We’re Back: Whispers in the Dark records this weekend – Silent Hills cancellation

Hello, my lovelies. It’s been a long time, but we’re finally back and ready to whisper some words into your ears … in the dark. Because the Whispers in the Dark podcast returns. We’ll be kicking off the re-launch of our podcast this weekend, ushering in a new era that does away with news rundowns in favor of things more evergreen.

To give you the skinny real quick, each new Whispers’ episode will be focused on a new topic in the horror gaming space. It may be an extensive overview of a game series, a spoilercast, an interview or like this weekend, a look at a major event in the gaming industry and genre. We’ll also be mixing up the co-hosts in between episodes!

Our first episode in the Whispers’ revival will focus on the cancellation of Silent Hills and removal of P.T.. As you can imagine, it’s something we all have thoughts on.

As always, please leave your questions for us in the comments below. We’ll be a bit more picky-choosy this time around so there’s no redundant answering of things we’ve already addressed.

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  • NotCausingAFight

    Please don’t use the phrase “It’s back” alongside the phrase “Silent Hills” in a headline again. My poor little heart can’t take it.

  • Obvious question first: What do you guys want to see of Kojima in the future, in terms of games or otherwise (like wanting him to sue the shit out of Konami or whatever)?

    Also, seeing as Whitney is going to be the last American Idol winner before the show is cancelled, what are some of your favorite horror game songs that feature lyrics?

  • Andy

    Finally!! I was wondering what was going on.

    Anyways it seems like this is an on going thing with developers these days. Especially the bigger and most well known devs are leaving these big publishers like Shinji Mikami, Keji Inafune leaving Capcom, Koji Igarashi also leaving Konami, Yuji Naka Leaving Sega etc. I’m not a big Kojima fan but do you think he will make his own survival horror game to make up for the loss of Silent Hills?

  • franky mcdonald

    What will the Lisa decoy in MGSV be for you?
    Monument to P.T. or Cruel slap in the face from Konami.

  • Milan Mitic

    Great to have you back with this series guys! 1. Since Forgotten Memories is available on the app store now, and it’s the closest to a SH game we can hope for for now, I was wondering if we’re gonna get the review by our humble friends at relyonhorror? I’m looking forward to your review of it guys! 2. What is the course of action Capcom will take with RE7 now that we have the success of REmake HD and REV2 in your opinion? 3. I have fond memories of a greatly underrated game ‘Cold Fear’ from 2005. It was developed by Darkworks who also developed AitD: The New Nightmare. What are your thoughts about the game, what did it lack to succeed, as for me, I’d like to see its spiritual successor at least?

  • Misha Argall

    Since you guys have been gone so long I’ll ask a few questions. You guys do great work at the website by the way!

    1: Is mobile the future of gaming? (My preemptive incredulous response “Really? Really!? …Really.”)

    2: What was the last time, if ever you ragequit a game or walked out of a movie?

    3: Is Guillermo del Toro’s involvement in a game project a herald of its not making it out of development? (Pt and Insane are my supporting examples.)


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