Whispers’ records this weekend, ask us things (Update: Moved to next weekend)

We’ll be recording the next episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast this weekend. What should you do? You know – ask us some questions in the comments! We’ll answer them on the show as usual.

Why do I have to remind you every other week? Jeez!

Update: We’ve opted to push the podcast recording to next weekend (7/20). You not have all the time in the world to think of some questions for us to answer.

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  • Thomas Masterson

    Whitney’s sister Sarah was great on episode 70. Is there any chance she will make another guest appearance on the podcast? Also, What would be the ultimate Survival Horror game?

  • Misha Argall

    Why can a Kickstarter for Potato Salad make $40,000 (and counting) but so many great game projects with new & interesting concepts fail to meet their similarly priced goals? Or to rephrase my question: Is there too much spam in Kickstarter for worthy projects to be noticed and succeed?

  • franky mcdonald

    Shattered Memory’s could fall into the category of Thriller, because of its similarity between Hitchcocks The Birds.(Monsters/Birds give chase, you run away.)Whereas Hitchcocks Psycho helps justify Silent Hills The Rooms Horror title ( a guy is killing the local residence) not that killing makes a horror title, or no killing makes a thriller, but both movies, and both games give off a separate feeling.
    Is their a line between Horror/Thriller? (or maybe their isn’t one and i’m just crazy)

    • Guest

      delete that question.

  • Noctis

    Hello guys!
    Which games are you playing this summer? Or revisiting?

    Second Q: what convinces you to buy a new console? And what would convince you to buy a PS4 or Xbox One?

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Hi and hello XD

    I’ve recently noticed there are a ridiculous number of Silent Hill fan films out there.

    Is that good or bad?

  • Preface: Whitney, yes I absolutely loved it when you guys read that pony twitter fanfiction roleplay hullabaloo. My girlfriend and I read it a week before your show did. We were in stitches back then, and I lost my mind at your guys’ reading of it. Really funny.

    Question: What movies do you think should be made into horror games? Bonus points for using non-horror movies. I think “The Grey” would be an amazing survival horror.

    Also, I know my surname is really difficult to pronounce, I even have trouble with it. I hope it doesn’t make me look like an asshole, but the pronunciation is Mar-Gar(hard G)-Ella.

  • Ooh, I forgot another question I had.

    I’m really interested in the Silent Hill games and am in love with the whole world and lore of the series. Yet, I’ve never actually played the games. I’ve only got about an hour of play in SH2.
    I still count myself as a fan because I’ve read up on the games extensively and really digged into the details on SH2 especially.

    What do you guys think of silent hill fans like me? Should I not consider myself a fan because I never actually played through any of the games?

    Also, yes, I knew about the games way before the movies. Revelations was fun, I’m totally on your side on that one Whitney.

  • Andy

    Obviously you guys know what’s been happening to Capcom lately. But do you think RE will ever get back on track and back to it’s roots? :/


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