames, a woman connected to Derek Simmons. She is a doppleganger/imposter/physical double of Ada Wong, who received physical remodeling. The C-Virus was evidently used to remodel her, as she is seen emerging from a chrysalid in the Captivate trailer with Ada’s appearance. A photo of this event can be seen in the E3 2012 trailer in the folder Ada is examining. She is NOT a “clone” in the genetic sense.

    The woman in red is the Ada Wong we know. She is not a member of Neo-Umbrella.

    • Partnah

      you hitted the nail right there, this has been pretty much confirmed with the trailer, which leads me to think capcom is pretty idiotic when making their trailers, RE5 was no expection, with the bird lady and all, at some point everybody knew it was Jill, lets just hope they can make some sense of all this cloning shennanigans, I mean, why frame Ada?, it that the sole prupose of the C-Virus, and I rather not have mutated Carla as final boss, with capcom you can see this shit miles away

    • Swcloud99

      What are you even going on about? There is no confirmation. It is still just speculation. We don’t see her ever emerging from anything. All I see is some weird ass green monster.
      It might turn out to be true but stop presenting theories has facts. Geez…

      • News Bot

        Its fact. You have to be blind and deaf not to see it. And yes, we see her emerging from a chrysalid. It’s at the very beginning of the Captivate trailer (cuts out quickly, but a frame-by-frame shows Ada’s figure, the hair being a giveaway) and a photo of it is in the file Ada reads about Carla.

        Even the dialogue in the trailer is a dead giveaway. Ada is antagonistic towards Simmons and relies on the guerrillas for her information on the C-Virus. Meanwhile, Carla is well-aware of what the virus is (she is the one who gives it to the guerrillas) and is working with Simmons.

        Ada wearing different clothes at the exact same time in the exact same place for no reason is a laughable idea, likewise with the fact that Ada has no piercings, yet Carla has giant hoop earrings.

        So yes, it is confirmed. Just because they haven’t come out and outright said it does not mean all the hints aren’t already there, which is something they stressed at Captivate hoping people would pay attention and connect the dots.

        • Girff

          Though I’ll reserve any proclamation of facts until after playing the game, this seems a lot more plausible and takes a lot less leaps of logic to believe.

        • Swcloud99

          Forget my previous posts. I saw the image in the file. I concentrated on Carla’s face too much and failed to see the image of her emerging from the cocoon. I don’t know about it being Ada’s hair but it definitely means they’re is some kind of link between them.
          I think it is very likely that you are right.

        • REfan

          You do have some god points but this is still not confirmed, jus a very plausible scenario. The ‘Ada’ figure emerging from the crystalid could very well be a case of pareidolia and we do not know if the scenes in the trailer are in chronological order or even if the audio match the video footage shown.

          Besides, Ada Wong does indeed have piercings, as clearly seen in her Umbrella Chronicles epilogue when she’s wearing the green dress.

      • WyrmKing

        Ignore News Bot. He’s a cunt and a bitch. Just look at how he runs the RE wiki and the Project Umbrella sites.

        • News Bot

          I don’t run the wiki, though I am an admin. I believe the admins came to an agreement that you were an atrocious member. And Project Umbrella is run extremely well. Still more content than any other BIO-related site on the Internet.

        • Grif

          You’re not making a very good case for yourself by flaming at someone over the internet rather than arguing with evidence.

    • You nailed it. When Capcom was asked about “the lady in blue” they said she was a Mysterious Character, despite everyone else claiming she was Ada Wong. A few months later, they released a new trailer with “the lady in blue” and “the lady in red” (curiously, antagonizing colors) and revealed “the lady in red”as Ada Wong (refer to her CG render). Every other character has the outfit which he or she was first introduced in the trailers in his or hers CG render, while Ada, and only Ada, is the second shown outfit. Also, she is seen wearing two different outfits in the same place.

      Also a nice observation is that “the lady in the blue dress” used it six months ago to destroy Chris’ squad, and in the E3 trailer, Ada (in red), when asked by Simmons, suggests she found some footage (chrysalid) from “six months ago” while picking up Carla Radames file from the floor.

      Therefore, “the lady in blue” = Carla Radames. “The Lady in red” = Ada Wong.

      • Partnah

        most of this theories came from the fact of the leaked protagonists, I doubt we would be so sure about it if it wasnt for it.

        But capcom sure is making it so easy, I hate how they hurt themselves by leaking almost all the stroy aspects via trailers.

        RE5 not being the best in the franchise, could have been a much better experience if they just kept Wesker and Jill a surprise.

  • liam

    I hope it’s a clone I dont like the idea of ada being a full on bad guy she’s always been like catwoman not good but not bad. She better not die in this game I will not be happy I have a feeling the clone would survive and leon would think ada was alive and safe but the real ada would be dead.

  • Absol-ute

    The idea of Ada changing her clothes is normal, But, why only one of the “Adas” have gloves?

    • Absol-ute

      in other words, Why Ada is hiding her fingerprints in differents moments?

  • Carla is her own person, as proved in the E3 trailer, and is also connected to Simmons. I think she has been used to create an Ada “copy” to actually frame Ada for the outbreaks Simmons is causing.

    Look at the differences;

    These are DEFINITELY CARLA;×300.jpg

    (look at the nose and lips, near identical.


  • Xander

    I guess we’ll find out when we play the game. Remember, Capcom said that we’ll be able to play Ada’s scenario, too.

    • Vincent

      i cant wait for that

    • rubening87

      where did they say that?

  • Wesker

    Very well done Jorge ,
    Why do I think that the Ada we knew is a clone ?
    I mean after knowing she is a clone,she burnt the lab ..
    I’m so sure that she is the clone

  • Vincent

    I actually hope that the Ada we see in the trailers is a clone because i would be extremly sad if the real Ada dies. Also i believe this clone theory because of the list that was put out ALL of the other characters were correct and also Ada is not an evil character if you look at her actions from previous games

  • blob

    awww Ada looks so cute when she’s little LOL xD

  • rubening

    how can she be a clone if they used the picture

    saying ADA WONG
    do u think capcom would put ada wong name if she would be a clone?

    • Paul Birch

      Yes. It’s called “misdirection”.

      • rubening

        but did capcom make this anytime in the past? i dont remember to see that.

    • justsayan

      cause she is NOT a clone, neither is Carla, Carla Radames is Ada doppleganger, as it has been stated several times in other comments

  • Henrikm

    With all clones crap going one I hope Capcom dont pull out something like this from their ass.

    That Albert Wesker in RE5 was C-virus clone of him and he comes back.

    Not a big fan of what seem to be the Ada clone ethier Carla Radames or what her name was?

    Why make a clone of Ada to begin with none knows her true alligence anyway so her doing evil stuff now could have been of her spy part.

    If they really wanted to have someones named stained in the dirt and frame somebody why not make a clone of Leon taking out the president(in a none zombie)state or a Chris clone gunning down a couple of civilians.

    That would have been more awsome.

    • Red-Dragon-Cro

      Leon is already framed for the death of the president obviously and considered a terrorist as you can hear Simmons say it.

  • X-nova

    Great article, very well written.
    I’m a believer of the “clone theory”, although I’ve just been guessing about the details. Some nice ideas here, an interesting read for sure.

    I’m a big Ada fan and honestly, the moment I saw the “bitchy villainess” in the trailer, my first thought was “No way, this can’t be Ada, something feels off.” Of course, nothing is proven yet, but I can’t imagine that woman really being Ada Wong. I wouldn’t like that AT ALL.

    (I’ve also been wondering; could it be Capcom intentionally leaked that info as a way to make sure Ada fans wouldn’t look away from RE6 in disgust after seeing their beloved character being turned into this terrible woman?)

    I wish this game was out already, the whole “Ada gone evil or cloned?” thing makes me feel slightly agitated… just a little. =p

  • zombiekiller117

    why cant u guys except that the ada wong we loved is now a bad guy or bad girl now! i want to know wat leon is going to is he going to kill or let her live ihope its going to like with paris with love were the guy shot his girlfriend in the heart

  • LaughingMan008

    I love that the games are now ripping off plot points from the movies. I bet we’ll see an army of Ada clones by the end of the game.

  • Lucy

    Eyup, there is no way that bitch in the blue dress is the Ada Wong we know! Certainly, Simmons has his plans on who to blame while he takes on the world with the C-Virus. He ven intends on having Jake as a part of his plan, so that he could ransom the world with the cure. He probably wants to be the villain/curer, by killing Jake and infused himself later with the cure. I’m not so surprised if this happens. And by a raged woman’s hands (Ada or Helena’s), Simmons will die mutating and withers. The end


    the clone is blue dress and that is CARLA RADAMES,she is a huge boss in chap 4 campaign ADA
    And real Ada is red shirt


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