RE:5 A Little Clumsy with Playstation Move

Gaming Union went hands on with Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition with the Playstation Move at E3 this year.  It has already been confirmed that anyone with a copy of Resident Evil 5 will receive a free update when Move releases so that all copies are compatible.  But their review makes us question whether or not it will be worth it.

While they maintain that the Move device is impressive in itself, its implementation with Resident Evil 5 was a little hasty, and could have definitely used some work.  It seems like Resident Evil always seems to have issues with clumsy and frustrating controls.  While Move works very well in terms of pointing, the controls seem to reverse when going from moving Chris/Sheva to aiming.  For example, when aiming a weapon, the left analog stick of the controller becomes camera movement instead of allowing the camera to move when reaching the corners of the screen with the pointer (the Move).

This might sound a little complicated, but really it’s not and one wonders if it’s really that big of a deal.  No, you still can’t move and shoot at the same time (darn).  This plays out much like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles did on the Wii.  You had your basic screen, you could aim on that screen with the Wiimote, but if you had a Nunchuk plugged in, you could also move the camera slightly to the left or right.  But again, Umbrella Chronicles was a rail shooter….

Another feature that unfortunately didn’t make the final cut for the Move Edition (but can we really call it final?) is using the right-stick camera control.  The camera now is automatic, which might make for some sticky situations with Majini coming from behind.

In the end, RE5: Move Edition is something we’re going to have to wait and tinker around with before we can call final judgment on it.  Be sure to check back with RoH when the Playstation Move is released for our official review on how it works with your favourite compatible horror games.

With files from Gaming Union

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  • Definitely a Wiimote rip-off.
    When I first saw the first gameplay video I was like:
    “Oh, the controls are EXACTLY the same than the ones used for RE 4 Wii Edition… Way to evade a Wii port Capcom”

    With the camera, I don’t quite know if you are just allowed to “move” it a little bit or actually be able to turn when you aim. (Like RE 4)
    I’ll got with the RE 5 PC+Wiimote hack XD

  • Xbot King

    Shadow, you are an idiot. It doesn’t matter who ripped off who, because you know why? The 360 dominates both consoles, so STFU. Halo, Gears, Alan Wake destroys anything Resident Evil (anything Wii and PS3 actually).

    Time to JUMP IN. The 360 does EVERYTHING, biatches!


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