Whispers’ records this weekend, ask us things

The time has come and so have I. The Whispers in the Dark podcast will be recording this weekend and it’s up to you, the listener, to ask us questions for us to answer on the show.

As usual, ask us whatever you want in the comments section below. It’s that easy! Video games!

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  • drachehexe

    Not that I’ll listen to your answer, cuz I don’t do podcasts..nor do I even watch Let’sPlay vids or even the video segments on IGN.Why do people actuallly podcast? I have listened to maybe 3 total form various sources about various topics and none of them seemed to have anything other than peopel who have bad voices talking bout stuff they know little of regurgitating the same news I read on another website.

    • Rourke Keegan

      Some people like them. You should give ours a shot. It’s mostly about having fun.

      • drachehexe

        Nah. They’re a little too self indulgent anyway. I don’t get how Pewdiepie has YouTube’s biggest subscription base unless those millions of people just want to laugh at him and thank god they aren’t a moron like he is.

        I doubt your podcast is anywhere near as moronic and obnoxious as his Let’sPlay vids but it’s not enough.

        I have friends who listen to podcasts about music, art, literature and even monster truck racing (can you believe that?) and my daughter watches PewDiePie religiously and I just don’t get it. Why listen to a conversation about something if you can’t be a part of it? Why watch a video of a playthrough of a game unless you’re looking for a hint or solution? Just play the game.

        • Whitney Chavis

          I watch LPS sometimes to get commentary that discusses easter eggs or development history of the game as they play. Sometimes I just watch a playthough of a game I know I wouldn’t be able to play on my own because I don’t have the system. I also like watching some blind LPs of my favorite games (Silent Hill or Deadly Premonition) just to see/hear another person’s reactions.

      • Whitney Chavis

        You misspelled ours is about “talking about everything but the news posts” 😉

    • Whitney Chavis

      I podcast because it’s fun to talk with others about things we like and a great opportunity to interview people involved in things you like too. It also allows me to connect with the fans of my websites. It’s like a morning show but fandom specific 😀

  • luigiix

    Why you guys must torture me with that TLG pic. That’s cruel!

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Hi peeps 🙂 hope you are all in good health and spirit.

    Okay this is hypothetical but what would you people do if you started to hear voices in your head? Would you go to the psychiatrist or deal with it differently?

  • rem

    the pic has lead me to a few questions.

    1) CJ are you ok? (I was expecting a gross pic from some movie I had never heard of)

    2) the last guardian got me thinking what games have you been waiting for?

    • You were too late. TOO LATE.

      • rem

        Sorry I got busy with yearly assignments and stuff. I will ask them next time.

      • Ahmad Al-Hamily



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