Scream 4: Review


Here we go again...

                After an 11 year hiatus, Wes Craven’s “Scream” is back to take swings at contemporary “torture porn” horror flicks such as ‘Saw’ and others of the same ilk.  From the start, “Scream 4” hits with a combination of making audiences uneasy with the ominous phone-ringing opener the series is known for and a few light-hearted and humorous scenes to finish its introduction.  It was very interesting to see how the story aged and if it would hold up after so many years.  As the movie itself will tell you, sequels often get hokey and lose most of the qualities that make franchises popular and quite frankly – good.  After seeing this film it is safe to say that it holds the quality and suspense of the original, with a fresh and fun new story that takes the rules of horror to a new level. 

uh oh...

                The premise is simple, Sidney Prescott returns home to promote her new book which highlights what she went through in the first three films.  However, someone has been waiting for her to come home for the opportunity to recreate her first encounter with the “ghost-face” killer and make her suffer yet again.  Neve Campbell is reunited with Courteney Cox and David Arquette of the previous films to bring this story to life and keep the interest of the fans, and they deliver.  It was genuinely fun to see these three back in action as they are probably one of the most memorable crews in a horror/suspense series.  Under the wings of these Woodsboro killings veterans comes a brand new cast of characters that take the places of their predecessors.

            With a plethora of new horror films to poke fun at, “Scream 4” mixes its unique formula of horror and suspense with comedy and along with it creates a new set of rules for a new generation.  Adhering to the technology of today there is the inevitable usage of smart-phone apps and the internet, which sets the stage for the new rules this film speaks of and with all of this at the killer’s disposal we find out their true motivation nearing the end of the film.  The revelation brings a sense of disgust as it could easily label a majority of our current generation and their priorities.  Without giving anything away, it shows the vulnerability of our all-access society and whether or not it was meant as a serious note, it is thought-provoking social commentary on where we came from and where we are as a civilization. 

back to basics


             It is not a flawless endeavor, however, as it does not involve any brand new ideas or scare-tactics, but it is a worthy sequel and is a must-see for any fan of the franchise or anyone who appreciates a movie that can genuinely scare you (and while you can predict a lot of the pop-scares, there are a few that will catch you off guard) and at the same time make fun of itself and the horror clichés that have become prominent in the genre as of late.  If you are looking for a nostalgic film with lovable characters and witty writing, this is one to go see.  Enjoy it, because it is just in time for summer and brings back a genuine and unique experience that only the ‘Scream’ franchise seems to pull off well.  

8/10 – Nostalgia and characters keep the essence of what made the original such a success

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